Epic Nail Fail

The little one and I love to do our nails (especially her). I do hers almost every week. Sometimes they look like rainbows, sometimes we add fun flower stickers. So, when I saw this on pinterest, I knew that I had to give it a try.

So I got our nail polish and followed the little directions….

I used a disposable cup and put water in it.

Then added drops of nail polish

and stirred it with a wooden pick.

Last, but not least. I dipped her nails in it. What a mess. An epic nail fail. I let it dry some then went to town with some nail polish remover. I even tried one of my nails thinking maybe her nails were too small. And I also tried using a paintbrush and then putting little dots of nail polish on my nails and spreading them out that way. All came up icky on mine too. Maybe it’s the type of nail polish? I’m sure there’s some sort of trick to it. It would be fun to figure out.