Crochet Banner DIY

I always have the best ideas when inspired to create a special gift. This time it happened to be for my new niece. I had made her a quilt and wanted a little something extra to go with it.

It took me a while to think of something, but then a banner idea popped into my mind. After that the whole crocheting a banner came to be. I have been seeing people create large banners with this type of shape lately so I figured it would translate well with crocheting. (adoption printable in pic below is from here)


  • Yarn (I used the Lily Sugar n’ Cream brand)
  • Crochet hook (I used size H)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • String or Yarn to hang them on

Ch. 13 [pic 1]

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc across. (12sc) [pic 2]

Row 2: Ch. 1, turn. Sc across. (12 sc)

Row 3-10: Repeat row 2. [pic 3]

Row 11: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next 6 stitches. (6 sc) [pic 4]

Row 12: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in first two stitches. Sc in next 4 stitches. (4 sc)

[pic 5 - 8 illustrate a decrease stitch. 5- pull yarn through first stitch 6- pull yarn through second stitch 7- loop yarn over hook 8- pull top loop through the other 3 loops on the hook]

Row 13: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next 3 stitches. Decrease in next two. (3 sc) [pic 9]

Row 14: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in first two stitches. Sc in next 2 stitches. (2 sc) [pic 10]

Row 15: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next stitch. Decrease in next two stitches. (1 sc) [pic 11]

Row 16: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in the two stitches. [pic 12]

[pic 13] Finish tip off with a sl st and fasten off leaving a 6 inch tail for sewing.

You will now repeat rows 11- 16 for the other side. Start with it right side up and by pulling yarn through the outer loop [pic 14].

Then make the very first sc in that same stitch [pic 15]. Continue to sc across that first row. (6 sc) [pic 16]

Once at the end of the second tip [pic 17], sc around the edges by beginning towards the middle of the two points.

Tip: You will want to do 2 sc in the edges at the bottom points and 3 sc in the top corners to make for nice smooth corners.

Once the edging is done, fasten off and leave a 6 inch tail for sewing. [pic 18]

Sew in all the yarn tails with yarn needle and trim any ends. Make sure to weave the tails in the back of the banner.

The final measurements on mine were roughly 4.75″ wide and 5.5″ at the longest point.

To create a more pointed tip, simply wet the bottom ends and shapen into a point. Try to keep the outer edges straight. [pic 19]

Finish up by threading your yarn needle with some type of string or yarn. Go through the top backs of each bunting piece.

And there you have it! Enjoy.


10 on 10

Well, I suppose it’s more like 10 on 13. That being said, I have finally been able to have everything completely migrated over to this new website and am super happy about that! That really took a lot of my free time this past week. Now I have to figure out how to use everything. ha! I totally understand my parents more now. Just when I feel like I really have something down it’s time to learn something new instead :)

I decided to start this 10 on 10 with another miss E moment of mischievousness. One night, we heard this crumpling sound and figured it was the fan blowing the plastic bags around. Turns out miss E had gotten out of bed, discovered the box of band aids on the counter, and covered her leg with them. She continues to surprise me. Almost daily sometimes :) Like this past week when she decided that her shampoo would make for a good lotion. That was fun to discover.

by Happy TogetherOur little garden is continuing to grow more and more each day. I wanted to really try to have a vegetable garden this year, but have always felt overwhelmed and intimidated to do so. I saw some pins on Pinterest about square foot gardening and decided to give it a try. I also asked some of the locals here when they plant and any tips they have. I grew up in Virginia, so the things that grow best and the season to plant is a little different here in Louisiana. I have really enjoyed it and feel like it was a small enough project for me to get my feet wet in this whole gardening thing. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn. Sometimes you just have to go for it! The girls (especially my oldest) is really having a good time watching everything grow. I can’t wait until things are ready for picking. We planted onions, beets, carrots, spinach, a tomato plant, sweet peas, two pepper plants, and a cucumber plant.

by Happy Together

I have been working on some more decorations for our church for Easter. I made a bunch of coffee filter flowers and now have a bunch more to make for a really large decor piece.

by Happy Together

These pretty flowers are draped over a backdrop right now. We will finish with decorations this week and then I can take pictures and show it all.

by Happy Together

I am still adding squares to make this blanket for miss E. It’s going real slow, but I’m glad it’s going at least!

by Happy Together

While sitting outside crocheting, I throw the yarn scraps out for the birds. I found a bird was using them for it’s nest. Made me smile :)

by Happy Together

I decided this year to not pursue photography anymore as a business. I have dabbled with it over the past two years, but really would like to focus more on my crafting pursuits. I am however still going to use photography to bless others or to do swaps if the right thing comes along. I recently did my very first ever senior session at this lovely location. It was such a gorgeous place! Isn’t it dreamy?

