A Plus Quilt in Grays

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
As in typical form, there has been a baby wave among our friends and I’m working hard to catch up on gifts for them. I hadn’t been too motivated to sew recently but just pulled out some fabrics and made myself start. I’m glad I did as I was able to finish up this little baby quilt for a boy, a plus quilt in grays. And, of course, once I got sewing I haven’t wanted to stop! I was so happy that I was able to create this using all fabrics from my stash. Since I have two girls and I’m a girl, I tend to have more feminine fabrics. But I remembered this deer fabric I had bought and paired it with solids I had.

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
The dark gray and beige are both linen fabrics and the other two grays are leftover square blocks from this quilt. I love when I can use leftovers from other projects. Since those squares were already six inches, I stayed with that size and since I didn’t have much fabric I went with a simple plus quilt pattern. I laid them out in a way that used up every single square I cut except for two. So I used a total of 42 six inch squares in all and used a 1/4″ seam. The finished size is roughly 30.5″ x 37.5″. I had to rework some to make use of them all and not have to cut more out but it all turned out fabulous. I used extra fabric for the binding as well.

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
I found this solid fabric in my stash for the back that was just the perfect size. I then used a 100% batting because i like how thin and nice it is. I started with doing a simple straight line for the quilting but then decided to try and do wonky lines. I thought it was fun and went with the quilt and it was nice to try something different.

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
I always want to try and do a “fancy” quilt but am always happy with how simple square or half square quilts turn out and they are truly so simple to sew up. Especially when they are bigger blocks. Have a favorite quilt pattern? -jess

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  1. Andi M says

    I meant to comment on this quite some time ago. I really love this! I especially love the binding on it. Now I need to go sort through my fabric :)

  2. says

    I am also in a sewing funk and have just learned that a golfer friend’s wife has had a baby boy. I bought some fabric a while back when I was visiting Australia with little golf buggies on it together with some complimentary plains. Coincidentally, I was keen to try this plus sign quilt. You have made it look so modern, I think it’s the larger squares. So like you I am going to wrk my way out of my funk by carrying on sewing. Thanks for your inspiration, it’s a beautiful quilt.

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