And Everything Nice

That is what little girls are made of. This is day three in the series “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice.” Tomorrow I will be posting the winners of the birthday giveaway and then start sharing some more gifts that have been made. I’m going to try and get the horse pattern up, but it might have to wait until after Christmas. Just keep an eye out :)

And Everything Nice: A little girl with flowers

Pretty Flowers

The color for this theme is purple.


I made the dress for my daughter from an old shirt of mine. I simply shirred the back and cut the shoulder straps so they could tie.

Attitude Pose

I wish I had another completely plain shirt to go under this to make it look a little better, but it’s still cute. I like how the front dips down low. It reminds me of some of the skirts/dresses that have the fabric that go up to right under the chest area.

Let's Run Some More

The headband is up in the shop here. It is covered with purple ribbon,

Everything Nice Headband On Child

then accented with fleece and felt flowers.

Everything Nice Headband On Adult

Headband View

It can fit a child and an adult.

Up Close of Flowers
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  1. says

    “can u further explain how you did the dress?”
    Okay :) It was this spaghetti strap top. I shirred (put elastic in the bobbin instead of regular thread) the top back a few lines so it would scrunch up to fit her. Then I cut the spaghetti straps in the middle top so I could tie them over her shoulders to fit. Hope that helps :)

  2. says

    “On the cupcake post you said you used regular felt instead of crafting felt. Can you tell me what the difference is, and also, where to get the crafter felt? I usually just buy from Michael’s.”

    To my knowledge, there are three types of felt. Acrylic felt (the kind you buy at Michael’s, etc. which is what I used on the cupcakes), Crafters Felt (don’t know what it is, but you buy it from fabric stores like JoAnn’s off the bolt in yardage), and wool felt (which is the ultimate best felt ever, with a price tag to go with it though).
    I think that the Crafters Felt is the inbetween grade. Hope that helps :)

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