B’Gosh Believe: Giving Back

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Giving to Others

“Dear Santa,
We believe in you and 
all the good things that you do.
Flying reindeer through the night
Sleigh full of toys, sure to delight.
And most important to remember,
All year long, not just December
‘Tis best to GIVE, not just receive.
Joy to All… B’gosh, Believe!”
Even though “Santa” is a fictional character, there is a lot we can learn from him. He really is a giving person! Think about it. He works hard all year to give it all away. He might have some conditions that we don’t have to apply to our own giving, but it is true…’tis best to give, and not just in December, but all year long! This month I partnered with OshKosh for one final giveaway (Congrats to Jaime!) and to focus on giving back. I find it especially important to do with children because they will learn so much from giving when they are little and discover the joy that it brings. My girls and I are doing a few things this Christmas to give back, but one of the first things we did together was write holiday cards to military members, our heroes.

Giving to Others

With my husband being in the military, I always teach my girls about the sacrifices that he (and us as well) and others make to serve this country. And that it is a sacrifice that is worth it because we wouldn’t have American without these courageous men and women. They fight for us. They protect us. They do things we will never even know about. Many have even given the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. They are giving to us! So how can we give back to them? I heard about the Holiday Mail for Heroes program and we got to working on some cards to send in. I let them draw pictures or write thank you in the cards and then I wrote a special message in each one as well. Words are powerful. They can be used to do such good. And they are completely free to give!

Giving to Others

We talked about other gifts that we can give to others. Things that don’t have any monetary cost. Things like love, hugs and kisses, respect, kind words, and so on. I even had them try giving those gifts to each other :) It was cute. As a part of this time with them, I also went and bought a book (The Giving Tree) to read about giving to reinforce and learn from. Then, I gifted them with their Christmas pajamas (c/o OshKosh) a little early.

Giving to Others

Giving to Others

I hope to do things like this with them all the time, not just at Christmas. It’s always a good time to send someone a sweet letter, take cookies to local firefighers, tell a nurse how much you value them, pick up some food to give to a food pantry, or even just holding the door for someone and giving them a smile. If we all looked to give back, no matter how small, no matter where we are, amazing things will happen. I will never forget some of the kindness from strangers I have received over the years when we have moved to a new place. Things that didn’t seem like a lot, but for this momma to two littles in a new place, it meant the world.

Giving to Others

Do you have any special ways that you give back?

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