Little Suede Booties

Little Suede Shoes

Today was a day I just needed to sit down and make something fun.  I remembered I had bought this suede (which in real life is more of a light gray) to make some shoes for miss E with.

Little Suede Shoes

Well, the girl has really started to walk a lot more now so it was time to make her these shoes! She needs some.

Little Suede Shoes

I used a pattern from a book I bought at Books A Million called Hobbies and Crafts: Leather Craft and Weaving (Research and Education Association). The pattern was actually for 6/9 month old, but I did my best to resize it.

Little Suede Shoes

I still want to tweak it a little bit more, but I was happy with the result.

Little Suede Shoes

I used some leather cording stuff I just had in my stash for the ties. I have no idea where it came from.

Little Suede Shoes

I also tried to have more contrast by using yellow embroidery thread on the toes part, but you really don’t see it that much. Still makes me happy :) I want to try the moccasins pattern that is in the book next.

Little Suede Shoes

Here is to fun creating time!

Tied Up Flowers DIY

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

This is a little something I made for miss E’s nursery last summer, I just never got around to taking pictures of it until now :)

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

I was inspired by a lot of the store windows that sported similar concepts.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

It was really easy and quick to put together. Start by getting a wooden dowel (I just bought one from Hobby Lobby), faux flowers to hang, hemp cord or something like it, and a hot glue gun. You also might need a wire cutter if you need to cut any of the flowers up. For instance, the yellow flowers were a big bunch and I cut off the short branches to spread out more.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

Lay down the wooden dowel down and arrange the flowers how you would like them to look. I tried to spread mine out evenly.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

Then tie the flowers in place with the hemp. I just did a double knot.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

For extra hold, I highly recommend hot gluing around the hemp and stem of the flowers in the front

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

and then the back as well. I used extra long nails to hang it on. That made sure there was enough room to hold the dowel.


More of the Same

I have been in a total “I don’t feel like doing anything but be with my family” time these past few days. I do believe it’s a combination of just being exhausted from traveling and dealing with everyone getting sick (baby being sick was the worst! It was so sad :( So we have just been recovering and spending time together. I do have these two projects to share real quick that I’ve made for two soon to be here girls.

I made a born here onesie, girl style!, for our friends across the street. Now I sooo need to make one for my own baby girl!

And I just had to made a little headband to go with it :)

I also made another owl hat for another friend of ours who is having a girl (I used this pattern).

Then I found a matching onesie and cute little leg warmers from Target to go with it. What can I say? It’s so much fun making baby presents! And I just found out 2 more of my friends are pregnant!!!!!!!! Maybe one of them will have a boy so I can venture into the sewing world for boys yet again. Wouldn’t that be fun?

“Born Here” One Piece

I have to say that I’m about to make one of these for my own baby next. I’ve just finished up this last one piece (dare I say onesie? they might come get me if I do!!!! lol….have you heard how that word is trademarked and they have asked people to remove it from their sites?…) for a friend of mine who’s having a boy very very soon.

I was inspired by those maps you see at the mall. You know, the directories, and there is a star where you are stating “you are here”. I wanted to make that concept into something for baby and this is what I came up with.

I added a fabric applique of the state baby will be born in and a star in the specific area. Then I embroidered “Born Here” and the red around it on a piece of felt. Then I added the fusible interfacing to that and ironed it on. That way I didn’t have to tie any knots with the thread. You can still feel those sometimes you know? This way that wouldn’t happened. I also sewed it in place for extra staying protection.

Now I’ve got a box of baby boy things to get in the mail!

Cuteness in a Little Elf Hat

The next few days are going to be about hats. I realized that baby doesn’t have any really, so I needed to fix that before it started to actually become consistently cold here in Florida.

First up is this little elf had I crocheted using this free pattern.

I so glad I finally got around to taking a picture of my sweetie in this elf hat I made her before she was born. It would have fit her better three months ago, but it still works :) She does have a big head though. It’s in the 97% percentile! (for those not familiar with that, it means only 3% of babies her age have a bigger head than her…lol).

I had fun playing around with my camera for her pics. It was very overcast outside, but we made it happen with the little light coming in the window. My oldest just had a hard time not being in the picture though. She’s so used to it being her photographed that she kept trying to jump in and was like “are you taking my picture next?” It was cute :) I can’t wait to show you the others I have made and I will even have a tutorial for one. Have a great day!!!

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

Baby Business


I guess it’s been a while, huh? I can’t believe my newest little one is already 3 weeks old. Time is flying. The complete opposite of what it felt like with my first.


I was blessed to have my mom come down for 2.5 weeks and help us out. She was so awesome with taking care of my oldest. It allowed me to fully focus on the newborn and get things down like breastfeeding and all (which is going extremely well!!! I’m very happy with it :).


The big sis is completely in love with little sis, in a fact a little too much! lol That’s actually the biggest thing we are dealing with. She wants to be all over the baby all of the time. But, to me, that’s easier to deal with than her regressing somehow or resenting the baby.


