10 on 10

Well, I suppose it’s more like 10 on 13. That being said, I have finally been able to have everything completely migrated over to this new website and am super happy about that! That really took a lot of my free time this past week. Now I have to figure out how to use everything. ha! I totally understand my parents more now. Just when I feel like I really have something down it’s time to learn something new instead :)

I decided to start this 10 on 10 with another miss E moment of mischievousness. One night, we heard this crumpling sound and figured it was the fan blowing the plastic bags around. Turns out miss E had gotten out of bed, discovered the box of band aids on the counter, and covered her leg with them. She continues to surprise me. Almost daily sometimes :) Like this past week when she decided that her shampoo would make for a good lotion. That was fun to discover.

by Happy Together Our little garden is continuing to grow more and more each day. I wanted to really try to have a vegetable garden this year, but have always felt overwhelmed and intimidated to do so. I saw some pins on Pinterest about square foot gardening and decided to give it a try. I also asked some of the locals here when they plant and any tips they have. I grew up in Virginia, so the things that grow best and the season to plant is a little different here in Louisiana. I have really enjoyed it and feel like it was a small enough project for me to get my feet wet in this whole gardening thing. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn. Sometimes you just have to go for it! The girls (especially my oldest) is really having a good time watching everything grow. I can’t wait until things are ready for picking. We planted onions, beets, carrots, spinach, a tomato plant, sweet peas, two pepper plants, and a cucumber plant.

by Happy Together

I have been working on some more decorations for our church for Easter. I made a bunch of coffee filter flowers and now have a bunch more to make for a really large decor piece.

by Happy Together

These pretty flowers are draped over a backdrop right now. We will finish with decorations this week and then I can take pictures and show it all.

by Happy Together

I am still adding squares to make this blanket for miss E. It’s going real slow, but I’m glad it’s going at least!

by Happy Together

While sitting outside crocheting, I throw the yarn scraps out for the birds. I found a bird was using them for it’s nest. Made me smile :)

by Happy Together

I decided this year to not pursue photography anymore as a business. I have dabbled with it over the past two years, but really would like to focus more on my crafting pursuits. I am however still going to use photography to bless others or to do swaps if the right thing comes along. I recently did my very first ever senior session at this lovely location. It was such a gorgeous place! Isn’t it dreamy?

Happy Together

I have been using these free seasonal printables by Jones Design Company. I printed this new spring one out and love the cheeriness it brings to my kitchen.

by Happy Together

The girls inherited some of my old sunglasses. Can you tell they are excited?

by Happy Together

And lastly….miss E is in love with this little baby. My friend really blessed me this past week by visiting and bringing her baby for miss E to visit with. E was really having a hard week and it made it difficult for me to get things done. So my sweet sweet friend helped occupy her for me. I feel so blessed with the friends I have. I am in awe at how good they are to my family and I.

Time for me to finish up this busy weekend with some get togethers tonight and will be back tomorrow with that crochet tutorial I was telling you about. Have a wonderful night friends!


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