Baby Quilt in Process

Baby quilt in progress
One of the things I am currently working on for the shop is this baby quilt. I have had the fabric forever. I came up with the design from a light fixture in our old apartment bedroom. I was in bed a lot when I first became pregnant with my little one, and so there was a lot of time staring at the ceiling. There was a pretty pattern etched on the light cover that I thought would make a pretty quilt. So, here goes making that quilt a reality. I say it’s for a girl, but then it got me thinking about this one time we were leaving with our daughter (everything hers is all pink; the stroller, her clothing, diaper bag, etc). A man asked us if our baby was a boy or a girl. I guess some people might be putting their boys in pink now? I thought it was funny, because I thought it was obvious that she was a girl by all the pink. A new perspective was given to me that day :)

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    I just saw this today…SO CUTE!!! I’m assuming it’s an applique? You should sell this pattern in your etsy shop too…It’s very Hawaiian-ish, but very unique too! So pretty!


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