Project Run and Play Week 3: Boys

Flying High (with description)

What a change for me this week over at Project Run and Play! Creating something for a boy! I had to put my thinking cap on. Since I have no boys and really don’t think about their fashion much, I decided to be inspired by my husband who is a pilot in training for the Coast Guard.

Vintage airplane applique

I wanted to make a comfy outfit with “pilot” details. I started with the jacket. It’s made out of fleece so it is really soft and warm to wear. I added gold notions on it.

Then I added an applique onto a shirt I bought. It’s an outline of a vintage airplane with words to a poem called “High Flight”, one of my hubbies favorites.

Thumbs up

My hubby let us borrow some of his flight gear for the pics. How sweet of him :)

Ready to go

The pants were a simple wide leg with pockets on the front and back.

yeah...I'm cool

My little model loved them. He didn’t even want to take them off in the 90+ Florida heat.

Thank you so much to his mommy and daddy for letting me borrow him for this week’s competition!!!!

Fleece Aviator Jacket

Don’t forget to head on over and see the other boy ensembles and vote for your favorite!

Front of the pants
Back of the pants
I love my country!

Creepy Crawlies

The second part of my cousin’s sons fourth birthday is all about bugs! When I asked her what he was into she said he’s all boy (bugs, cars, you get it). So, the little one and I had fun with a potato stamp of an ant on this shirt. I call it “the ants are marching” shirt.
The ants are marching front

The ants are marching back

Then, I wanted to crochet something and found this cool spider crochet pattern on Ravelry.
Quite a spider

Creepy Crawly