A Basket Full of Shells

One of the things I accomplished this past weekend was painting these seashells for my daughter.

I had bought a basket of shells and underneath all the pretty ones were the ugly ones. I added two coats of paint and a layer of mod podge and made them into a fun and pretty new learning toy. She already knows most of her colors, but I made two of each color so she could learn about matching. I also made one bigger than the other to teach her about size.

Fun with painted shells

I will ask her to match the colors and then ask her which one is BIGGER or smaller. It really keeps her occupied. I do not leave her alone with these though, and would not recommend small children play with this type of thing alone. I used all non-toxic materials, but shells can be sharp.

Matching Colors and Learning about Size

So if you make some for your little one, make sure someone is with them when they have them.

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    I am amazed about how many tutorials you have put on here! so cute. Looks like you and your little on have fun. I’m crossing my fingers I have a girl to sew for one day!

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