10 on 10

I decided this year that one thing I wanted to start doing was a number of pictures on that number day of the month post. I am going to go with “10 on 10″ because I feel like that is a good number for me. So today I begin that! This will be a post where I share pics that I might have already shared on instagram or just photos I have on my phone/camera. These happen to all come off of my phone for this post.

1. Yes. That is miss E covered in toothpaste. This girl is my sneaky one! I have multiple stories about things like this her. I did find out that at least this type of toothpaste cleans easily and it’s better than the “peanut butter”, which was not really peanut butter if you get my drift, that she brought me the other day.

2. So proud of my hubby! He’s going on his first ever out of country missions trip. And if you are in need of coffee, any that you purchase from here will give a certain percentage for his missions trip through our church.

3. Last month I was able to do the Valentine’s Day craft for miss J’s class. These are her finished projects. We let them make a candy jar (tutorial here) and then I took a picture of them to put inside a frame they glued fun shredded paper on.

4. Miss J is improving so much with her reading. We have been working hard on that along with math and other subjects. She even started choosing to read books on her very own recently which is huge! I usually have to gently persuade her.

5. I was so excited to find this book at Books-a-Million on our date night last Friday! I have two projects in this one. I will be sharing a whole blog post about it this week with a giveaway for a copy as well. So stay tuned for that.

6. What can I say? I have lots of pics of this girl. She’s always with me too, so that is probably a big factor along with her being adorable. She was wearing daddy’s hat pretending to be a farmer. Her favorite animal at the moment is a cow so she says.

7. With the cold still lingering a bit, I finished up this hat for myself. I used this awesome crochet pattern. And you know me. I made it in my fave color, mustard yellow.

8. For some reason I have been drawn to vintage kids books while out thrifting. These are some of my recent finds along with that superb paint by number horse piece! I found that at one of those stores where they rent out booths. You know, the ones just full of everything and the kitchen sink? This lady had a bunch of these in her booth and had added the cool frames. It’s perfect in miss J’s room now :)

9. I am helping out with some projects for an upcoming conference at our church. I made these fabulous letters with this tutorial. They are made from foam board and cardboard. A lady walking by our house asked my husband about them because the garage door was open and she could see them. She said they looked like vintage metal letters from a few feet away and wanted to know if I make and sell them. I take that as a job well done!

10. Lastly, I finished up a quilt for my newest niece. She was just adopted by my brother and his wife. I’m so happy for them! It’s been a long wait but so neat to see their dream come true. This was a beginning of the quilt pic. I just kind of made it up. I had these fabulous pre-cut hexagons and knew they would be perfect to use. I bought them while on super sale on Craftsy. They are from the Moda Honeycomb pack of Sunnyside by Kate Spain.

That’s it for this time. I’m hoping to start a few more consistent type posts soon as well, like a monthly link up post so we can see what you are making. I know those type of things helped me get out there when I first started blogging and I would like to offer the same opportunity for you all.

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  1. says

    Your blog is adorable! Love the looks of that quilt…I’m learning to quilt/sew and I’d love to see your finished product! Checking out that book as well. Looks fun : )

  2. Tiffany says

    I used that same tutorial to do my kido’s name in lights for a vintage circus birthday party. I loved it so much I plan to put it up on a shelf in the bedroom. Great job!

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