Driftwood Sailboat DIY

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together This simple diy is the first of a few projects you will see me blog about for the Cricut Design Space Star Contest that has begun this month. A bunch of us bloggers are on different teams and have a different challenge each month. We get to create using our Cricut Explore and share as many projects as we want for a chance to win prizes. This month we had to choose between paper or home decor and then pick a unique theme for it. My team went with home decor and we chose beach as our theme. Guess what? During this time, they are also giving away a Cricut Explore machine every day until the end of July!!! I will share more details at the end of the post about that, but here is the quick how to for this little driftwood sailboat with quote.

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together You will need a few things: a piece of dried out driftwood, fabric for the sail, a stick to hold up the sail, glue (I used a hot glue gun), ribbon, iron on vinyl of your choice, iron, scissors, and of course an Explore machine. I started by cutting out a 90 degree triangle for the sail. I used a vintage linen so it had this pretty edging on the side.

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together Then I went and created the quote in Design Space. I used one of my favorite fonts, Channel, and then searched the image library for “flourish” and found that little squiggly at the bottom. I measured my fabric triangle to determine how to place my words. Then I got my Explore all set up, put the vinyl on the mat, and started the cutting process. Since this is an iron on, make sure to choose the “mirror image” option before cutting.

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together Then I pulled off the vinyl, leaving the words behind. I placed the quote where I wanted and placed a thin cloth on top. Then I ironed it in place according to directions.

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together Next I glued on three pieces of ribbon to be glued onto the stick. I wrapped them around the stick and glued them in place.

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together Then I glued the stick on the large piece of driftwood. I used hot glue, but I would really suggest something stronger or even drilling a hole and gluing it into that. But, this is decoration for my house and will be high on a shelf, so the hot glue is good enough for me. After the glue dried, I glued down the outer corner of the sail onto the driftwood. And that is it.

Driftwood Sailboat DIY | by Happy Together imadeit

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Disclosure: I am part of the Cricut Blogger Network and have used affiliate links. I received a complimentary machine to facilitate my crafts and though I am not being paid for this post, I am submitting it for a chance to win some fun prizes.

Michaels Makers: Crafting with the Raw Bar

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together For this months Michaels Makers challenge, Michaels sent us a box of goodies with some items from a new line called the Raw Bar that will debut in stores on August 8, 2014. It is a line of products made of or accessorized by materials inspired by nature. Surfaces and textures include: burlap, cork, chalk board, wood, metal and canvas. They created the Raw Bar because customers requested raw surfaces that are unfinished and easily craft-able. I really like all the products they sent me and see a lot of potential with them. You really have the ability to make them your own.

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together   I mulled over a few ideas like making a cake topper, wrapping gifts up real cute, creating a fun canvas, but I decided to make an herb garden and garland to go in our kitchen. Plants totally go with the whole natural feel of the products if left in their raw state.

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together   I went to the store and picked up a few more items c/o Micheals to complete this diy. I grabbed six little clay pots and bottoms that would fit in the metal bin, a slice of wood for the bin to sit on, and string for the garlands. I also hit up a garden store and got some herbs and put them in the pots.

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together For the garland, I cut circles out of the cork ribbon and then cut them in half. Then I glued them to the string. I also glued the letters to the string and tied on the raw bobbins in between all the letters. Once the whole line comes out, I’m probably going to redo the letters and spell a different word so it fits better with being in my kitchen though. Here are a few more products that will be released and some projects you can make with them and check further below for links to what all the other Michaels Makers created this month. Happy Crafting! -Jess

Michaels Makers: The Raw Bar Top 10 Raw Bar Recipes Top 10 Raw Bar Recipes

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An Outfit for the Red Carpet

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together This is my beautiful sister in law Keren. She is a talented make up artist and was nominated for an award. The ceremony will be held soon and there will be a red carpet entrance for them to walk down. All eyes and cameras will be on her, so she asked if I would help create a one of a kind dress for her to wear. I decided to give it a go since I would be in Virginia last month and could do a good dress fitting on her. I was also excited by the challenge of creating something for someone with some different clothing tastes than my own. For instance, when beginning ideas were flowing she asked if we could make something that looked like a unicorn had licked it. It made me smile :) So bright and happy colors were a definite for sure.

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together We went looking through sewing pattern books for inspiration, and she decided she wanted some kind of poofy tulle skirt. As we walked around we found this beautiful aqua ruffle fabric and she decided she liked it and wanted that mixed in somehow. We then coordinated some bright sparkly tulle and underlining to go with it and found a pretty lace to make a wrap with. She will more than likely wear a different top underneath the wrap with this outfit for the event, but she found some things in her closet to use for this photo session.

