Vintage Clothespin Snowflakes

Looks like Christmas

Doesn’t it? These are my first made Christmas things of the year and I heart them. I was the proud recipient of some awesome vintage clothespin this fall. I knew I had to do something with them, but couldn’t think of anything….until now.

Away in a manger

I first mod podged some vintage paper all over the clothespins. Then I hot glued the open end of 5 clothespins onto a wooden circle (you can get precut shapes at craft stores) so it looked like a snowflake.

Let It Snow

Then I bought the doilies from the Dollar Store (2 in a pack) and glued them on one side. I hand embroidered different Christmas things on some scrap linen and machine sewed it to a larger and darker piece of fabric. Then I glued that on in the middle of the doily.

Back of Ornament

I also added some glue and glitter randomly on the front. A little round piece of felt covers the center back for a clean look and some hemp string tied on for it to hang. I’m tempted to leave them out all year!

Doily Snowflake Ornaments


  1. says

    These snowflakes are SO adorable! I heart them as well! I want to make some now. Wouldn’t they be cute on a little jute garland?

    Check out for their upcoming snowflake event where they will show off all kinds of crafts celebrating snow. You should definitely participate! It’s NOT my blog, but I will be participating and thought you might like it, too!

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    cute idea. I thought for a minute that you used vintage pieces. I was going to say, “what will grandma say when she sees what you did with those!” Who knew they could come from the dollar store!

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    I fell in love with these when I saw them here AND I went ahead and made them for all the family on my xmas list this year! I have some pics of the ones I have completed if you would like to see them – I modified them a bit depending who I was giving them to…

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