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I guess it’s been a while, huh? I can’t believe my newest little one is already 3 weeks old. Time is flying. The complete opposite of what it felt like with my first.


I was blessed to have my mom come down for 2.5 weeks and help us out. She was so awesome with taking care of my oldest. It allowed me to fully focus on the newborn and get things down like breastfeeding and all (which is going extremely well!!! I’m very happy with it :).


The big sis is completely in love with little sis, in a fact a little too much! lol That’s actually the biggest thing we are dealing with. She wants to be all over the baby all of the time. But, to me, that’s easier to deal with than her regressing somehow or resenting the baby.


So, how about how the little came into the world? Well, we had a wonderful morning at church, went out to lunch, and then I took a nap with my oldest. I woke up and got out of bed. By the time I hit the hallway I had a big gush of stuff come all out. I was pretty sure my water broke, but I had to make sure (you know smell it and all). Definitely wasn’t urine.


I decided to see if it kept coming out for a bit to make sure. Well, it did, so I called my hubby and told him we would need to take our daughter to our friends house and go to the hospital (the doctor had told me to go to the hospital if my water broke or contractions were 5-7 minutes apart).


We got to the hospital a few hours after the initial “water breaking”. Unfortunately, they said the fluid was not showing up as amniotic fluid, so we were sent home. I was only dilated 4 cm and not having any real contractions yet. My friend told us to go out to eat by ourselves so we could have dinner together.


We went to Panera’s and then I had another big gush of fluid come on out there. Lovely. Just lovely. Then I actually started having real contractions. I was up all night as they went from 20 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart. We dropped my daughter off at my friends again, at 5 in the morning, and headed to the hospital.


Guess what? This time we got to stay! I was at 6 cm and everything was moving along really well. I am not a pain person, so I got an epidural which allowed me to get a quick nap since I wasn’t able to sleep all night with the contractions (I had really bad back pain with them).


Everything went super well. It took a little longer to push her out than my first, but this baby was almost 2 pounds bigger than my first!


Everyone that worked with us was amazing and I was really happy the way everything went. Poor baby did end up breaking her clavicle during delivery, but it wasn’t a big deal and healed real quick.


And that is it. The big girl starts school next week, so I’ll probably be around a bit more then :)





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    The pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! You look great! And I am so happy that you are getting your routine together. It was crazy when we had our 2nd baby last year, but it all kinda falls into place. Our son was the same with with our daughter. He was all.over.her! hahaha! It’s cute, and they learn in time. Enjoy that little bundle, and soak up every second! I agree it goes sooo much faster than with the first child.


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    Hi, Jessica

    You little girl is beautiful. I am so happy all is well with you and the rest of your family. Enjoy your time with your girls and look forward to seeing you soon.



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    I have been following your blog for about a year now, I think, and it is amazing how quickly I have gotten attached to reading about your family. I found myself waiting a bit impatiently for photos of your new little one! Haha.

    The photos are beautiful, your family is beautiful, and I wish you all the best!

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    Aw! You all look so Happy Together!!!!! (It’s getting late for me, getting silly.)
    I’m so happy for you, sorry about the Panera water gushing, probably not fun, but so happy baby is here and healthy. You all look great!

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    With my first I had a similar experience with “my water breaking”. I know that I didn’t pee my pants, but my Dr. wasn’t convinced. One of the delivery nurses ended up telling me that there are actually two separate sacks. Generally they’ll both break together, but occasionally the first will break, and not read as amniotic fluid.

    Congratulations on your little girl. She’s just darling.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Jessica M.,
    Me, my husband, and my dad all took pictures at some point. If you have a decent camera, good lighting, and know how to edit you can get good photos no matter who takes them :)

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    you are a blessed girl.
    enjoy your newest and all
    the many blessings God
    is pouring out on all
    of you.

    beautiful pictures (good job men!)

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

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    beautiful, just beautiful! :) congratulations! i’m so happy for you and your family! i’m also so happy that your older daughter is adjusting so well. :)

    i can’t believe that you even had time to post this!

    thanks for sharing and congratulations! :)

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    Awwwwww, hun, you look so gorgeous and happy. I’m so happy everything went well and she’s gorgeous! I miss this time for our little family too. You’re right, with the 2nd it goes by way too fast. Take the time when your oldest is in school to just cherish the baby. soak it in. Big hugs to you as I work on your pressie as we speak :) Luvs.

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    Enhorabuena, te sigo desde España, me gusta mucho tu blog y esta entrada ha sido preciosa, con tus niños.
    No te preocupes por los celos de tu hija mayor, yo tengo tres niños y lo suelen manifestar cuando el pequeño ya es más activo, pero es algo normal, sólo dedícale algún rato exclusivo, que vea que ella es especial y disfruta mucho de tu maternidad.

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    awwwwww so glad everything went well. what a beautiful family!!!!!! she is so beautiful. keep showing us pictures of this sweet little addition:)

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    Congrats! She looks so cute and calm. So glad to hear the big sis loves her little sis so much, you are so lucky. My best friend has two boys, about the same age gap as your girls, the older one not only recented the new baby, he has been hitting the baby till now (baby is 8 months old now)! Enjoy you time with this little cutie, you deserve the rest. We understand you will be missing sometimes from blogland, and will be waiting for more baby pics patiently.
    Congrats again!

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    Congratulations!! Your family is beautiful. I had an amazing experience at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola with my first child almost 5 years ago and I wonder if that’s where you delivered this precious bundle!

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    Awww, your little one is soooo sweet. Really great photos of your happy little family. Thank you for sharing them with us. I’m happy to hear that everyone is doing well!

    Puppy Hugs!

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    Thank you for sharing! Such a beautiful gift, and so perfect. I pray for your family to enjoy every minute, and for patience as you adjust to this new little one. God bless!!!

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    So adorable! I love the pictures! I was wondering who makes the purse above this caption: “So now she has a fantastic little outfit to wear and it’s surprisingly comfortable despite it’s more mature look.” It’s such a nice bag!

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    The purse came from TJ Maxx. I just got it, so if you head to one you just might find it :) The company had a few kinds. They are created with a vintage look to them. It’s my new diaper bag :)

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