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Things are still going good here on our little trip. Today is the first laid back day and the weather is so wonderful. I’m super excited though because today Shannon over at LuvInTheMommyhood has chosen me to be the mom of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How crazy is that? I was so flattered when she contacted me about it. Shannon has a great blog. I enjoy reading it and it encourages me with my daily mommy duties, plus she always helps us crafty ones by sharing her own tutorials or ones that are great from others.

Now, for the little contest….

Tearing into the present

I’m going to do a little contest related to the interview. I share something with Shannon about what I have recently done with my Etsy shops (hint: I’ve been planning to do this for a while and have mentioned it in one of the top tabs on the blog). Hop on over, read the interview, and if you find out what it is, email me. Once I’m back in Florida, I will throw everyone’s name in a bowl and pull a name. I will send the winner random crafty stuff (like maybe some vintage fabric, yarn, designer fabric, a hair accessory, etc.). It will be a surprise! Something fun for you to tear into!

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    Hi there – I have stumbled across your blog via luvinthemommyhood and just wanted to say what a wonderful blog it is to read. Its so honest and well written – I’ll certainly be dropping by regularly!

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    Argh! I originally posted my comment yesterday, but I see it didn’t show up. Here it goes again – I actually read your interview yesterday morning, before you posted. I enjoy luv in the mommy hood and your blog a lot. When I found your blog, I read ALL your entries (staying up way too late to do so). It was then I realized I had seen your work already – the brown flower headband. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I remember thinking how pretty it was. Your blog is inspirational. By the way, I think you said in the interview you would start placing items for sale weekly now and doing regular tutorials. Thanks.

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    Is the answer having to do with the frequency of adding items for sale to your etsy? and also your blog and tut “schedule”?
    Keep up the good work, your things are really ones to keep in my to do box.

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    First off Thank You for the great tutorials!! I love them, especially the upcycle ones. Saving money & crafting all in one….awsome!! You plan on posting new products in your Etsy shop weekly.Good Luck. Ive been concidering opening an esty shop myself so it’s nice to hear from someone who just jumped in. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Luv your blog and i just finished reading your interview… i believe you stated you would be placing items for sale weekly now and doing regular tutorials. Thanks for offering this contest!


  6. Anonymous says

    I really enjoy your blog, I have all these crafty bursts but don’t always know how to do them. You have some great ideas to do them.
    You were going to list items weekly on etsy and you were combining your stores too I think.

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    So I think you said to email you… but there’s no email! I probably have it in my inbox, but since comments are moderated, this is pretty much an email anyways! So I read the interview and couldn’t figure it out. Then I read through the comments (I’m being honest here!) and think maybe it’s putting things in your shop weekly? Yeah, I’m re-reading the interview and saying that must be it! But since I sneaked a peek at the comments, you can keep me out of the contest! haha Great interview though, you are an inspiration. I don’t know how you balance / manage your time so well!

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    Megan, It still counts :) Don’t worry about it. I’m actually accepting a few answers because it isn’t super clear, but it has to do with what I mentioned underneath the MY ETSY STORE link at the top.

    I also have an email me button on the left side of the blog and it’s under the CONTACT info at the top (for anyone who can’t find it :).

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