Cardboard Quote Art DIY

Many of you might have seen the picture of a chalkboard with this quote (which is by Christopher Columbus) on it floating around pinterest the past month or so. Well, I fell in love with it and wanted it so bad! I even emailed the artist and asked if she had a print of the picture of it, but I didn’t hear back. So, I decided to make something myself.

I finished this up before the baby came. I did it as simply as I could, but there are things you could do to make it better. I started with a lid from a bankers box (you know, those storage boxes you buy at the office store?). I happened to have one just laying around in the garage. I cut off the sides and then painted the front and back with black paint.

Then I found a pretty font I liked (here is the one I used) and used my Silhouette to create a stencil with this quote. You could just do this free hand or even try the adhesive vinyl and just stick it on after using the Silhouette to cut out the words. Then I just painted over the stencils I created. I ended up using a paint pen to do this because I found it easier with such a small area to cover.

Then I found this rope trim at Hobby Lobby. I bought enough to go around the whole thing.

I took my hot glue gun and glued the edge to the underneath of the cardboard all the way around.

It turned pretty nicely on the corners. I added a bit more glue there to help keep it lined up nice.

Then I went back and pushed the rope over to the top and hot glued it in place there as well.

It adds to my view of when I’m washing dishes ;) And it was cheap and easy to do!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Oh, dear. I hope you take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt, it’s just that these things really get to me…

    I know that you emailed the creator and requested a print, so, I can see making your own if you weren’t able to get the design from the originator, but actually teaching others how to make a design that isn’t yours? I’m sorry, but, I don’t think that’s fair, and I just don’t agree with it.


  2. says


    I appreciate your concern. I just want you to know that hers was written on a chalkboard in her very own beautiful handwriting. I made it my own by painting cardboard, using my own font and all, and adding the rope. Hers wasn’t a print (I was hoping it was!). Just a picture of a chalkboard with the quote.

  3. says

    Oh set me free! :) This is really great Jess, and simple too. I think it might have to go on my to do list (although I might have to think about the font thing… I don’t have a silhouette). You’re a champion! :)

  4. says

    Oh this is just amazing and so inspiring! I need something like this for this random nook I have that drives me crazy. I love that rope trim a lot too! And I applaud you at how well you handled a less then stellar comment. I truly believe you did this project with 100% integrity and handled it with such class. Love that and it makes me like you even more then I do. :) You walk the walk girl.

  5. says

    Thanks girl :) But I’ll take the blame. I didn’t have a link to the pic at first, so she didn’t have anything to compare it with and I also hadn’t put that it was a quote by Christopher Columbus, a well known historical figure. So, I added that info so everyone could see what was really going on :)

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