Alligator Huntin’


Being a military family, we have learned to embrace where we are moved and enjoy what it offers.


One thing that is growing on me here in Louisiana, is the nature. Granted, it is rather hot right now, but it is beautiful. I’m starting to enjoy rides out into the country side and even find myself longing to settle down in a more rural place eventually (but not too rural….).


Since moving here, I have seen plenty of alligators in the wild. In Florida, there were some that I heard of (like the one that lived in the lake at the golf course, etc), but I never saw them. Here it’s different. Usually though, my oldest daughter can’t catch a glimpse of them because we are driving too fast and there’s not a place to stop and look. So we heard about an alligator loop, where it is just for driving around and looking at the alligators, and decided to visit it.


It’s a 3 mile (i think) road covered in rocks. You go slow and stay in the car and partake in the beautiful birds, plants, and alligators. Miss J was able to see a ton of alligators on this ride!


We said we were alligator huntin’ because we were looking for them.


There was no shortage here. That’s for sure.


Although, we didn’t see any real big ones like I had seen in some other spots. But this was good enough.


I liked that we were in a car and I’m glad that some pictures came out. I just had my 50 mm, so I wasn’t sure how that would work out with no zooming capabilities and all.


It did grow the desire for my husband and I to get a lens that would work better for wild life. We do love taking pictures on these adventures and capturing animals and birds in action.


I kind of kept thinking we might see an alligator go after one of the birds that were everywhere, but not that day.


It was a trip well worth it in my book.


Now onto the next adventure…..

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  1. says

    I didn’t know you were a military family. Hubs is in the Army National Guard. We’re part timers, so no moving around for us though. I’d be so freaked out about alligators! Looks beautiful though!

    • says

      Maybe I should talk hubby into something like that so we don’t have to keep moving ;) The alligators still freak me out, but as long as I’m in a car I do okay :) lol

  2. says

    I’ve lived in south Florida as well as the panhandle. I saw alligators here and there on pretty much a daily basis in south Florida, but in the panhandle you have to go to a state park to see them pretty much. So I guess it depends on where in Florida you live! Looks like you’re seeing plenty in Louisiana, though! :)

    • says

      We were in Jacksonville and Pensacola, so we were further up. I would imagine you would see more further south :) And yes, there are toooooo many we are seeing ;D lol

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