A Little Black Blazer

A Little Black Blazer | happy together
We are still on the hunt for our next house. I thought looking for a house to rent was tiring, but looking for one to buy is a bit more because we really want to find one that fits our needs. I haven’t been in the craft room too often lately, but I did have the opportunity to receive some fabric c/o Organic Cotton Plus to sew with. I chose to try out a hemp fabric this time and make something for myself.

Simple Blazer to Sew | happy together
Before my fabric even came in the mail I had a pattern picked out. I found this Linen Blazer pattern on Burdastyle and knew the hemp fabric would be similar to the linen that the pattern called for. I also wanted a lightweight and simple/modern blazer and this pattern fit the bill.

Dyeing Hemp Fabric from Organic Cotton Plus | happy together
I ordered the plain weave barley hemp fabric because my computer screen gave it a mustardy color. When it arrived it was more of a khaki though. While it was not a bad color, it did not look good next to my skin tone so I decided to dye it. I went to the closest store that carried dye and could only find this kind in the color black. I washed the fabric first and then dyed it. It worked really well. I really liked how the hemp fabric got softer and softer after each wash and it was easy to sew with.

Inside of Black Blazer | happy together
I didn’t follow the pattern directions completely (as usual haha). I opted out of adding a complete lining and just did it around the neck and front sides. It worked out beautifully and I felt so accomplished when I was done with it. I like the simple lines, which made for a very easy sew. A few years ago I would have been intimidated to try and sew a blazer. So if you feel that way I suggest trying one like this that doesn’t have an intricate collar and pockets. It would be easy to modify for different body types as well. If I was to make it again, I might add darts in the back. This has inspired me to sew for myself some more once life gets more settled. It truly is a great feeling to be able to make exactly what you want, especially when you cannot find it in a store.



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  1. says

    I love the clean lines on this! Did you lengthen the pattern at all? I notice on burda that the pattern is for a short jacket (5’3″ height women or shorter).

    • Jessica says

      The pattern doesn’t include the seam allowance, but it does say to add a really large one to the bottom (I think it was over 2 inches or almost). I think maybe it worked out because I didn’t do the lining the way the pattern called for. I’m 5’6, so not too much taller than the pattern suggests. It would be really easy to lengthen. I honestly just went by the pictures and didn’t catch the height issue part. And I really didn’t read the directions either ;) I did hold the pattern piece up before I cut out fabric to get an idea of how it would be length and width wise.

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