Burning the Midnight Oil

So, where to begin. It’s been a super super super busy week. I’m actually in Virginia right now, again, for my best friend’s wedding. My daughter and I finally made it in late last night after lots of airport drama. I’m starting to get over all this traveling. It’s very hard with an almost 2 year old. Especially when that almost 2 year old has a very INTENSE personality. She always has too. I thought maybe she would grow out of it, but she keeps getting more intense! LOL. I love her to pieces though :) Right now I’m taking a break from preparing things for my friend’s bachelorette party that I’m throwing her tomorrow night. Then I need to work on things for my daughter’s first birthday party celebration on Sunday night. Both my side and my hubbies family live here, so there are going to be two festivities since she will be turning two next week. The second in on Monday, but her Nana and Aunt Starr are planning that one. Whew. Here is a pretty little headband I just finished up for a custom order. I want to make myself another one now! (tutorial here)

It's hard taking pictures of yourself

Me in my old room now turned guest room. I really miss the yellow walls. I would LOVE to paint my house pretty colors, but we’re renting and I don’t want to go through all the hoopla only two have to paint it back when this duty station time is up.

Custom Order
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  1. says

    Intense personality and she is slightly 2 – wow – then what about terrible 2? (BTW – I’ve never expirienced that famous terrible 2 with my elder daughters … but daughter 3 might show me what I “missed”).
    Have a great wedding!

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