A Foxy Top

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We are home from our super fun visit to Virginia. It was so good. I am sad to not be there, but a part of me is also happy to be back home and getting back into regular life. I can’t wait to share pics from the wedding! I have to say that I really admire all of you who do wedding photography. Before we left, I did finish up this little top for miss E.

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My friend Delia sent me over this eBook/pattern that she helped create. It’s the five and ten designs “Volume One” eBook. Basically, five amazing seamstresses created a simple pattern and each made two designs using that basic pattern. They share how to make the changes they did and everything. It’s really quite fabulous and a genius idea.

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You can see all 10 looks here in the lookbook. It’s a great way to learn about altering patterns and a great deal since it’s 10 different looks. I made look #2 and am smitten with it. I used this fox fabric and it’s coordinating fabric that I had in my stash.

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I am going to add on one more ruffle at the bottom to lengthen it for miss E, but isn’t it just darling? I even learned a new trick on hiding those raw edges from this eBook. I have been seeing others creations from this all over instagram and it’s awesome to see all the variations. It is inspiring creativity. Great job ladies! I know your future volumes will be awesome as well :)

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