Bling Bling Bridal Shower

One of the other things I had on my to do list while visiting in Virginia, was to throw one of my best friend’s bridal showers. I am her matron of honor, so I wanted to do it up. I saw the bling bling theme on Hostess with the Mostess and knew that was the way to go for this one. I have always admired my friend, Je’taime, for how she carried herself and took care of herself (always has her hair and nails done! beautiful). It reminded me of royalty. So that was one reason I felt it fit. It also reminds me of the Bible verse that says “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10. She is a woman of great character and will be an awesome wife to Aaron, so she is worth a lot, like precious jewels, but even more! So that is the other reason I chose the theme.

Entrance table
The entrance table: Bright notecards for guests to fill out birthday or anniversary date. The person with the date closest to Je’taime and Aaron’s wedding date won a gift.
There were also scrapbook pages for guests to sign a quick note and envelopes for them to fill out name and address. This helps the bride with thank you notes, but I also had her pull one for a giveaway.
Guests sign in
The food tables
The food tables. I made a bizillion tissue paper flower poof ball things to hand from the ceiling.
We used the one from my brother's wedding, just changed the paper
The cupcake tower table: We reused the the cupcake tower from my brother’s wedding, just changed the paper around it. I made simple cupcakes with strawberry frosting. They were yummy!
Cupcake Tower
I found the “Congrats on your Bling Bling” card at a Pier One sometime ago. I knew the theme at that point, and when I saw it I had to have it for the shower!
Favor Centerpiece
For the centerpieces, I bought candlesticks at the dollar store and glued a pretty plastic plate on top. I placed the favors on top of it. Underneath, is a simple paper doily with ice gems scattered around it. We reused the candles from Ben’s wedding as well. If found the ring picture frames at Five and Below. They were originally these awful purple and green colors, so we painted them silver and added glitter paint on top. I placed different Bible verses about love and marriage in them.
The Head Table
The Bride’s table: I made a paper banner by cutting out triangles and sewing them together. I also sewed the pictures onto them. The paper I used was in the Martha Stewart line, but it’s not out anymore. I had gotten it when it was in the clearance aisle at Michael’s. The bride to be banner was a find at Wal-mart for $.50!
Close up
the brides table
I found the calla lilies on clearance a bit ago to and was trying to figure out what to do with them when this came to me. I covered the bottom of the vase with tulle to cover up the stems. Then I added the paper curls on top. I was trimming the paper, when I realized that it was rolled so tight it curled, so I had to use it somewhere!
Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Rings
For the napkin rings, I cut up toilet paper rolls. I then spray painted them silver, painted on some glitter paint, and added a little rhinestone.
Before the guests showed up
Before the guests arrived. I finished fifteen minutes before they started coming in!
Ready to eat
I asked everyone to wear pink and/or orange as their main outfit color to go with the theme.
Picture time
She's making the bow bouquet
Angel so graciously put together the bow bouquet for me. It will be Je’taime’s practice bouquet at the wedding rehearsal.
The bride opening presents
The beautiful bride to be opening presents. I presented her with a beautiful tiara and huge sparkle ring to go with the bling bling theme.
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