So, how about how the little came into the world? Well, we had a wonderful morning at church, went out to lunch, and then I took a nap with my oldest. I woke up and got out of bed. By the time I hit the hallway I had a big gush of stuff come all out. I was pretty sure my water broke, but I had to make sure (you know smell it and all). Definitely wasn’t urine.


I decided to see if it kept coming out for a bit to make sure. Well, it did, so I called my hubby and told him we would need to take our daughter to our friends house and go to the hospital (the doctor had told me to go to the hospital if my water broke or contractions were 5-7 minutes apart).


We got to the hospital a few hours after the initial “water breaking”. Unfortunately, they said the fluid was not showing up as amniotic fluid, so we were sent home. I was only dilated 4 cm and not having any real contractions yet. My friend told us to go out to eat by ourselves so we could have dinner together.


We went to Panera’s and then I had another big gush of fluid come on out there. Lovely. Just lovely. Then I actually started having real contractions. I was up all night as they went from 20 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart. We dropped my daughter off at my friends again, at 5 in the morning, and headed to the hospital.


Guess what? This time we got to stay! I was at 6 cm and everything was moving along really well. I am not a pain person, so I got an epidural which allowed me to get a quick nap since I wasn’t able to sleep all night with the contractions (I had really bad back pain with them).


Everything went super well. It took a little longer to push her out than my first, but this baby was almost 2 pounds bigger than my first!


Everyone that worked with us was amazing and I was really happy the way everything went. Poor baby did end up breaking her clavicle during delivery, but it wasn’t a big deal and healed real quick.


And that is it. The big girl starts school next week, so I’ll probably be around a bit more then :)





Showered in Love


I have to say that I feel truly blessed by the amazing people I have met since we moved here to the Pensacola area in October. It’s always hard when you move to a new place and have to start over again and it never ceases to amaze me how God works things out. (For those of you who don’t know, we are a military family, hence a lot of moving around).


My friend Nina and Allison put together an ever so sweet baby shower to celebrate baby girl #2. It has been different this pregnancy, since with my first we were back in Virginia, surrounded by family and all. So, them doing this for me really meant a lot.


For me it wasn’t about presents or anything like that. It was about these amazing ladies coming together and rejoicing over this little girl about to come into the world. I cannot tell you how much they all inspire me. They are all so full of God’s love and joy and are so encouraging. They are my role models for sure!


They showered me with wonderful baby gifts.


Nina even made some beautiful custom burp cloths for baby :)


And the food, oh let me tell you. These ladies can bring it! They all brought something and it was all so yummy!!!!!! I ate some of everything :)



And of course, it was a time full of good times with wonderful friends.




And a great present helper!

I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you ladies for the blessings that you are! You are all amazing!

Preparing for Baby: A Crib Mobile

Today is crib mobile day!

Crocheted Crib Mobile

When looking through all of our things we had saved from my first daughter’s baby days, I found this mobile.

It was in need of a little makeover to be cohesive with the room (and more my style now ;). So I took off all of the fabric and butterflies and added on some crochet balls.

They are easy to make. Here is a simple tutorial on making crocheted balls. You can easily change the numbers for what you are trying to do and make any other changes you like as well. I strung mine on fishing line and tied them on. I tried to make them vary in where they hung and all. 

Here are some other crib mobile diy’s that are cute:

Cute as a Button Wall Art {Tutorial & Printable}

The baby nursery is starting to all come together now. Just a few things left to do, YAY! I am so excited to get it done. One piece I made for the wall is this Cute as a Button art. It is really simple and at the bottom of this post is the art in different colors so you can print it yourself.

To make one, you will need:
-Cute as a Button printable printed on cardstock (see bottom of post for these to save)
-Picture Frame
-Optional: Coordinating paper for the back ground

1. Save your choice of the print and open it in a Word document (or Powerpoint, etc.).
Format the picture by right clicking and then clicking on Format picture. Change the size and layout for your preferred size. Below is a picture of it formatted to be size 8.5″ in width x 11″ in height. I made mine smaller because I used a smaller frame. Or you could just make your own. It’s just the words with a dashed line around the text box.

2. Cut it to how you would like it.

3. Glue on various buttons. After I did this, I thought it would have looked even cooler if I had sewn them on with embroidery thread. Just a thought ;)

4. Glue it on top of some pretty scrapbook paper if you like and add it to your frame. You will have to leave the glass off unless the frame has some depth to it like a shadow box.

5. Now hang it up or place it on a shelf . A simple cute piece of artwork is all done.

{Did you make one? Add your pic to the Flickr group to share}


Any Ideas?????

So, time is moving fast and pretty soon we will be finding out what gender the baby is (hopefully ;).

17 weeks!!!!!!

I really want to do a fun photo shoot revealing the gender somehow, like this cool one by Drew B. I have thought of a few things, like doing a cupcake with the inside color being gender specific and having pics of us eating it and showing the inside, but I was wondering if any one out there had a good idea? I want to try and include my hubby and daughter in the pictures too.We are away from family, so it’s a fun way to share the news with everyone!

PS: Slowly working on some preggo outfits to share!!!! In the meantime, if you are looking for some maternity tutorials, check out this awesome post by Shannon.