A Father/Daughter Birdhouse

Father/Daughter Birdhouse

This past Father’s Day, we got my husband some tools and he picked out some wood.

Father/Daughter Birdhouse

The first thing he wanted to do was build a bird feeder with miss J.


So that is what they did. He’s kind of like me with crafts in that he just winged it. But I think they did a super job on it!

Father/Daughter Birdhouse

We have it sitting in front of a kitchen window so we can watch the birds eat up close. It’s really neat. Miss J really likes it too.

Father/Daughter Birdhouse

What I loved most is the detail they added. He traced her hands and used a wood burner to burn the outline. He also burned their names on it. So precious. I love that we are able to share these experiences with our children.

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