A Tulle Skirt Per Request

A Tulle Skirt | happy together
I used my sewing machine a little bit recently. One of the things I made was this tulle skirt for miss E. She’s always asking for skirts and dresses and wanted a fun skirt to go with this shirt.

Shades of Pink Tulle Skirt | happy together
I tried a new technique by sewing the fabrics directly onto a wide elastic band at the waist. It didn’t go so well, but this little girl is still happy. And I learned some new things.

Tulle Skirt | happy together
I might redo with the waist and I will definitely revisit the whole skirt sewing directly onto the elastic thing. I probably should have looked up how to do that first, but I always learn from my mistakes :) Hopefully next time I will be successful. Any tips?


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