10 on 10

10 on 10 | happy together We are over here still living it up summer style, well except for the school part. Lots of water time and inside time to escape the heat. -Miss J has been enjoying taking care of her pet she got on her birthday. In fact, he just changed shells today and she was so excited! It will be so fun one day when we can get her a pet that gives more interaction. Her principal told me her prayer request every day is that she can get all these different kinds of animals for Christmas. lol. It will be interesting to see where this love of hers takes her as she grows older. -I , on the other hand, have been fixing up things around the house and finishing projects so I can enjoy them as we finish out our time here in Louisiana. I recently worked on two art walls in our living room and added a pineapple painting of my own to it. -My friend asked me to join her in a booth at a craft show type event later this fall, so I have also been slowing going through my stash and creating some things for it. I told my husband that I want to move with as little as possible this time. So stash busting is a big goal of mine. -Even though it’s fall season, I haven’t really had the urge to do much baking with it being so hot, but I did finally make these cookies that I pinned forever ago. They are so yum!

10 on 10 | happy together -My hubby has been gone quite a bit lately for trainings and such. Fortunately we were able to join him at the end of his Houston, TX trip. The girls had a lot of fun swimming, jumping on the beds, and eating yummy foods you can’t find in our small town. -I also worked on this pallet wall, with my wonderful crafter friend Mrs. Karen, for a missions inspired area at our church. I had to document the mess. And of course my little miss E all up in it. -And leave it up to my husband to take the girls on some fun rides.

10 on 10 | happy together -This past week I have worked hard at even more “get it done” lists and put up these outdoor lights that have been sitting in our garage forever. I’m hoping the evenings will start to cool down next month so we can sit out and really enjoy them. -I made another shirt for myself! Here is the sneak peek. Once I get someone to take pics of me in it, I will do a post about it. And that is my 10 on 10 for this month! Please share a link if you do a 10 on 10, a 5 on 5, or something of the sort. I would love to see :)


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