Happy Together

I have been using these free seasonal printables by Jones Design Company. I printed this new spring one out and love the cheeriness it brings to my kitchen.

by Happy Together

The girls inherited some of my old sunglasses. Can you tell they are excited?

by Happy Together

And lastly….miss E is in love with this little baby. My friend really blessed me this past week by visiting and bringing her baby for miss E to visit with. E was really having a hard week and it made it difficult for me to get things done. So my sweet sweet friend helped occupy her for me. I feel so blessed with the friends I have. I am in awe at how good they are to my family and I.

Time for me to finish up this busy weekend with some get togethers tonight and will be back tomorrow with that crochet tutorial I was telling you about. Have a wonderful night friends!


A Hexagon Baby Quilt

A Baby Hexagon Quilt

First up, notice a difference? Yes? I currently did a blog migration and am in the finishing rounds of that and doing a little blog makeover. I have wanted to do this for a while, but I kept putting it off. I finally just went for it! I am still working on a new logo and all, but when it’s all done I will do a post of why I made the changes and all the wonderful companies I have worked with during this process. But, a few projects to share until then. This is a little quilt I made for my new niece. She’s really special. My brother and his wife had been praying about adopting for a long time and they put their names on the list. After lots more praying and waiting, they received that special phone call a few weeks ago that they had been chosen to adopt a little girl.

A Hexagon Baby QuiltI just had to make their little girl something special! I had this package of pre-cut hexagons (Sunnyside Honeycomb Kate Spain for Moda) and used half of them for the middle of this quilt. I had plans for doing a scalloped edging, but how I was thinking of making that happen ended up not working out. So I added the white border after I had made the middle (and yes, quilted it already too!). I learned some good lessons though and I’m so happy I could save it. It might not be the most polished, but it is soft and comfy and the colors are sure to grab baby girls attention. Oh, and I machine sewed the hexagons using this method. I just took my time and they came out perfect almost each time! I think I only had to rip some stitches out twice and that was on the cheapy fabric white hexagons I threw in last minute to finish the square.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt

I made a few other little things to go in the mail with it that I will share soon. One will be a pattern for a crocheted bunting. Until then!


My “Neven Been Stitched” Projects and Giveaway

Remember in the last 10 on 10 post I shared about how I was able to contribute to a book that is now out and saw it on the shelves at a local bookstore? Well here it is! It is called Never Been Stitched and was put together by the wonderful Amanda Carestio. She was so fun to work with and has many projects in this book, but there are also a bunch more designers who participated with projects. The book is comprised of 45 no-sew and low-sew projects, so it’s a good book to get especially for those who are looking for easy cute projects to make.

The above picture shows my two contributions. I created a low-sew rug and my no sew tunic that you might have seen on my blog a few years back. That shirt is actually how Amanda found me believe it or not. And I am so very glad that she did!

The book is full of quite a variety of projects and are organized into 5 main categories: Wear, Decorate, Play, Carry, and Give. There are templates for all of the projects needed, most of which are actual size and a few that would need enlargement. I have quite a few pages bookmarked for things I want to make soon.

I’m super happy that I also get to give away a copy to one of you! Awesome I know. It’s open to US residents only and one winner will be chosen using rafflecopter. Enter away! And be sure to look for it on your next trip to the bookstore :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Knit Fabric Wrap – A – Round Skirt Tutorial

Let’s break up this quiet spell with a tutorial okay? I totally have spring on the mind and am excited for the wardrobe change this season will bring. I have been loving the flowy skirts and dresses that Free People has lately and want to create some pieces based on those. With that in mind, I was super excited when I received an email from Organic Cotton Plus to try out some of their fabric and share about it with you all. I already had a project in mind! I have used fabric with them before, but it was all wovens so I was very happy to play around with some knit fabric.

