An Impromptu Quilt

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together
Last week I really wanted to sew something. I had been doing a lot of wood working projects and just needed something different. I wanted to just use what I had, so since I have two girls and lots of girly fabrics, I went with an impromptu quilt for a baby girl. I went in my closet and picked out some fabrics (which are either from Hobby Lobby or Lola Pink) and started with this fun quilt block here.

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together
I actually shared the progress on my insta stories, so here is a quick run down of how the rest of the quilt went. All of the other pieces of this quilt, besides the second scrap bin geese quilt block, were just random choices I made as I went. I did this as messy as possible as well hahaha. No pre-ironing, no cutting using rotary cutter, etc. I just wanted to have some fun sewing! My only goal was to make sure it was big enough and looked pretty. Thankfully it turned out great even with me not taking my time at all.

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together
The end result was a fun quilt that measured 29″ x 33″. I really enjoyed this process and I think I liked it more than following an actual quilt pattern! Have you ever made a quilt this way? -jess

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together

A Baby Gingham Quilt

A Gingham Baby Quilt | happy together
One of my good friends is about to have baby boy #4 and we went out last night to have a girls night out baby shower. Let me say, it was a lot of fun! It totally suited her more than a typical baby shower. I wanted to make at least one special thing to add to her gifts so when I stumbled upon a gingham quilt on Pinterest I knew that would be the perfect thing to make and reminds me of how she dresses/styles her little boys. (PS, those little shoes are from Michaels! They have some cute little baby shoes in the craft section.)

Front of Gingham Quilt | happy together
I went to Hobby Lobby and decided to use shades of gray for this quilt. I used a dark, medium, and light tone. I got a half yard of each, but in hindsight should have gotten a whole yard of the lighter color so I could have done one more row to have it end on the same colors on the sides. I cut out 6 inch squares and lined them up in the order shown above.

Plaid Fabric Quilt Fabric | happy together
Since it was so gray I wanted to add some color pops. I found a plaid fabric, from Hancock Fabric, that played along with the grays and had some yellow. This allowed me to grab some pre-made yellow binding at the fabric store for the edges. I didn’t use any batting in between the two layers since it is usually on the hot side here in Louisiana. It makes for a nice lightweight quilt.

Round Quilt Edges | happy together
To save even more time, I did a simple curved edge so I could just sew the binding all the way around without stopping until the end when I needed to overlap the ends. I was surprised how quickly this went together and love how perfectly “boy” it is. I threw it in the washer to get that wrinkled fabric look I love. I can’t wait to see little man all wrapped up in this quilt made from love.


A Hexagon Baby Quilt

A Baby Hexagon Quilt
First up, notice a difference? Yes? I currently did a blog migration and am in the finishing rounds of that and doing a little blog makeover. I have wanted to do this for a while, but I kept putting it off. I finally just went for it! I am still working on a new logo and all, but when it’s all done I will do a post of why I made the changes and all the wonderful companies I have worked with during this process. But, a few projects to share until then. This is a little quilt I made for my new niece. She’s really special. My brother and his wife had been praying about adopting for a long time and they put their names on the list. After lots more praying and waiting, they received that special phone call a few weeks ago that they had been chosen to adopt a little girl.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt
I just had to make their little girl something special! I had this package of pre-cut hexagons (Sunnyside Honeycomb Kate Spain for Moda) and used half of them for the middle of this quilt. I had plans for doing a scalloped edging, but how I was thinking of making that happen ended up not working out. So I added the white border after I had made the middle (and yes, quilted it already too!). I learned some good lessons though and I’m so happy I could save it. It might not be the most polished, but it is soft and comfy and the colors are sure to grab baby girls attention. Oh, and I machine sewed the hexagons using this method. I just took my time and they came out perfect almost each time! I think I only had to rip some stitches out twice and that was on the cheapy fabric white hexagons I threw in last minute to finish the square.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt
I made a few other little things to go in the mail with it that I will share soon. One will be a pattern for a crocheted bunting. Until then!


Little Dress Kits Giveaway!!!

IMG_0916 copy

Hi everyone! I hope you week is going well. We have a week full of family and wedding activities and we are very excited about that. I wanted to pop today and share this cute little dress kit c/o Little Dress Kits that I made for miss E (all opinions 100% my own) and give you a chance to win one of their kits too!

IMG_0922 copy

Katie is the creator of these kits and got the idea when she was pregnant with her daughter. She wanted to sew things for her baby, but was a beginner sewer and was very frustrated with the patterns she was using. So once she got some sewing experience, Katie decided to create kits that would make it easy for anyone to sew a children’s clothing. I was really impressed at how clear the directions were and I loved how she puts the patterns on adhesive paper. You just peel the pattern off, stick it on the fabric, and cut it out. Super simple. The adhesive paper came off easy and I stuck it back on the adhesive paper backing when done to save for another time.

Laying down pieces before removing the back to stick them on fabric.

  I can totally see miss J doing this as one of her projects. In fact, she was a little upset they didn’t have a kit in her size lol.

IMG_0898 copy

The kits also come with all the supplies you need: thread, buttons, fabric, label, etc. There are kits for boy clothes and kits for girl clothes. I made the Reversible Tie Side Pinafore Kit for miss E. I love the retro feel to it. It is for sizes 12/18 months size and it fits her still as a size 3. It would be more of a dress on the 12/18 month old, but it’s more like a top on her now.

IMG_0899 copy

I made little pants to go with the top (tutorial here) using a wonderful breezy cotton gauze i found. It matched perfectly. Now she has a super cute outfit.

IMG_0900 copy
(Phone pics)

These are lovely kits and I’m happy Katie is offering a kit of winner’s choice for a giveaway and also offering 15% off to Happy Together Readers!!!! Simple use code jess15off when you check out to receive the discount. For the giveaway, I’m using rafflecopter. If for some reason it won’t work, feel free to leave a comment here (like which kit is your favorite) or send me an email saying you would like to be entered. It’s open to everyone, so enter away :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find Little Dress Kits here:

A Baby Quilt and Some Bows

baby quilt

Another baby season has happend amongst my family and friends and I love it!

baby quilt

A friend of mine that I grew up with is due any time now and is having a baby girl.

baby quilt

I created this quilt pattern and worked hard to use only 3 yards of fabric for the top and binding.

baby quilt

The fabric is Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott for Moda fabrics. I bought it at this really cute fabric store in Lafayette, LA called Lola Pink Fabrics. They also have an online store and this fabric line is currently on sale.

baby quilt

I had to add one more little gift, so I made some of my crocheted hair bows. I can’t wait to meet this precious little girl :)

baby quilt
Any one else making baby gifts?