Another Refashion with Semi-Tutorial

Dress Shirt Refashion - Before
Dress Shirt Refashion - After
My mom had given this shirt to me a while ago and I thought I would make a dress for my daughter, but I decided to make something for myself (inspired by this shirt at Anthropologie). Here is a quick run down of what I did (I’m planning on making another one with a longer neck tie, so it can be tied in a bow) : I cut the collar off first, right above the seam so nothing needed to be resewed.
Dress Shirt Refashion
Then I took a seam ripper and took off the arms. I proceeded to cut the neck down to the chest in a v cut.
Dress Shirt Refashion
I took in the sides because it was too big. I resewed the arms back on (I first matched the bottom seams and then sewed half way around the arm hole on each side. I used the extra length from the sleeve, which was from taking the shirt in, to gather it at the shoulders with pins. That gives it that little poof. Then I finished sewing the sleeves.) I then took apart the collar with a seam ripper and used two pieces to make the neck tie. I did use two pieces of my own white material because the collar only had three pieces and I wanted each tie to match. You can’t even tell that the fabric I used was that different though. I resewed the two ties exactly how the collar was.
Dress Shirt Refashion
(I sewed two to each other).
I finished the edges of where I had cut on the shirt with extra material from taking it in. I did it kind of like you would a quilt binding, but pulled the material all the way to the back instead of leaving some on the front. Then I just sewed the ties to the top of the shirt.
Dress Shirt Refashion

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