A Birthday in New Orleans

Birthday decor in the hotel room.

Our girls both had their birthdays this summer. Miss J was first and turned 6 on me. I can’t believe she’s 6.

The birthday princess in Anthropologie. She loves it there as much as I do.

This year she asked to stay in a hotel for her birthday instead of have a party. I was totally down with that. We decided to use it as an opportunity to see New Orleans with the girls (my hubby has to go down there a lot so he’s been many times already). We had to make it a short trip, but that was plenty for us.


We went to the zoo, the aquarium, the mall, a cute restaurant for breakfast, and had lots of fun at the hotel.


It was a nice break and a good time for our family. We usually save our trips for visiting family, but we are trying to do more just ourselves to explore new places while the Coast Guard has us moving around. Might as well experience all we can while we are in different places.

Happy Birthday sign
IMG_0707 copy

Since this trip was her birthday present, we only got her one gift that we had been talking about for a year. A sewing machine. Well, actually we gave her a picture and are hoping to go get one soon lol.

IMG_0705 copy

Miss J started school back up again. It’s a little more quiet than normal. Although miss E definitely makes herself known. Along with getting into a new school routine, we are prepping for a family wedding coming up soon! I’m making flower girl dresses and taking the pictures, so I can’t wait to share all of that.

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    How awesome! What a lovely birthday weekend. And I love that it is what she wanted to do! Also, I can’t wait to see her sewing machine. I’m sure it will be adorable!

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