Air Plants in Vintage Metal Springs

Air Plants in Vintage Springs for Decoration | happy together
We all know what a plant person I am by now. I just love them. In fact, yesterday I spent a few hours weeding our flower beds and prepping some garden stuff and it felt so good! Working with plants/nature is one thing that can really help me out when I feel in a funk. It brings me joy. That being said, we found a local garden center that is my new favorite. So far we had only gone to box stores and they are good, but this little locally owned place (Greengate Garden Center)  had so much more! I was super excited to see their variety of succulents and air plants. I bought a burro’s tail and these two air plants.

Air Plant Decor | happy together
I immediately thought of putting the air plants in these vintage metal springs I had seen for sale at my favorite local antique store (La Trouvaille). It turned out to be a perfect fit! I stuck them in our faux fireplace, which I’m working on filling with old books, for these pics.

Air Plants on Kitchen Shelf | happy together
But with two little girls running around, they are living more on a shelf in our kitchen so they can survive. If it was up to me, I bet our house would look like a jungle haha. Have you found a creative way to display your favorite plants?


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