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together For the skirt, I dyed a wide elastic for the waistband to make it easy to sew and also to create as little bunching around the waist as possible. I created a circle skirt out of the lining fabric to also help not add extra bulk at the waist. The tulle was gathered and the ruffle fabric was pleated. She loves how it turned out and so do I! I have always wanted some kind of poofy skirt and now may have to make my own. The wrap was a great addition and she can change how it looks. We first wrapped it on her and I tacked it down in a lot of places so she could get it back on in place easily. Now she can play around with how she wants it to look, whether covering her shoulder or gathered up around her neck.

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together She got my little brother to come join us for the photos and I had so much fun photographing them. We had a lot of fun as you can tell in some of the pictures. These are just a few of my favorites from the ton we took. I can’t wait to see the pictures of them walking down the red carpet!

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together Much success to you Keren!!!! I am so happy you are a part of this family and add so many good things to our clan.


A New Summer Dress

See & Sew Pattern B5837 | by Happy Together We have had a wonderful summer so far. I was beyond blessed to go up to Virginia and North Carolina to visit family and friends for almost the whole month of June. It was such a lovely time. I even got to sneak in a few projects! That’s part of the fun with driving. I can bring a lot more stuff with me than I could on a plane lol. While there, I also visited some fabric shops. I found this lovely fabric and felt it was very Ace & Jig – esque. I wanted a dress made from it. A nice breezy summery dress. I saw a cute easy pattern from See & Sew (B5837) and decided to give it a try. Now that pattern is meant for knits, and my fabric was definitely not a knit. I’m such a pattern rebel I tell ya ;) I figured from the cut and the elastic in the waist that I could make it work. And guess what? I did!

See & Sew Pattern B5837 | by Happy Together   I was tempted to try a size higher to account for the loss in stretch by using a non knit fabric, but didn’t. I can’t exactly go sprinting in this dress due to that fact, but have no problems with regular walking as it has enough room for that. I did cut the top on the bias though to help give it some added stretch. The fabrics backside was neat, so I used one side for the top and the striped side on the bottom. It was a really fast pattern to sew and I might make another one. It does have that “makes me look like I’m pregnant look”, but maybe using a fabric with a better drape would help take that away. I would also make the top longer as it barely made it under my chest. That would probably help too. It is super comfy and I like the little detail of the back tie. This is a really great dress to sew if you are a beginner sewer as well. Simple with no buttons or zippers.

See & Sew Pattern B5837 | by Happy Together Have you tried any new patterns this summer?


Stamped Wood Magnets DIY

Stamped Wood Magnets DIY | Happy Together Ever walk around the craft store and randomly buy supplies and then come up with something to make from those supplies? That was this project. I have always wanted to make something with wood discs and then I fell in love with these mini stamps I found. Put them together and add a magnet and you get these! This is a fast and easy craft and would be good to do with older children or even make these as a party/wedding favor.

Stamped Wood Magnets DIY | Happy Together You will need wood discs (you could even cut some up from branches in your back yard), mini stamps small enough to fit on discs, an ink pad, magnets, and a strong glue (like E600).

Stamped Wood Magnets DIY | Happy Together Simply stamp on the wood. I did find that I like the bigger type stamps better as they showed a lot nicer on the wood. But if you make some you don’t really like, flip it over and use the other side or paint over it and stamp again. That would make for a more colorful magnet.

Stamped Wood Magnets DIY | Happy Together Glue on the magnets once ink is dry (which is really quick). If using the E600 glue, make sure to use it in a well ventilated area.

Stamped Wood Magnets DIY | Happy Together Then let the glue dry. The magnets I used were really strong, so I had to make sure not to place them too close together while they dried or they would attract each other and stick together.

Stamped Wood Magnets DIY | Happy Together Then use them on your fridge or wrap up really cute and hand out a fun little gift for your friends and family.

Happy crafting!


Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY – Michaels Makers

Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY for Michaels Makers | Happy Together

Today begins the first challenge for the Michaels Makers Bloggers. I am very honored to be one of the 30 bloggers to participate. You can see all the other bloggers participating here. Throughout the year, Michaels will send a monthly challenge our way and we get to put our own spin on it. This month we got to pick a project that they have listed online, order our supplies for it (yes, Michaels has online shopping now!), and make it our own.

Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY for Michaels Makers | Happy Together

I chose to make a project based on the Heart Lace T-Shirt. To get my supplies, I ordered all the products, c/o Michaels, listed with the project except the shirt because I needed to order a child’s size. It was easy to navigate and find the kid shirts though. I went with a dark color to help the white lace pop.

Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY for Michaels Makers | Happy Together

Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY for Michaels Makers | Happy Together

My supplies came in the mail fast and I got to work on this shirt. I first printed out the letters I needed. I wanted to use a chunky font, so I used the “Impact” font that is found in Word. I did some measuring and determined that I wanted the letters to be four inches tall. This would allow for three rows of letters to fit on this shirt. I chose a nine letter word (celebrate) to make an even three rows. I figured this would be a fun birthday shirt since her birthday is soon. The font size ended up having to be size 420 to get it that big. Once I printed out the letters, I traced them on the iron on adhesive. Since I didn’t mirror the letters, I made sure I traced on the adhesive of the paper. Otherwise they would be backwards. I retraced over a few on the paper side for the picture above. The best thing would be to mirror your letters before printing so you trace on the paper side, but I wasn’t on a computer that had a program to do this. I then ironed on the letters to the lace. It adheres very quickly, do just follow the directions and press the iron down for 2 seconds at a time. Since the lace has holes, the adhesive can stick to what you are ironing on. So pick it up quickly after it has adhered. Next, I cut out all the letters and peeled off the paper backing.

I folded the shirt in half and ironed it to help with the letter placement. I started with the middle top row letter. Then did the next two rows middle letters. It made it easier to line up the rest after that. Again, when ironing on though, do it quickly so it doesn’t stick to your iron.

Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY for Michaels Makers | Happy Together

It was a really quick project and would be an inexpensive one to do, especially as a group (like for camp or something). Here are a few other positive nine letter words that could be used: Fabulous, Fantastic, Beautiful, Brilliant, and Wonderful. I haven’t washed it yet, but I have used this brand of iron on adhesive before without any issues. If you think it needs some extra holding strength, you could always do a small zig zag or a straight line stitch around the letters edges. What would you make your own from their online projects offered?


Lace Letters Statement Tee DIY for Michaels Makers | Happy Together

10 on 10

10 on 10 | Happy Together I’m am determined to keep this 10 on 10 up. Even if I skip a month or am a day (or more!) late. It’s fun to share a little bit of life along with craft stuff. My oldest got out of school in May and we have been having a fun and very full summer so far. 1> I started it off with finishing up some Fourth of July projects. Yes, I actually did something way in advance for once. Go figure ;) Those giant pinwheels were mostly made from wrapping paper. Believe it or not, I made them all during a two hour nap time. I had never made them before and was a bit nervous it would be time consuming. I was really surprised when they weren’t. 2> We have been able to visit with my sister and I loved seeing her artwork (see more here). I have one painting she did of miss J and plan on acquiring more over the next few years. 3> We like to pull over and watch the animals sometimes. Both my girls are big time animal lovers. 4> Miss E went on a carousel for the very first time at the Kemah Boardwalk in Texas. My hubby had to go work right outside of Houston for a week and we swung over there and hung out one night. It was a lovely time. 5> Miss J is currently obsessed with having a parakeet and a hermit crab for pets. The hermit crab is in top place though since it will be easier to take care of. One of her uncles found her some at the beach to play with one night while she awaits one of her very own (you know, one that doesn’t need to live in the water). 6> I have always wanted to be a better drawer and I have been wanting a new logo for a while. I decided to just try and see what I could come up with. I found with some better drawing supplies I pleasantly surprised myself with how I could do. Hopefully one of these will be my new logo soon.

10 on 10 | Happy Together 7> Our garden has continued to give us all kinds of yummies. Especially our tomato plant as of late. I’m so glad I actually stuck to it this year and really tried. The girls have been much more excited to eat their veggies when they go and pick them from the garden all by themselves. 8> Another pic of my family having fun in Kemah. 9> We went to a Lego store for the very first time and I think you can see the “big kid” of the family was in Lego heaven! He was one of those kids who was really into them and he still really likes them. Maybe I should get him some for Father’s Day? 10> With the girls getting older, we have been trying to incorporate them more into the big people chores. It’s usually so much easier and faster to just do things ourselves, but they need to learn. Plus they actually enjoy it right now, so we definitely need to take advantage of that.


Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Review & Giveaway

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway After making some things for my girls, I was very excited to make something for myself! I received the Piper Misses pattern from Violette Field Threads and was immediately smitten with the design. How seriously adorable is this back bow? Swoon. This pattern is available for sizes xxs-xxl and can be made into a dress or a top. Check out some more pics here for how it looks like as a dress. I decided on a top for this first go round to see how it went.

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway The pattern is made with sleeves as well (short and 3/4 long sleeves are included in the pattern), but I made mine sleeveless since our Louisiana weather is super hot. I chose some fabric I found at JoAnn’s. It’s a cotton fabric and while I love the the print, it’s not my favorite type of material for clothing for myself. I tried to find some apparel fabric I liked, but I couldn’t so I made this work. The collar was really easy to add and so was the bow! It looks like a lot more work goes into it than really does (which is a super plus!). I was able to make this in about an hour and half. And that is with two little girls constantly needing something ;)

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway I would say this is a great pattern for even a beginner sewer to take on as it isn’t super complicated. And that back is surely a wow factor! If you even have a hard time with fit, make sure to make the basic pattern real quick from a muslin fabric and see if you need to make any changes. If you were to make this with a knit fabric though, you wouldn’t need to worry about that as much. They provide lots of tips to help you create the Piper Miss as fabulous as possible.

