A Half Square Triangle Quilt

A Half Square Triangle Quilt | happy together
Another item from my to do pile is all done! I just pulled this half square triangle quilt out of the dryer this afternoon. I tried out a few new techniques to see if I could make creating a quilt a bit easier. I’m all about working smarter and saving time.

Half Square Triangle Quilt Backing | happy together
After doing a more complicated quilt pattern last time, I decided to stick with a half square triangle quilt. Somewhere on the internet I had found a graphic put together for this pattern. There were no sizes or anything, just a graphic for inspiration. I, yet again, just bought a pile of fat quarters (Amy Butler’s Alechemy) and went for it. I started by cutting out a ton of 5 inch squares from the patterned fabric and white fabric. Then I sewed them all together to make half square triangles (one white to one pattern). Then I laid them down until I recreated the pattern I had seen. I added two extra lines on the sides to make the quilt wider though and ended up with a good stack of leftover half square blocks that I can make into a baby quilt.

Quilt using Amy Butler Alchemy Fabric | happy together
I tried out quilt basting spray for the very first time and it helped me immensely with keeping the backing straight while I quilted simple straight lines. I found that I liked only using the spray in a few spots (like the middle and each corner) as opposed to spraying the whole thing. I had a hard time separating the backing from the batting when I sprayed the whole thing, so when I did the top I spotted it and it was much easier to arrange the layers with no wrinkles.

Rounded Corners on a Quilt | happy together
I also did curved corners for the first time because I just struggle with doing the square edges. Sometimes I get the mitered edges to look good, but it’s always a hit or miss. I also like machine sewing the binding because it’s faster and I never can do a good job of that when I do the traditional binding. And guess what? I bought a premade binding to try out as well. I did like this and it saved me time, but I think I will go with the smaller width binding next time. All in all, I’m very happy with the new things I tried and look forward to getting down the way I like to make quilts.


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    • Jessica says

      Thank you :) I had bought a fat quarter bundle from craftsy.com when they had a sale, so I’m thinking it was somewhere around 18 fat quarters.

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