A Vest for Him

The Mentalist Inspired Vest

This year I made it a goal to sew up some things for my hubby. I was a bit intimidated by this, so I figured I would start off with a smaller piece.

The Mentalist Inspired Vest

We used to watch The Mentalist all the time before we moved here and couldn’t get CBS. Will always commented on how he liked Jane’s style. So of course I knew that one day we would have to add some vests in his wardrobe, so when I went looking at men’s patterns and saw this Burda Style 7799 one I knew that was the one to begin with.

The Mentalist Inspired Vest

It was actually a pretty easy sew. I did a few things differently because I wanted it to be a bit more finished in some spots, but I liked the different options that you can have with it.

The Mentalist Inspired Vest

I also saved some time by just using some leather on the back tie piece instead of sewing it up. I’m all about finding short cuts :)

The Mentalist Inspired Vest

I would recommend the pattern for sure. I think next I’m going to attempt a suit type jacket next, but have it be more casual with elbow patches or something. This project gave me some confidence for sewing things for my man!

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    I have been looking for a mens vest pattern. Yours turned out great! Nice job. I would love to make one for my husband. I’ll have to give that pattern a try. Thanks!

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