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway Violette Field Threads is offering a chance for three people to win this pattern. It would be a great way to create some additions to your summer wardrobe. Simply enter with rafflecopter below. There are a few ways to enter, so multiple chances to win! Winners will be chosen June 17,2014. Be sure to check out their other patterns for women and children and see what new things they are doing and creating on their blog.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grits & Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together Summer is in full swing and I have been trying to do a bit of summer clothes sewing. Jenilyn of Grits & Giggles was kind enough to send me her American Girl pattern bundle so I could create something for my girls and she also offered a pattern set to give away. I first made the Aprile Knot Dress for miss E. We went to a semi local fabric shop and found some prints that were very summery. Bees, strawberries, and bright colors are all a part of our summers here.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together The strawberry fabric and bee fabric is from the Briar Rose Collection by Heather Ross. The straps are made with fabric from the Garden Party Tango set by Iza Pearl Designs and the bottom band was made with some Hobby Lobby fabric. And for her headband, I simply cut up a rectangular piece of fabric from my stash and tied it on her head. This pattern was a really fast sew with a spot on fit. I foresee whipping up a few more for her and making some presents with it.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together And since whenever miss E sees a bee she exclaims, “Look! A busy buzzing bee!”, I just had to embroider that on.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together Miss J wasn’t with me for the fabric choosing, but when I saw this horse print by Sarah Jane (Summer Ride from the Wee Wonder Sunrise Collection), I knew it was meant for her. I sewed up the Abigail Tunic with it. I added an extra little layer of knit from an old shirt to the bottom and used some leather scraps as a belt. This pattern was a bit more labor intensive as you have to gather the neck and the arm holes area and then add a binding. But, you get a really professional look and the outcome is very pretty. I think adding a bow or a flower to the front would be a cute accent as well. The final fit was good, but I liked adding the belt to help bring in the middle some. Miss J is rather slim and sometimes things really billow on her.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together Now for more fun, giveaway time! Jenilyn is giving one winner the chance to pick out four patterns from her shop to have! They are pdf format and will be delivered via email, so anyone can win! She has many girl patterns, but also a good deal of boy patterns like this one:

Grits & Giggles Ace Vest and Bowtie Pattern

I am using rafflecopter for entries. Winner will be randomly chosen on July 12, 2014.

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Mother’s Day Decorations

Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together I’m a bit late on sharing this, but I have finally gotten back to a point where I might be able to blog more consistently (maybe lol). School is over and we are working on our summer rhythm and preparing for some summer adventures. Another thing I have started doing is helping with decorations at my church. I had never even thought about doing something like this, but when approached about it I was really happy to be able to participate. I have helped for a few events now and need to share those others, but this was what we did for Mother’s Day.

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together

I really try to have ideas that are very low cost. So we try to use what we have in the prop room, from our own things, and other inexpensive supplies when creating. I knew I wanted to do an Anthropologie inspired creation. They always do such beautiful things with clothing displays and I wanted to create a shirt with the Bible verse Provers 31: 25, “She is clothed in strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future.” I created the wording using my Cricut Explore machine and some awesome iron on gold glitter vinyl. Then I sewed lots and lots of little papers together to create a garland for the skirt. The pieces go all the way up to the ceilings a few times for a dramatic effect. Our church used to be a grocery store, so it is a big area in the front foyer and you need larger than life things to fill in the space sometimes. The drawers were ones I had saved from the curbside trash and we found the door in the back of the church to help fill in space. The pallet helped give more depth as well (another thing from my garage along with the chalkboard my hubby made me). I bought the white tissue paper from the Dollar Store and some ladies helped me create these flowers trying to go by this tutorial, but making it work however we could.

Mother's Day Decorations by Happy Together

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together We had older children and teens write reasons why they love their mom and think she’s awesome to hang up all over. It was sweet seeing people reading them.

Mother's Day Decorations | Happy Together

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together And lastly the photo wall. A lovely lady from church took lots of time cutting up green plastic table cloths so it had a grass effect and then we made a ton of tissue paper flowers and tassels. Tip: I found a 100 piece multi-color tissue paper pack for only $4.99 at Marshalls. Best deal right there. I have always been able to find some great deals on large amounts of tissue paper when needed for projects like this.  I am really enjoying using my talents in this way. Now to help prep for Father’s Day and 4th of July :)