My Best Friends Bachelorette Party

I know I’m doing a lot of posts, but I saved all the pics on my parent’s computer and don’t have a way to save them and take them home (Plus I’m too lazy to deal with it). So, I’m trying to cover all the events that happened. The weekend before last, I not only had my daughter’s birthday party, but I threw my friend’s bachelorette party as well. I had an absolute blast!

We started off at a really nice restaurant.

Waiting at the Restaurant

We then retired to a hotel room

Gifts for all!
The Thank You Gift Bag to all who came
The Bachelorette's Attire
I made this shirt for my friend to wear and bought some pretty flowers for her to keep.

Where we played a game

The Bride to Be
The Bride To Be
Putting the Head Pieces together

Game Time!

The Group
I made up a variation to the Toilet paper wedding dress game. I filled up a bag for each of them with random things (tissue paper, straws, balloons, plate, spoon, etc.). They had ten minutes to create a headpiece to wear to a wedding. This was the final outcome :) Doesn’t it look like stuff you would see on the runway? lol. They all seemed to have fun.

Did a home spa hand scrub

Trying a handmade oatmeal scrub
We used this recipe and it was amazing and so easy! I had given them each a bottle of the new scent “P.S. I love you” from Bath and Body works to use after the scrub.

Gave the bachelorette some gifts

The Fun Kit

I made her “the kit” and added a new one I had forgotten about: Wrap up a stick of red lipstick and attach this-

Start your husband’s day off right. Leave a message on the mirror with this lipstick that he will see when he first turns on the light.

I remembered a few more, but I didn’t have enough time to do them all.

Bachelorette Gift

I am awaiting a cd with pics of the actual bachelorette party and bridal shower I threw for Keren, so for now here is what I gave her as a gift for her bachelorette party. I have made these kits for about four friends now, and they love them! It’s full of fun and creative things for them and their spouse to use.
Needed:A cookbook and an apron. I found a really cute vintage one at Ross for her, but if you have the time, make one yourself or buy one from Etsy.
Attached explanation: “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and, errrrr, something else. Take care of both by cooking him a good meal while wearing only this apron.”

Needed: Markers and drawing pad
Attached Explanation: “Be an artist. Have one person draw and the other model with nothing on, then switch. Make sure to accentuate certain parts.”

Needed: Body spray
Attached Explanation: “A Game: Spray a little bit of body spray somewhere (preferably a hidden place) on your body. Your spouse then has to find where you sprayed it with only his nose.”

Needed: Candle and bubble bath (I always use Sensual from Bath & Body Works)
Attached Explanation: “Light the fire with a nice bubble bath and candles all around. Remember, WEAR HIGH HEELS!”

Needed: A plastic tarp (I used a shower curtain from the dollar store) and baby oil
Attached Explanation: “Have some fun and enjoy some laughs while slathering each other with baby oil and sliding around on the plastic.”

Two of these ideas are not my own, but I came up with the rest. It is so funny watching the future bride read these things out loud. Especially if you have someone writing down her reactions to later reshare as “Things You Might Say on Your Wedding Night.” Good times.