Any Ideas?????

So, time is moving fast and pretty soon we will be finding out what gender the baby is (hopefully ;).

17 weeks!!!!!!

I really want to do a fun photo shoot revealing the gender somehow, like this cool one by Drew B. I have thought of a few things, like doing a cupcake with the inside color being gender specific and having pics of us eating it and showing the inside, but I was wondering if any one out there had a good idea? I want to try and include my hubby and daughter in the pictures too.We are away from family, so it’s a fun way to share the news with everyone!

PS: Slowly working on some preggo outfits to share!!!! In the meantime, if you are looking for some maternity tutorials, check out this awesome post by Shannon.

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    Hmmm…well when I was preggers with my son, we sent out baby shower invites that said “Happy Halloweenie” on them to announce that we were having a boy. lol. But I suppose since it’s not close to Halloween, that might be strange for you…
    What if you did one of those super cute pictures of your husband and daughter’s hands on your baby belly and paint your belly? It could say, “It’s a ____!” or paint 2 little baby feet in pink or blue on your belly??
    This makes me want to be pregnant again…

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    Hahahaha…Aurora’s Halloweenie made me laugh! I love your idea with the cupcake. You could also have all three of you with shirts with the message on the back. One of you turns around and it says “It’s”, your daughter turns around and it says “a” and then you can have it on the front around your belly with girl or boy. Not overly creative but fun for your fam and a wonderful memory. Oh, oh, oh…or maybe you could all have on little pink bows (your husband too) or bow ties. That would be cute! Why am I only thinking of things you wear? At least with your idea you can chow down on a cupcake!

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    That balloon idea is so cute! I’ve heard about the cake one before (colored frosting inside), but otherwise don’t have any other good ideas right now.

    I can’t wait to see what maternity outfits you have to share! I’m really struggling with that right now since I’m still pretty “in between” on clothes.

    Not sure how recent your picture is, but if it’s pretty recent we’re due only a week or two apart!

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    Well, our friends always tell their kids what the gender is by buying something pink or blue on the way home from the doctors. When they had a boy, they got blue M&M’s. Another time they got a pink blanket.
    You could do a black and white picture holding up some sort of pink or blue thing, and then a color version of it.
    The balloons idea was so cute. :)

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    I love the photo shoot you linked with the balloons – that’s a fabulous idea!

    You could do something similar with flowers, like picking the petals off pink and blue flowers, or picking them from a bouquet of flowers. Instead of “he loves me, he loves me not” it could be “we’re having a girl, we’re having a boy” or something.

    Also, I’ve always loved black and white, and you could do most of the pictures like that and then have the final picture reveal a key element in pink or blue – your outfit, a hairbow, whatever (look at the image on this page with the blue bow:

    I love Aurora’s idea of painting footprints on your belly. You could also spell out something in colored blocks.

    Other ideas: (scroll down through comments to see images). If you do a google image seach for maternity portraits or family maternity portraits you can get some great ideas.

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    Gosh, your belly grows soo fast!
    You look very sweet and happy in your dress!
    In netherlands they have blue/white and pink/white sugar crumble with anise flavour and this is eaten on white bread- Maybe you can find something like that in the U.S? you could do a pic with your family and a still empty seat having breakfast and eat bread with something blue or pink on it.


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    Oh my goodness…before i read anymore of your post, I thought a cupcake would be cute. how funny!! Maybe hinting at an activity that is typically categorizes that gender (ballet for girl, sports for boys) or shake it up and be sneaky. Good luck…i can’t wait to see the result.

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    Yeesh, woman, you look like some sort of grecian goddess or something.
    The balloon thing was very cool!
    Other cool ideas would be… alphabet soup letters… the cupcake idea is super cute… cake pops could work in the same way, you could do three and they could say “It’s” “a” “…” and then the next picture you’ve all taken a bite out to reveal the mystery color inside…! SO EXCITING.

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    You look so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww..makes me miss being preggers..for a minute..haha. Thanks for the link luv hun! Can’t wait to see what you make. I’m going to be doing a yearly maternity roundup so I’ll be sure to add your new goodies in! Hugs!

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    Jessica you look SO beautiful! I dont have an creative ideas so I cant wait to see what you decide to do and I cant wait to find out what you are having!! I vote BOY! I cant imagine what a beautiful little boy you could make!

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    O.k. I absolutely love the pictures you have posted. You are an absolute beauty! As far as pictures go. What about having a baby doll in the mix. And having your darling little girl change the diaper to reveal a girl or boy. You could just have a little piece of paper covering the parts that had either girl or boy written on it.

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    The balloon idea is very cute. I have a variation on that. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, my son and I filled up the entryway of our home with pink and blue balloons to tell my husband when he got home from work. We blew them up ourselves so they were floor balloons as opposed to floating balloons. You could go with all different shades of pink or blue to tell everyone the gender. Then take pictures of the fam running through them, laying in them, covered by them, etc. Congrats either way!

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    You are so cute! I heard a story of people who have the doctor write it down on a piece of paper, then go to a store and pick out a boy outfit and girl outfit and ask the cashier to wrap up whichever one it says on the paper. So the clothing is wrapped up, and you don’t know what it is. I guess you would have to go somewhere nicer than Target for this, though. Then you open the gift as a family and find out!

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    Cotton candy? Might be cute to do some couple shots or just mommy shots with both colors and then with just the sex of the baby? As for announcements to other people – fortune cookies with the messages on the “sex” color paper, maybe with cute messages having to do with boys or girly things.

    Random ideas :) … can’t wait to see what you choose!

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    i like the cake idea and the balloon idea.

    since you want to bring the family into it, you-your hubby-and child can hold one pink and one blue balloon each, and then do a series of pictures where you let one balloon go until there is one

    i am 17 weeks also, and we have yet to find out the gender. but since i LOVE balloons, i think a balloon shoot is pretty awesome

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    I think a cute idea would be to have on a long necklace that hangs over your belly and the necklace can be engraved with the word boy or girl. You could do some cute close ups with your daughter near your belly, next to the necklace.

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    My friend lined up her hubby’s dress shoes, her sparkly heels, three pairs of boys dress shoes (one from each son) and then to announce the fourth child’s gender, she added a pair of baby shoes… This time they were red with little pink flowers…

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    A fun thing a friend did was to have the older child finger painting on her belly with the appropriate colors. Dad was there to help with paint. It was really cute. She wore a little pink tank top that said It’s a girl. It was a really cute photo shoot.

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    You are so gorgeous! Seriously…you glow!

    I am so excited for you to find out the gender. I can’t wait with my babies either. I have to know!

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    K don’t be creeped out by me saying this or anything but you make such a cute pregnant lady! Is that weird to say? haha It’s just that the majority of those who are pregnant just look weird and uncomfortable but you actually pull the look off well.
    Unfortunately I’m not much help with any ideas for the announcements but I love the cupcake idea.

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    Girl, I’m having the same problem as you! Trying to come up with something better than my balloon idea to announce the gender of my own baby. Think I finally came up with something. We’ll see if I can pull it off! Good luck with coming up with something and you look gorgeous!

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