Anthropologiefied Flower Necklace in 2 ways

I saw this necklace at Anthropologie and knew I could make one myself. I love their stuff! So, I first looked around and tried to come up with an easy inexpensive way to do this. The first thing that came to me was to use this lei that I had (see tutorial below).
A Lei Anthropologie Necklace Look A Like
Then, after I made that, I came across the contest at Sew Mama Sew blog. You make a flower and put it on something. They gave some tutorials to use if you want, and when I saw this one by Brittany from Cottage Road Designs, I knew I had to make another necklace. I did this one a little differently though.
Anthropologie Look a like Necklace Second Anthropologiefied Flower Necklace
I didn’t glue them on the necklace. I put them on pins, so I could use them for other things too. Like this shirt:
Other ways to use the flowers
So to make it this way, Brittany’s tute. I did the biggest middle flower with a 4.5” square. The next two with 4” squares, the next two with 3.5” ones, and the last two with 3” squares. Then I added the pin back like she does. Then follow the steps 7-9 to make the ribbon necklace.
Lei Anthropologiefied Necklace Tutorial

1 flower lei
7 beads to coordinate
30 inch length matching ribbon
Necklace clasp
Thread and Needle
Glue Gun

1. Cute lei and separate flowers
2. Fold the flower in halp, then fold that in half. Glue or sew this fold in place.
Do this for 6 petals to create one flower. You will need one that is unfolded for the top.
Tutorial Tutorial
3. Glue 6 petals together to make the full flower. Start with two right across from each other.

Then glue two inbetween space on top, then the last two in the bottom space.
Glue the last full petal to the middle
4. Glue a small piece of felt to the back
5. Glue a bead on in the middle. I also glued some petals to the bead to make it look fuller.
6. Make six more flowers this way, but trim the petals a little smaller for the next two, even more for the next two, and even more for the final two. The lei I used actually had two types of flowers, so I used the tiny ones on the last four.
7. Take the 30 inch long piece of ribbon and fold in half. Then lay the middle flat and put the ends of the ribbon up to create a square with the top open.
8. Add the necklace clasp on according to its instructions. You could also just fold the ends of the ribbon nicely and glue them together if you would like.
9. Glue or pin on the flowers. Place the biggest in the bottom middle. Then the next 2 biggest on either side of it. Then the next 2 biggest next to those, and finish with the smallest ones.
All Done
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  1. says

    Wow, this is fabulous, I love it! I’ve had the idea to use silk flowers to do something like this, but the lei is a great substitute for expensive craft flowers.

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