An Art Night Out

Going out on little adventures are becoming very rare at this point as I’m getting close to the end of this pregnancy, so I was very excited that I was feeling up to going to Gallery Night in downtown Pensacola. I told my daughter she could take one thing and she choose her camera. She insisted she had to take photos of everything. I guess just like mommy does :)

I actually didn’t even know it was Gallery Night though. Our church was promoting an art showing featuring artists from our church and I wanted to check it out and see about maybe participating if they did it again. Low and behold, they had a space in one of the businesses for the Gallery Night. So, we went there first. It was crowded and I only had my non-zoom lens, so I only got a few picks of that spot.

But it was neat to see the talent represented there.

And my daughter loved the little treats table (they were practically throwing them at her ;) She was the only kid there at the moment.

Then we walked around a bit and checked out some other places. Like this amazing bakery, Adonna’s Bakery and Cafe, that officially opens on July 22. Those cupcakes above were for the taking, so my daughter got some of those too :) Can we say sugar high?

They had a florist, Fiore, showing off their gorgeous works around the shop. If I were to get married again I would love to do something like this. Again, I didn’t get too many pics because with people everywhere and me being huge and preggers, I wasn’t able to do but so much. But I’m glad I got a few!

A jewelry store had a super cute natural display for their jewelry.

I love seeing beautiful window displays.

Such a pretty ring display.

We had to take breaks every now and then. Above: two peas in a pod (my daughter and husband). SO busy, let me tell ya.

I also saw this cute little clothing store that I plan on checking out after the baby arrives.

And, another potential place I might visit to do a painting.

They have this a few times a year and I plan on going it again especially since we could only do so much with me pregnant and it started to rain. If our church hosts a spot again I’m going to try and participate. I think it would be fun!