And now meet Kaylan and Her Octopuses

***Since a few of you have asked, this pattern will be available starting next Monday night. I’m currently out of town and need to make a corrections my AMAZING pattern testers found and it will be good to go!***

I’m proud to introduce Kaylan to you now. She made three octopuses to share with you all. Take a look:



I like how she put her own spin on the mouths. It makes me happy to see how people take someone’s idea/pattern and make it their own. Here is a little bit about her. Stop by her place and say hi if you like :)

“I have been blogging for just a little under a year. It started out basically as a diary or journal for me, a way to keep my family and friends up to date with all of our activities being two states away. I grew up in Iowa and now live Indiana. We moved here for my job, which is freelance court reporting. My husband and I are high school sweethearts living the American dream:)

My husband and I are always trying to live life to the fullest and keep busy traveling and experiencing new things. Sometimes I am overambitious and get in a little over my head. This summer I took up road bike riding, training for a marathon, and crafting. Growing up I was always very hands-on and crafty. Once I got to college, though, my gears shifted to work and money. Only recently have I gotten back into crafting as a hobby and I really enjoy it. I love all the ideas and tutorials that are in Bloggyville. Thank you so much, Jessica, for allowing me to be a pattern tester! “

Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who did this for me. Because of their help, the pattern will be even better for all levels of sewers. I can’t wait to have it up in my shop next Monday!

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