Birthday Party Time

Thank you to all who have been entering the contest. I’m going to send those who emailed me personal messages so you know I received them. I’m accepting a few answers, so keep them coming if you haven’t emailed me yet! I will keep it open until Wednesday, then announce the winner on Friday.
I’m all done with my friend’s wedding as of yesterday. While I am still here in VA I will share pictures from all of those events and my girl’s birthday parties. I’m going to start with the parties today.
She really likes cats, so at my parents we threw a Fancy Cats party.

Cat Cupcake Cat Cupcakes on a Stand
The cat cupcakes were easy to make. I used sugar wafers covered in frosting for the ears, mini m&m’s for the nose and eyes, pretzel sticks for the whiskers, and gel icing for the mouth.

A yarn ball decoration
Lots of Kit Kats were around because she will call kitty cats kit cats.
Covered Wall Pictures
To cover up some of the pictures on their wall, I just wrapped it like a present.
The Cat Family Wall
I put all all kinds of pictures of cats on the wall. I wanted it to look like a picture wall in a cats house. I used scrapbook papers for the backing.
The Cat Family Wall
Kitchen Cat Party Decorations
Combing baby's hair
Combing the baby’s hair
Giving the baby a kiss
Then, I asked her to give the baby a kiss, and the baby went in for it too! Awe, a first kiss :)

Party #2

She loves cats too
Immediately saw one of her presents and had to take it wither her to the table.
Panda Cake
The amazing cake her aunt made her (she really likes pandas too!).
Sizing it up Mmm good cake
She really really really liked the cake
I'm gonna get one!
Catching Bubbles

Bubble in my hand
Bubble in her hand
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  1. says

    Amazing how much time, energy and soul you put into daughter party! I am total opposite of you – I am waiting for the time when my girls will go out with few of their friends to celebrate!

  2. says

    Loved the cat party idea! My daughter goes by Kate or K.D. and we call her KD Kat, she loves our 3 cats, I’ll have to revisit the cute cat picture wall, you are so creative! I loved the interview on the Mommy site too, she did a nice job with it, some of my favorite things were featured. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly you have gathered so many followers. How do you keep all of your new friends straight? Well, thanks for the nice comments, is your daughters bday the same as some of my family?

  3. says

    I love the cat cakes. They’re adorable :) Well the whole set up is cute for that matter :) I love what you did. I bet she loved every minute of it :) You’re amazing :)

  4. says

    Hello there! I came to your blog from your feature on CTTC! Congrats!

    I love the kitty cupcakes, and the whole theme of your fancy cat party! I have a penchant for the combined cat and cupcake theme! And the pictures on the wall are really effective!

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