Adding a Tutu to a Onesie

Onesie with Tutu

My cousin asked me to add a tutu to a onesie that she has bought for her daughter’s first birthday. I wanted to share how I did it with you in case anyone would like to see.

Adding a tutu to a onesie

Cut a piece of elastic (you choose your size, just don’t use elastic that is too wide) that is the same width around as the onesie. If you know the child’s exact waist measurement, you could cut it to be waist measurement – 1 inch.

Adding a tutu to a onesie

Sew the piece of elastic together. You will then sew it on the onesie in four places: the side seams, the front middle, and front back middle.

Adding a tutu to a onesie

Use a zig zag stitch.

Then, tie on your pieces of tulle (I do double knots). I used this tutorial by Angie at Treasures for Tots for quick cutting.

Now, the tutu will stay in place no matter how much moving or pulling on it she does!


  1. Just this... Alice says

    This is so darling. Thank you for sharing. There is a little one at church that I want to make one of these for but never found a tutorial for doing so. You just made my day with this post. Love and look forward to each one.

  2. Happy Together says

    “How many yards of tulle do I need?”

    It’s really up to how full you want it and the size of the onesie. I used scraps for mine, but I would think 1 yard should be enough. If you want to add more colors, just get a smaller amount of a few colors. You could always try a certain amount and then if you felt like it needed more, add some.

  3. Anonymous says

    When I cut tulle for a tutu, I use pre-measured pieces of cardboard – 8″, 9″, 10″ and so on (each one labeled). Then I wrap six inch wide pieces of tulle around the cardboard, kind of like wrapping cloth around a flat bolt. When I have enough (sometimes I count as I wind), I carefully cut each side at the end of the “bolt” or cut on one side to make double lengths. A rubber band can hold the tulle in place if it slips around too much. Thanks for the tutu idea – great!
    Also, does the tulle maintain it’s stiffness when washed as suggested above?

  4. Anonymous says

    I love this onesie tutu! I’m about to try it myself! How do you know how far up to go from the leg hole when placing the elastic? I don’t have anyone I can model it on to find the waist. Thanks!

    • Jessica Fediw says

      Oh boy, it’s been a while since I did this and I don’t quite remember. But, since the tutu is so full I think you could get away with a good guesstimate or where to put it. I would try a little bit just below the middle of the onesie. Have fun :)

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