Help Me Choose! Adding To My Gallery Wall

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untitled 3 by Jessica, see more art prints

untitled 3 board by Jessica. See more art prints

Lots of things have been happening over here in our little world. One of those being starting to look for a new house. Whenever it’s time to move, I tend to focus on home decorating in the creative part of my brain. I have a gallery wall up right now that I am looking to add to and I want a few more pieces to add to it when we are in a new place. I’m super excited that I am going to be able to pick out a piece from the Minted Art Gallery. I have always adored their Christmas cards, but I am really loving their art section. Their selection is huge and I love how so many artists are featured. This gives a lot of styles to choose from.

Minted Art Gallery | happy together
They even have a cool area where you can create these boards and get an idea of how the artwork can look grouped together. You can even upload your own pictures to add to the grouping. I think this is great for those of us who have a hard time visualizing. I created a pin board with a few of my favorites that would go with my art wall. I’m going with pieces that have cool color tones (blues, purples, etc) and have a Florida feel to them. I just need some help deciding. Which one do you like best?

Artwork on Minted | happy together
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A Cat Dress and A Cardi

A Crocheted Cardi using Bebop Cardi Pattern by Lion Brand | happy together
You might remember a while back when I posted about buying some hand worsted yarn at our local farmers market. I have always wanted to make a cardigan/sweater for my girls and was trying to wait until I learned how to knit. I just love all the sweet knitted cardigans and sweaters I see others make! But I found this free crochet pattern, the BeBop Cardi, and it was so cute! I knew I could do that and it would give the look I wanted.

Back of Bebop Cardi | happy together
It was really fast to make in my opinion. I had to add a few extra rows at the neck so it wouldn’t fall off her shoulders though. I just kept with the rhythm of the pattern and added decreases in each row I did extra. I kept having her try it on until I was satisfied. This probably happened because the hand spun yarn was a different weight than the pattern called for. While making it, I made sure I was within the measurements that the pattern called for to adjust for this difference as well. I think I also had to use a smaller hook to get the size I needed. I feel like I have a good grasp on crocheting now and can easily make adjustments on simple patterns like this one.

Sundress with shoulder ties | happy together
Once the cardi was made, we made a trip to the fabric store and found this adorable cat fabric at Hancocks. I created a simple sundress pattern using a dress that fit miss J. I added a lining because the fabric was sheer. I also added ties to the shoulders.

Hi-Lo hem on sundress | happy together
I made a hi-lo hem on the bottom.

Back of Sundress | happy together
I was going to make the back close with a button, but the fabric happened to be laying down like this and I thought it was too pretty. So I just tacked it in place.

Cat fabric | happy together Shoulder Ties Sundress | happy together Bebop Cardi Crochet Pattern | happy together
Miss J might not get much more use of this cardi for a while as it is starting to warm up, but there is room to grow in it and then it can be passed down to miss E. That’s one of the extras of having two daughters :)


Sisters | happy together In the mud puddles | happy together

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Placemat Pillows DIY

Placemat Pillows DIY | happy together
We have a ton of pillows around here but there’s always room for more. Especially since my littlest is currently all about making pillow forts e.v.e.r.y single day. So when I saw these adorable placemats on clearance at Target for only $1.48 each, I figured why not add a few more pillows for her to use?

How to make pillows from placemats | happy together
I sewed up three pillows in two different ways. It took me about five minutes to make each one and that is with taking pictures! A seriously easy project when you need a few accent pillows.

Materials For Placemat Pillows DIY | happy together
You will need:

  • Placemats (one for each pillow if it is double sided and two for each pillow if it is not)
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing needle
  • Coordinating thread
  • Seam ripper (for double sided placemats)
  • Scissors
  • Pins (optional)

Placemat Pillows | happy together
Let’s start with the double sided placemats. As you can see in the picture above, they are two pieces of fabric already sewn together.

Placemat Pillow How To | happy together
Take your seam reaper and open up a few inches on one of the longer ends.

Placemat Pillows DIY | happy together
Fill it with as much stuffing as you like. I used about half a small bag of stuffing for each pillow because I like them fluffy.

Placemat Pillows DIY | happy together
Sew the opening shut by hand or using a sewing machine. Trim thread strands. When using the sewing machine, push the stuffing away from opening and put needle as close as possible to left side. You will need to hold onto the pillow with both hands while going through the sewing machine. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.