I picked out three yards of this yummy banana interlock knit. It is 60″ wide so it’s a great size to use for things that need a larger piece of fabric like a maxi dress or skirt. I whipped up this wrap around skirt in no time. It’s easy to put together and since it’s a knit fabric you won’t need to worry about raw edges. Here is what I did to create this look along with some things I learned along the way. As much as I love sharing final products, I also love sharing where I messed up to help others from having to go through the same mistakes.

-Knit Fabric of choice
-Measuring Tape

This skirt is three main pieces: The waistband, the top skirt (which is a circle skirt), and the bottom skirt(which is just a rectangular piece of fabric). Let’s go over how to do measurements for these pieces first. Please note, I ere on the side of “larger” so things can be cut back if necessary. It’s always better to have it a little too big and make a quick cut than to make something too small.

PLEASE NOTE: You are just plugging in 3 measurements you take (your waist, the length you want the top of the skirt, and the length you want the bottom of the skirt)  into the following equations. Write them down and then use your calculator to get the final measurements. It might help to copy and paste this part and separate it into the three sections to focus better on each one.

-The waistband piece is going to be 7″ wide and the length should be your waist measurement x 3. I had to sew a few pieces together to get this length.

Ex: If your waist is 20″ you would just multiply this by 3. 
So your piece cut out should be 60″ x 7″.

-The top half of the skirt needs to be figured out with a little bit of math because you need a circle. Here goes….
First you need a circumference which will be:

Circumference = (Waist measurement + Waist measurement/3)
Circumference = 36″ + (36″/3)
Circumference = (36″ + 12″)
Circumference = 48″

Then you plug the circumference into this equation to get the Radius.

Radius = Circumference/(2 x pi)

Now, we know the Circumference already and we know that pi is approximately 3.14. So we plug those in to get the following:

 Radius = 48″/(2 x 3.14)
Radius = 48″/6.28
  Radius = 7.6″

Now that is needed for cutting the circle out. To get how big a piece of fabric you need to cut out this circle, you need to do a little more math.
You now need to determine Radius + Length (Length = how long you want it to go; I measured from my waist to my knees)

 Radius + Length = x
7.6″ + 15″ = 22.6″, which I round up to 23″.
Then multiply that by 2
Ex: 23″ x 2 = 46″
I will need a piece of fabric that measures 46″x46″ to cut.

-The bottom skirt piece is a rectangular piece. To determine this measurement you need the circumference of the bottom of the circle skirt. The best way to determine this is using the following equation:

Bottom Circumference = (2 x pi) x (Radius+Length)
The R + Length is the same number as you used from the above equation, 7.6″+15″= 23″ and we know pi is 3.14.
 Bottom Circumference = (2 x 3.14) x (7.6″ + 15″)
      Bottom Circumference = (6.28)x(23″)
     Bottom Circumference = 144.5″

So the piece of fabric needed to be cut is 144.5″ by the length I needed to make it go to my ankles, which was 21″. I actually didn’t have quite enough for this length, but I was able to cut out a piece that measured 120″ by 21″. It worked out because I could stretch the fabric and I had ended up cutting some of the length off from the top part of the skirt anyways (talk about that below). In hindsight, having more fabric would have made it flow better but it’s still good!

*Refer to the above diagram I drew due to the sun never being out when I sewed so I could get good pictures ;)

1. Go ahead and cut the square piece out using the measurements you determined for the top part of the skirt (ex: 46″ by 46″).
2. Fold fabric square in half.
3. Fold fabric in half again the opposite way. You will have two “folds” of fabric and two sides that do not have folds.
4. Mark for your first cut from the corner where the two fold sides meet. This will be at the waist. Mark your 1/4″ circle to cut with chalk. The line should be the same length (the radius) from the corner all the way across.
The second cut you make will be made at the radius + length point from the corner edge. Use chalk to mark this line for easy cutting.
Cut skirt piece out after marking.
5. Open your now “donut” shape fabric piece. Cut down one side to open it. Wrap the waist part (the smaller circle) around your waist and make sure it doesn’t over wrap. You want it to wrap around your waist with one side coming to one side of front waist and the other overlapping going to the other side of the waist. If it is too big, trim some fabric off to your liking. I had to trim about 4 inches off on each side for my preference. It added to much fabric to the underneath side that wrapped under.
6.  Right sides facing, sew the bottom skirt piece to the bottom of the top skirt piece.

