Busy Busy Busy

Is life right now. I’m having a ton of fun! We started our new play group this week and it’s fabulous. I’m enjoying meeting other stay at home moms and my daughter is loving being around all the other kids. Plus, it wears princess out and she comes home and takes better naps. In my very little spare time, I did make this real quick for my little one to wear on Valentine’s Day. I had the pants (actually they were capris), but I didn’t like how they looked as capris, so I made them into pants with the ruffle.

She finally looked at the camera!
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    Love the outfit! So glad you are feeling at home, I stuck with my kids playgroups, years after the kids went to school! friends for life…I don’t know how you find the time to be so creative; guess when you are younger, you have more energy. Right?

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    That’s wonderful that you found that. I would look forward to that, but I know we will be moving again in at least three years, so it’s kind of hard to open up knowing I’ll be leaving eventually. At least it’s something though :) As for the energy, lol, I don’t know! I just really enjoy it, so I’ll push myself harder. Maybe it is because of my youth :)

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