Two Placemats For a Simple Pillow | happy together
For placemats that are not double sided, you will need two to make a pillow.

Sew Together Placemats | happy together
Place the placemats together with wrong sides facing. Pin together and sew all around, leaving a few inches open at the middle of one end.

Making Pillows | happy together
Fill with as much stuffing as needed and sew the opening shut.

Placemat Pillows DIY | happy together
Then that’s it! These would be easy to embellish with tassels or even iron-ons (before sewing). I thought the one with the flowers would be perfect to add a cool phrase onto. If you make some, share using #happytogetherbyjess.

Happy weekend!   -jess-

Placemat Pillows | happy together

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Fat Quarters: Small Fabrics, More than 50 Big Ideas Features

Fat Quarters Book Feature | happy together
A while back I was able to contribute five projects to a book that is now published, Fat Quarters: Small Fabrics, More Than 50 Big Ideas. It’s truly a great book with tons of great things to create with fat quarters.

Fat Quarters: Small Fabric, More than 50 Big Ideas | happy together
The projects in the book are divided into six sections: Babies & Kids, Bags, Quilts & Pillows, Home Decor, Wearables, and Give & Use. I really like the variety, as I sew so many different types of things myself, and the quantity of projects. And I’m not just saying I like the book because I have some things in it ;)

Boho Bag | happy together
One of my favorite projects I contributed is how to make this boho bag. Sometimes I get an idea and am not sure how the outcome will be, but I truly love this bag! It has become the purse that I use now that we are out of diaper bag phase.  I get compliments on it all the time.

Funky Scrunchy Headband | happy together
I also designed this scrunchy headband. It is a great scrap buster.

Reusable Bowl Covers | happy together
The reusable bowl covers are another of my favorites. They sew up so fast and are a great gift to give. Plus you create less trash if you use these instead of tin foil or saran wrap to cover you bowls.

Quilted Frame | happy together
This half square triangle frame makes a great statement to add to your wall. I really enjoyed making this one. You can add a printable or artwork to it or just leave it blank since it is pretty in and of itself.

Fat Quarter Flower Trio | happy together
And the last project is this trio of fabric flowers. You could make them into hair accessories, present toppers, etc. There are many other bloggers/designers you will recognize who have contributed to this book. It’s an honor to be a part of this with them. Get a copy for yourself  :)



Affiliate links have been used. All opinions stated are my own.

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A Half Square Triangle Quilt

A Half Square Triangle Quilt | happy together
Another item from my to do pile is all done! I just pulled this half square triangle quilt out of the dryer this afternoon. I tried out a few new techniques to see if I could make creating a quilt a bit easier. I’m all about working smarter and saving time.

Half Square Triangle Quilt Backing | happy together
After doing a more complicated quilt pattern last time, I decided to stick with a half square triangle quilt. Somewhere on the internet I had found a graphic put together for this pattern. There were no sizes or anything, just a graphic for inspiration. I, yet again, just bought a pile of fat quarters (Amy Butler’s Alechemy) and went for it. I started by cutting out a ton of 5 inch squares from the patterned fabric and white fabric. Then I sewed them all together to make half square triangles (one white to one pattern). Then I laid them down until I recreated the pattern I had seen. I added two extra lines on the sides to make the quilt wider though and ended up with a good stack of leftover half square blocks that I can make into a baby quilt.

Quilt using Amy Butler Alchemy Fabric | happy together
I tried out quilt basting spray for the very first time and it helped me immensely with keeping the backing straight while I quilted simple straight lines. I found that I liked only using the spray in a few spots (like the middle and each corner) as opposed to spraying the whole thing. I had a hard time separating the backing from the batting when I sprayed the whole thing, so when I did the top I spotted it and it was much easier to arrange the layers with no wrinkles.

Rounded Corners on a Quilt | happy together
I also did curved corners for the first time because I just struggle with doing the square edges. Sometimes I get the mitered edges to look good, but it’s always a hit or miss. I also like machine sewing the binding because it’s faster and I never can do a good job of that when I do the traditional binding. And guess what? I bought a premade binding to try out as well. I did like this and it saved me time, but I think I will go with the smaller width binding next time. All in all, I’m very happy with the new things I tried and look forward to getting down the way I like to make quilts.


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