7. Fold skirt in half, wrong sides facing. From top, cut downward at an angle similar to image above.

Now find the middle of the waistband and the middle of the skirt top. Pin together at that spot, right sides facing. Pin the rest of the skirt top to the waistband and sew together.
Fold the waistband in half towards the inside of the skirt. The waistband edge should cover the seam. Pin in place and sew. Wrap skirt around waist so that the ends of the skirt are at opposite sides of the waist. The side tie that is underneath will need to wrap around your back to the other side for tying. You might have to play with it a bit to get it not to be too bunchy. Then tie on that side. Trim the tie to your liking at this point and you are all done! This is a skirt you can wear anywhere, but would also be an easy beach coverup piece as well.
It might take a little math to determine this, but it’s worth it! If you want to make it even easier to create, I suggest just making the whole thing a circle skirt. Just change the length for the top skirt piece to go as long as you want it to twitter, google plus, and facebook

and then sew on the waistband. That would be super easy! Thanks again to Organic Cotton Plus for the fabric! You can also find them on

Happy sewing!

10 on 10

I decided this year that one thing I wanted to start doing was a number of pictures on that number day of the month post. I am going to go with “10 on 10″ because I feel like that is a good number for me. So today I begin that! This will be a post where I share pics that I might have already shared on instagram or just photos I have on my phone/camera. These happen to all come off of my phone for this post.

1. Yes. That is miss E covered in toothpaste. This girl is my sneaky one! I have multiple stories about things like this her. I did find out that at least this type of toothpaste cleans easily and it’s better than the “peanut butter”, which was not really peanut butter if you get my drift, that she brought me the other day.

2. So proud of my hubby! He’s going on his first ever out of country missions trip. And if you are in need of coffee, any that you purchase from here will give a certain percentage for his missions trip through our church.

3. Last month I was able to do the Valentine’s Day craft for miss J’s class. These are her finished projects. We let them make a candy jar (tutorial here) and then I took a picture of them to put inside a frame they glued fun shredded paper on.

4. Miss J is improving so much with her reading. We have been working hard on that along with math and other subjects. She even started choosing to read books on her very own recently which is huge! I usually have to gently persuade her.

5. I was so excited to find this book at Books-a-Million on our date night last Friday! I have two projects in this one. I will be sharing a whole blog post about it this week with a giveaway for a copy as well. So stay tuned for that.

6. What can I say? I have lots of pics of this girl. She’s always with me too, so that is probably a big factor along with her being adorable. She was wearing daddy’s hat pretending to be a farmer. Her favorite animal at the moment is a cow so she says.

7. With the cold still lingering a bit, I finished up this hat for myself. I used this awesome crochet pattern. And you know me. I made it in my fave color, mustard yellow.

8. For some reason I have been drawn to vintage kids books while out thrifting. These are some of my recent finds along with that superb paint by number horse piece! I found that at one of those stores where they rent out booths. You know, the ones just full of everything and the kitchen sink? This lady had a bunch of these in her booth and had added the cool frames. It’s perfect in miss J’s room now :)

9. I am helping out with some projects for an upcoming conference at our church. I made these fabulous letters with this tutorial. They are made from foam board and cardboard. A lady walking by our house asked my husband about them because the garage door was open and she could see them. She said they looked like vintage metal letters from a few feet away and wanted to know if I make and sell them. I take that as a job well done!

10. Lastly, I finished up a quilt for my newest niece. She was just adopted by my brother and his wife. I’m so happy for them! It’s been a long wait but so neat to see their dream come true. This was a beginning of the quilt pic. I just kind of made it up. I had these fabulous pre-cut hexagons and knew they would be perfect to use. I bought them while on super sale on Craftsy. They are from the Moda Honeycomb pack of Sunnyside by Kate Spain.

That’s it for this time. I’m hoping to start a few more consistent type posts soon as well, like a monthly link up post so we can see what you are making. I know those type of things helped me get out there when I first started blogging and I would like to offer the same opportunity for you all.

Designed and Made by J: Monkey & Sheep

It’s been a while since miss J has wanted to sew up something. But, when I told her she could design and create something for her two baby cousin’s birthdays she jumped at the opportunity. She made her drawing (below) and picked out the fabrics from my stash. It’s a good thing I have a lot of fleece and felt for all her projects!

