Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together Michaels Makers Celebration Challenge | happy together
My year of being a Michaels Maker has come to an end. As a farewell to the last post of the season, all of us Michaels Makers created gifts, baked treats, and threw parties for each of the six holidays this summer. I chose to do a birthday party celebration for my challenge. I used my two daughter’s love for all things farm to create this colorful and rustic farm birthday celebration. (Everything I used is from Michaels unless stated otherwise.)

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
I had originally planned on doing a whole table setting, but with some weather issues and not being able to find certain supplies at my local store I went with a dessert/favors set up.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
I found this box full of letters that you can arrange and put together in whatever saying you want. I did a happy birthday phrase, but the possibilities are endless. The best part is it can be reused and rephrased as much as you like. I added an old hat that I had found at a flea market above it.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
I put the yummy desserts on top of a faux fireplace that my husband had made me back in December. We don’t have a real fireplace, so I enjoy using this one to decorate. And since it’s faux, I can move it around to where ever I might need it.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
I used these moss covered foam blocks to place the cupcakes and cake on. The cupcake flower pots are actually made from a silicone that you can bake in. I just added store bought cupcakes, but these are great to be another reusable item. I also added some paper yellow doilies underneath the cupcakes (I found them in the scrapbook section).

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
I added some color pops by taping large scrapbook paper behind the food. It helps the food stand out more too. The popcorn is in cute little boxes. They are the perfect size for little hands. Plastic animals grace the front of the cupcakes as another little gift for guests. These were the nicer ones but Michaels is great at having a lot of plastic animal options in the dollar section for a more budget friendly option.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
The cake is actually on a cheese plate. I tried finding a cake plate that would work, but this fit the look I was going for the best.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
The bottom of the faux fireplace is filled with old books that I have purchased from a local thrift store. I took apart a hay wreath to add the hay around this area. It was a last minute idea and I was glad I had that wreath sitting around. I also added hay into the bottom of these awesome berry baskets.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
The berry baskets are offered in a few colors and are the perfect little touch to place gifts in. I filled them with candy buttons, seeds, and an egg shaped chalk.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
I stamped on guest names to the tags and then tied those onto paper straws. One was placed in each basket.

Colorful & Rustic Farm Birthday Party | happy together
Then as a final last touch I added some paper streamers to fill in the blank space at the top of the fireplace.

You can head on over to Micheals for more project ideas and inspiration for Mother’s Day , Father’s Day, graduation, birthday and even summer. Let’s celebrate!

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A Little Black Blazer

A Little Black Blazer | happy together
We are still on the hunt for our next house. I thought looking for a house to rent was tiring, but looking for one to buy is a bit more because we really want to find one that fits our needs. I haven’t been in the craft room too often lately, but I did have the opportunity to receive some fabric c/o Organic Cotton Plus to sew with. I chose to try out a hemp fabric this time and make something for myself.

Simple Blazer to Sew | happy together
Before my fabric even came in the mail I had a pattern picked out. I found this Linen Blazer pattern on Burdastyle and knew the hemp fabric would be similar to the linen that the pattern called for. I also wanted a lightweight and simple/modern blazer and this pattern fit the bill.

Dyeing Hemp Fabric from Organic Cotton Plus | happy together
I ordered the plain weave barley hemp fabric because my computer screen gave it a mustardy color. When it arrived it was more of a khaki though. While it was not a bad color, it did not look good next to my skin tone so I decided to dye it. I went to the closest store that carried dye and could only find this kind in the color black. I washed the fabric first and then dyed it. It worked really well. I really liked how the hemp fabric got softer and softer after each wash and it was easy to sew with.

Inside of Black Blazer | happy together
I didn’t follow the pattern directions completely (as usual haha). I opted out of adding a complete lining and just did it around the neck and front sides. It worked out beautifully and I felt so accomplished when I was done with it. I like the simple lines, which made for a very easy sew. A few years ago I would have been intimidated to try and sew a blazer. So if you feel that way I suggest trying one like this that doesn’t have an intricate collar and pockets. It would be easy to modify for different body types as well. If I was to make it again, I might add darts in the back. This has inspired me to sew for myself some more once life gets more settled. It truly is a great feeling to be able to make exactly what you want, especially when you cannot find it in a store.



