6 Tips for Great Holiday Pictures and Cards

This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own. See further down for full disclosure.
Family Christmas Photo | happy together
I am not a “professional” photographer, but I have taken quite a few pictures over the years and have learned some tips for holiday photos that I wanted to share that may help out.

1. Get the BEST light! Nothing compares to that glorious hour before sunset light (the golden hour) in my opinion. You can make it work in other lighting and times of day, but for natural light photos try to take them during that hour before sunset. It makes pictures magical.

Christmas Lights Family Picture | happy together
But what if the weather is bad or a time cannot work during the day? Get creative! You can always create a festive photo with some Christmas lights added your photo.

Christmas Couple Picture | happy together
2. Use props that accent your photo (if you like). Some people love props, some don’t. Just find ones that flow together and go with where you are taking pictures.

Couple Christmas Photo with Blanket | happy together
Even a simple blanket can add warmth and coziness to pictures.

Christmas Kid Picture | happy together
3. If there are children in your pictures bring along a helper to help keep an eye on them and to stand behind the photographer that can jump around and be silly to help get their focus in the camera’s direction and hopefully help create some natural smiles. When you are in the picture with them, it helps you focus on just looking poised nice in the pictures instead of trying to look at them and get them to do what you want. I always tell the parents, just look at me (for the posed ones). The kids will smile if they want, but if not, they are being them and nothing wrong with that ;)

4. Take sample pictures of yourself in your outfit before your official pictures. I have had so many women so upset with their outfit choice when they get their pictures back. Even though they look great, they weren’t happy with how the clothing hung or was clingy. We can’t always see all of our angles when looking in a mirror, so a picture helps you get more of a view of what the camera will see, which is a flattened version of 3d life.

5. DO NOT STRESS!!!! Almost everyone does it, but the less stressed you are the better the picture will turn out. I promise! And it makes for a more fun experience. So what if kids are not being the most cooperative. The more they feel your stress the worse experience it will be.

6. Last but not least, choose a good quality printing company to have those holiday cards printed. Minted does such a great job! I have had many a picture printed from all kinds of printing services and Minted truly provides a great quality product, hence why I work with them. Plus, they have a ton of great designs to choose from, like the ones below. Check out their holiday photo card collection.

Holiday Card Option from Minted.com Holiday Card Option from Minted.com Holiday Card Option from Minted.com
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I parterned with Minted  for this post and received compensation for doing so. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

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