Bunny Bags DIY

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together Spring time brings to mind all the cute adorable animals that are being born. You know, bunnies, lambs, etc. We are getting ready to add some little bunnies to our family soon so my girls are all about the little furry guys right now. With their love for rabbits and it being spring time and Easter soon, I whipped up some cute bunny bags and want to share them with you. They are really easy to make and would make a cute little way to share small gifts. Enjoy this bunny bags diy!

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together You will need:

  • Small burlap or fabric bags (I found these in the dollar section at Target)
  • Felt or leather for the ears
  • Optional: Fabric to go on ears
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Yarn
  • Optional: Sewing machine/supplies

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Start by making ears from your felt or leather. Since each bag will be different, make the ears the size you like. I suggest making a pattern with paper and using that as a template.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
If you like, cut out a smaller piece of fabric and put it on the middle of the ears. You can glue this part on if you like or sew it on like I did.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Then take your hot glue gun and glue the ears on the inside of one side of the bag.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Create little fuzz ball tails by making yarn pom poms. Simply start by wrapping the yarn around a few fingers.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Keep wrapping until you have a pretty good amount. The more yarn you use the tighter the tail will look.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Cut a piece of yarn about 12″ long. Gently take the yarn bundle off of your fingers being careful to keep it intact. Wrap the extra piece of yarn around the center and tie together.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Next, take your scissors and cut through each loop of yarn on the sides. Then trim around the yarn ends until it is all even and fluffy looking.

Bunny Bags DIY | happy together
Glue the little tails on and you are done.

Can’t wait to share with you the real bunnies we will get soon! Happy crafting! -jess


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