Anthro Refashion Tutorial: The Esplanade Halter Top

I am just adoring all the things that Anthropologie has out right now. I went to their store this morning to look around and I saw so much I would buy if I could! But, I was inspired to make some refashions that mimic the look which makes me happy :)

Anthropologie Inspired Refashion

Here is the first tutorial for an Anthro Refashion that I was inspired to do. It is based on the Esplanade Halter Top. Oh, and this is another goal for the summer: Make more clothing for myself!

Anthropologie Inspired Refashion
Anthropologie Inspired Refashion

What you need:
-A knit shirt or tank top to use
-Fabric for neck and bow
-Scissors and stuff needed to sew with

Grab yourself a knit shirt or tank top you want to use (A). A tank top would be the easiest to cut, but I found this top at Kohl’s on clearance for two dollars and knew it was perfect for this.

Next you want to cut it into a tank top if you have a shirt (B). Leave some extra around the sides to be folded over to create finished edges. Also, I had to cut the front two sides shorter than I originally did in picture B. See in picture E how much shorter I cut them?

Fold the side edges inward over a little bit and sew (C). Then fold over inward one more time and sew again (D).

Measure across the front strap and right down measurement (E). Try the shirt on and measure how far from top of one strap, around your neck, and all the way to the other top strap. Write measurement down as well. This is how you will determine what size to make the fabric neck piece. The width of the strap on mine was 3 inches, so I doubled the size and added a 1/4″ seam allowance to each side. Then the length from the tops of the straps and around my neck was 19.5″. So I added 1/2″ to allow a seam allowance on both end. My fabric piece I cut was 6.5″ wide by 20″ long. (The fabric I used was this silky like stuff I had in my stash)

Now take your piece of fabric and fold it in half short ways right sides together. Sew down the long side creating a tube (F). Then turn right side out and iron.

Find the center of the fabric piece and line it up to the center back of the shirt. Pin right sides facing (G). Then sew it in place.

I turned the shirt inside out for the next part. Then match the ends of the fabric to the front straps, right sides facing. Pin and sew in place (H).

Scrunch down the back of the neck and sew over (I).

To create the bow I just cut a piece of fabric 32″x6″. Then I folded in half short ways, right sides facing, and sewed down the long side. I then turned right side out and ironed. I turned the the ends in at each end of the tube and sewed the openings shut. Then I tied a bow from it and hand sewed it in place. I suggest trying the shirt on and determining where you want the bow to go. It might look funny if not in the right place.

*If you want to do the front with the buttons, I would suggest shirring down the middle and sewing a strip of fabric over it. Then sew on buttons. You could also shirr down the middle of the back to create the back look of the halter top. If the shirring doesn’t work, just baste down the middle, scrunch the fabric by pulling the thread that came from the bobbin, and then sewing over it to secure the fabric in place.

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  1. says

    Super cute! I get so inspired reading blogs like yours to upcycle parts of my wardrobe that are looking a little outdated.
    I have a gathering pile of things and creative ideas. Now for my sewing skills to match my imagination!

  2. says

    I just have to tell you that I love reading your page. Every time you post something up, I can not wait to see it. Cause ur ideas are so great. Love all the shirts you “made” with up. They are really cute.

    Just wanted to tell you this. :D

    Hugs, Svenja

  3. says

    Love the bow. I think I may have to make something like this for me. (Also, I like your version a lot more than the original.)

  4. Anonymous says

    Ok i guess i’m the only one that thought that was really confusing! mayb its bc I dont sew much but it just seemed hard to flow. I was never sure what part of the shirt you were talking about

  5. says

    Honestly, I think yours is cuter and preppier than the Anthro version! Have just gotten into refashion and have to try this! Plus, I LOVE bows! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. says

    This is so adorable. I definitely want to try and make something like this sometime. Hopefully my sewing skills will be up to par. :)

    Jess @ The Delightful Crafter


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