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Crochet Hat

Now that Christmas has come and gone I can start sharing the gifts I made! Since we traveled this year, we didn’t have much leftover for buying presents. So I did my best to make gifts with stuff I had on hand. These hats were ones I made for my nieces and nephews.

Crochet Hat

I was talking with one of my nieces on instagram who had commented on another bear hat I had made. I asked if her and her siblings would be cool with me making them hats for Christmas and she said yes :)

Crochet Hat  Crochet Hat
Crochet Hat
Crochet Hat

Miss J ever so graciously modeled these for you all to see. Since I used a variety of yarn I had already, there really wasn’t one specific set of directions I followed for the earflap hats. I found a few and kind of mixed them up to get each hat to the right size. I just searched “earflap hat crochet pattern” and all kinds pop up. I would just keep trying it on (or using my husband’s head as a guide) to make sure the sizing was good. I then added simple features, like ears based on these directions (bear, fox & cat). I kind of did my own thing to make the fox ears different. I used pictures I found as inspiration for that. And I also made them bigger than the pattern calls for due to my yarn differences and such.
The lamb hat was made using this pattern. It’s a good one and I’m making one for miss E right now. It’s personally my favorite :)

Crochet Hat

The kids liked them so it worked out great.

Crochet Hat

Now my husbands wants a fox hat and miss J wants a hat of everything. That girl, I tell you. She wants one of everything I make! ha!

Crochet hat
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  1. says

    Amazing! Must have a go. Currently making a fox scarf so a fox hat would be awesome to go with it. One of my girls always wants one of everything I make as well!

  2. says

    These are the best hats I have ever seen on the internet
    They are big and fantastic! when you have time try to upload a tutorial please
    Kisses from sunny Greece
    thank you

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