I ended up doing most of the sewing but she did help stuff them. She was so excited to send them off to her cousins! Oh that her little heart will continue to grow big, full of love, spilling over into the lives of others!

See more of the Designed and Made by J series here.

Tissue Paper Flowers and Painted Frames Food Table Decor

Tissue Paper Flowers and Frames Food Table Back Drop

I still have one more thing from Valentine’s week to share before February is over and that is some decorations I did for a conference at church. I always feel very happy when I am able to use my passions to help and bless others, even if it is just in a creating some decorations. Since it was Valentine’s Day and all, I went with more of a girly theme. This type of decor would be great for a wedding. I made a ton of tissue paper flowers and cut out leaves from cardstock, found some frames at a thrift store and spray painted them white, and then learned a few lessons from trying to put this together.

Tissue Paper Flowers and Frames Food Table Back Drop
Tissue Paper Flowers and Frames Food Table Back Drop

I knew I wouldn’t be able to put nails in the wall, so I tried gluing/tying the frames together to stand upright while leaning on a wall. While that kind of worked, they were so fragile I was afraid it might fall and I didn’t want it to fall on a person or food. Fortunately we had a pallet in our garage I could attach them too that. If I had given myself more time before putting it all together I would have done something to create more contrast between the pallet and the frames/sign, but I am still happy with how it turned out.

Tissue Paper Flowers and Frames Food Table Back Drop
The decorations are now waiting to be used at a bridal shower and whatever survives I hope to reuse in some fun way. I love that decorations can be inexpensive and yet look so wonderful!

Durathon Iron Giveaway!!!!!

It’s been a while since we have done a giveaway, so let’s do on for a Durathon Electric Iron with Retractable Cord by Hamilton Beach. Ok? :)

Durathon Iron Giveaway on Happy Together

I don’t know about you, but I have found an iron to be a huge part of my creating process. The iron we had was one we picked out when we first got married (over seven years ago!). At that point in time, we were buying the cheapest stuff we could to make it fit into our budget. That meant some of the things we bought were not the best. The iron was an iron, but not an awfully good one and I wanted a better one. I received this iron c/o Hamilton Beach and was more than happy to send my old one away. It’s been a lot better with this new one to use during my sewing projects…take that wrinkly fabric! But I really like some features that we didn’t have on our other iron, like the retractable cord and the large opening to pour the water in. I haven’t spilled any water yet ;)


This iron is one of their best-selling irons they have had in their history (and they’re over a 100 years old, so that’s a long time).  What makes it great for crafters, sewers and DIY’ers is its amazing steam performance. It also has a non-stick sole plate that is suppose to be virtually indestructible – so they gave it a ten year warranty! You can read more about the iron here. Now for the giveaway. I was able to set it up on rafflecopter so it’s super easy to enter. It is only for US residents. Enter up to four different times. Winner will be contacted once giveaway is over and iron will be delivered via the Hamilton Beach distribution center.

A Bee Themed Valentine’s Card Box

Valentines Card Box Bee Themed

One of the many activities that I did last week was help miss J create a box for the Valentines she would receive at school. Her school even turned it into a contest this year to encourage the creativity. I guess you could say that she was on the same wave length as me because when I asked her what she wanted it to look like she chose a bee theme. She had no idea that I was doing a bee themed gift for my friends because I hadn’t even started on it yet. Crazy, right? She’s my daughter for sure.

Valentines Card Box Bee Themed

I promised myself a long time ago that I would let my children do their own thing when it came to creating. Even if that meant that other children’s projects might look better because mom and dad helped them more (if you know what I mean). I asked her to design her box by drawing what she wanted it to look like first. Then I wrote down notes about the specifics she wanted. This was all her doing. I did buy the box for her and found some of the supplies just because their wasn’t time to take her out shopping for them. But I stuck to her desires. I found some yellow honeycomb paper to cover the box and we found the other scrapbook paper and sticker letters in my stash to use.

Valentines Card Box Bee Themed

She drew the bees and cut them out. I did cut out the pieces of paper for the box, but she had to glue them on herself. She also drew and cut out everything else and put the stickers on where she wanted them. She ended up not wanting to put everything on she had originally drawn, but she was happy with it. I was so proud of her and she was proud of herself. She didn’t win the competition, but it was a learning opportunity to teach her about doing her best and being true to herself in her designs and in life. I’m blessed to have her and her little sis to share in special holidays with.