Art & Glass Paintings DIY

Art & Glass Painting DIY

Today I have a diy that you can do or that you can do with your child even. This was a joint effort between miss J and I. I’m very happy with how they turned out.


Decoart has come out with a ton of new fabulous glass painting products now available at Michael’s (in the section with the glass stuff) and they sent some to us to play around with. I thought of a few things but decided on this because I could do it with miss J.


They look so good on a wall or even in a window!  You can see what other bloggers have made here too. Here is what you need to make them:

-Frames (I found these all at Target. The green and yellow one came in a pack for $5 and the little pink one came in a pack with 3 more for $5.)
-Glass Paint, which you can buy at Michaels
-Paint brush
-Picture of what you want to trace


So, for the paint, I used this kind for the outlining and for filling in some parts. There are a few kinds available depending on the look you want (frost, glass stain, opaque).


But, we mostly used this kind of paint for the painting in part. They have frost gloss, crystyal gloss, and then crystal gloss with glitter!!! J really liked the glitter ones :)


To begin, thoroughly clean the glass according to paints instructions. Then find a picture you want to replicate. I used Charley Harper illustrations. I love his work! I printed them in the size I needed and then put it in the frame. It is held in with the frame back.
You could use a coloring book page, your own drawing, etc. as well.


Then take the writer paint of your choice and go over all the outside lines. Let it dry.


Once dry, grab some paint brushes and pick the colors you want to use. Then paint in where you like.


Lastly, remove the paper, the back piece and the glass. Put some glue around the inside edges of the frame and place glass back in. Let it dry and then it is ready to hang.
Now you have beautiful works of art that you can use on your wall/window or give away as a gift.


To see more ideas using DecoArts products, you can check them out in these places:
DecoArt Glass Paint
Instagram: decoart

What would you make with glass paints?
Have a happy weekend everyone! I’ll see you back on Monday :)
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  1. says

    Very beautiful, it’s precious you did that with your children. These are memories you will forever cherish. Years from now when they are grown, they will look at these, remember and cry happy tears.

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