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A Tulle Skirt Per Request

A Tulle Skirt | happy together
I used my sewing machine a little bit recently. One of the things I made was this tulle skirt for miss E. She’s always asking for skirts and dresses and wanted a fun skirt to go with this shirt.

Shades of Pink Tulle Skirt | happy together
I tried a new technique by sewing the fabrics directly onto a wide elastic band at the waist. It didn’t go so well, but this little girl is still happy. And I learned some new things.

Tulle Skirt | happy together
I might redo with the waist and I will definitely revisit the whole skirt sewing directly onto the elastic thing. I probably should have looked up how to do that first, but I always learn from my mistakes :) Hopefully next time I will be successful. Any tips?


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Help Me Choose! Adding To My Gallery Wall

This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own. See further below for disclosure.

untitled 3 by Jessica, see more art prints

untitled 3 board by Jessica. See more art prints

Lots of things have been happening over here in our little world. One of those being starting to look for a new house. Whenever it’s time to move, I tend to focus on home decorating in the creative part of my brain. I have a gallery wall up right now that I am looking to add to and I want a few more pieces to add to it when we are in a new place. I’m super excited that I am going to be able to pick out a piece from the Minted Art Gallery. I have always adored their Christmas cards, but I am really loving their art section. Their selection is huge and I love how so many artists are featured. This gives a lot of styles to choose from.

Minted Art Gallery | happy together
They even have a cool area where you can create these boards and get an idea of how the artwork can look grouped together. You can even upload your own pictures to add to the grouping. I think this is great for those of us who have a hard time visualizing. I created a pin board with a few of my favorites that would go with my art wall. I’m going with pieces that have cool color tones (blues, purples, etc) and have a Florida feel to them. I just need some help deciding. Which one do you like best?

Artwork on Minted | happy together
I partnered with Minted  for this post and received compensation for doing so. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

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A Cat Dress and A Cardi

A Crocheted Cardi using Bebop Cardi Pattern by Lion Brand | happy together
You might remember a while back when I posted about buying some hand worsted yarn at our local farmers market. I have always wanted to make a cardigan/sweater for my girls and was trying to wait until I learned how to knit. I just love all the sweet knitted cardigans and sweaters I see others make! But I found this free crochet pattern, the BeBop Cardi, and it was so cute! I knew I could do that and it would give the look I wanted.

Back of Bebop Cardi | happy together
It was really fast to make in my opinion. I had to add a few extra rows at the neck so it wouldn’t fall off her shoulders though. I just kept with the rhythm of the pattern and added decreases in each row I did extra. I kept having her try it on until I was satisfied. This probably happened because the hand spun yarn was a different weight than the pattern called for. While making it, I made sure I was within the measurements that the pattern called for to adjust for this difference as well. I think I also had to use a smaller hook to get the size I needed. I feel like I have a good grasp on crocheting now and can easily make adjustments on simple patterns like this one.

Sundress with shoulder ties | happy together
Once the cardi was made, we made a trip to the fabric store and found this adorable cat fabric at Hancocks. I created a simple sundress pattern using a dress that fit miss J. I added a lining because the fabric was sheer. I also added ties to the shoulders.

Hi-Lo hem on sundress | happy together
I made a hi-lo hem on the bottom.

Back of Sundress | happy together
I was going to make the back close with a button, but the fabric happened to be laying down like this and I thought it was too pretty. So I just tacked it in place.

Cat fabric | happy together Shoulder Ties Sundress | happy together Bebop Cardi Crochet Pattern | happy together
Miss J might not get much more use of this cardi for a while as it is starting to warm up, but there is room to grow in it and then it can be passed down to miss E. That’s one of the extras of having two daughters :)


Sisters | happy together In the mud puddles | happy together

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