Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirts

Silly Shirt DIY | happy together
Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind. That’s a pretty good quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, huh? It’s something I work hard to teach to my children and knew it would be perfect to make a diy shirt featuring that quote.

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirt DIY | happy together Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirt DIY | happy together
I found these cute shirts at Old Navy and used my Cricut Explore to cut out the words and ironed them on (here is style one and here is style two I created for these shirts if you want to use them). I wanted them to be a little different, so I did two different types of font. It’s so easy to whip up something like this. We set up a special day to wear them and checked off another summer bucket list activity: Silly String Fight! They were so excited for this! We haven’t done silly string since my oldest was little and she totally freaked out when the string sprayed out haha. But they both are older and knew what to expect so we were good to go this time.

Silly String Fight | happy together
They stood back to back and we had them take a few steps forward at the same time.

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirt DIY | happy together Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirt DIY | happy together
Then we counted to three and said “Go!” They turned around and started spraying. We had one rule: no spraying in the face. They had a blast and had wished we had bought more cans for them to spray.

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirt DIY | happy together Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Shirt DIY | happy together
I hope to have some more fun activities with them this week and I hope you all have some extra fun as well. -jess

Kidbox Review – Unpacking Happiness

This post is sponsored by Kidbox and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. See further below for disclosure.

Kidbox Review | happy together
My girls have been out of school for two weeks now! I still can’t get used to how early they go to school and get out here in Louisiana. So different than my school schedule growing up, but we are having fun and have a very full summer ahead of us. With so many activities going on, there isn’t as much time to do errands and such as there were when they were in school. So when I had the opportunity to try out a new kids’ style delivery service, which has the potential to be a huge help in the buying clothes for my kids department, I totally tried it out. Here is my experience and Kidbox review.

Kidbox Review | happy together
I first started by going to the Kidbox website and clicked on the “start for free” button. From there it was so easy! It starts by creating a style profile for your child, asking you whether it is for a boy or girl and continues from there. Since it is a personalized box, they ask about what they like, their personalities, are there any colors they would not want on their clothing, do they like certain types of clothing, etc. Once I was done with all of that I ordered the box. The neat thing about Kidbox is that it is not a subscription. You just order a box at a time when you want. And they don’t charge your credit card upfront. They give you seven days from the time you receive it to decide what you keep and pay for and what you send back. They also send a few email reminders about how many days you have left to choose/send stuff back so you aren’t caught off guard. It comes with an envelope and mailing label for any returns (which is all on them!). You just put in what you need to exchange for a different size or just don’t like. But, if you do like everything and keep it, they donate new clothes to a child in need. I’m always about getting behind companies who are doing even greater things like giving back. This also gives you the opportunity to include your child in on an opportunity to bless someone. It can be really easy to just focus on ourselves, no matter our age, so anytime we can take our eyes off of us and see others who need us it’s a really good thing. We have to buy clothes anyways, so let’s make it purposeful.

Kidbox Review | happy together
When we got the Kidbox in the mail, miss J was immediately drawn to the colorful box and figured it was for her even before seeing her name on the package. She quickly opened it up to see what all she received.

Kidbox | happy together
She was excited that it had a lot more than just clothes in it. There was fun crafty stuff: crayons/stickers/the box itself is for coloring/surprise ball. I was happy to find an insert that broke down each piece that was in the box and how much they cost. This makes it easy to figure out the cost of each piece, especially if you decide not to keep everything. So for $98, you receive 6-7 pieces of name brand clothing which is a good price for these types of pieces.

Kidbox Review | happy together
We were both happy with the mix of clothes they sent. Some were staple pieces and some were fun. The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was the length of the shorts. There was a part were I had chosen that we didn’t want anything really short and I felt like these were still rather on the shorter side. The white shorts were able to unroll though so that made them longer. The dark jean ones were sewn into place, so those would have been something I probably would have sent back but they fit miss J’s little sis so we gave them to her. We styled four outfits together to show how cute they are on and it was so much nicer doing this in the comfort of our own home vs. a changing room at a store. It made for a much more relaxed time and we could take as much time as we needed.

Kidbox Review | happy together Kidbox Review | happy together
FIY: Kidbox is also currently giving away a whole year of clothes to one winner each month and will give five additional outfits to children in need as well. To enter, you will need to take a photo or video of your unique child (whether it’s them opening a Kidbox, a special gift they received, or sharing a gift with a friend), then share that on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #UnpackHappy, #Kidbox, and @Kidbox (on instagram) or @KidboxFamily (on facebook). The winner will receive an entire year of Kidbox free (5 seasonal boxes of $98 worth of clothing each). Kidbox will then invite the winner to help select which cause to send the donations to as a part of their Kidbox Cares initiative. You can enter once per day each month for extra chances to win.

Kidbox Review | happy together
I had a great experience and would recommend this to those who like the idea of saving time and having clothes buying for their children be simpler and easy. Find out more about Kidbox here.


I parterned with Kidbox and The Motherhood for this post and received supplies and compensation for doing so. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts | happy together
Life has been full of track practices and lots of other events lately (any other track moms out there?), but I’ve snuck in some little projects here and there. Recently I had a friend ask if I could make one of the grandma’s house shirts and two more custom t-shirts using iron on vinyl for her daughters birthday. It was something I had a little time for so I took it on and love how cute these shirts turned out. I used my Cricut Explore and you can find the design on the blue shirt here. I ussed a white flocked vinyl and really like the look and feel of this stuff. It was my first time using it and I wish I had sooner. Once they release the new graphics (one of which I used on the phone shirt) I can share where to get that one. My friend also sent me a design of the fearfully and wonderfully made shirt and I found some fun fonts in Design Space to make hers a little different. Then she wanted a monogrammed one but I only had a small amount of glitter vinyl left so I created a little fabric pocket to put it on. For the initials, if you search “monogram” these pretty letters come up and then you can layer them how you like. I really want to make my girls each one of the new ones too and I’m hoping to make myself a shirt for Mother’s Day this week. I will share that if it works it :) I store my Explore under my bed so it’s easy to pull out when I want to use it.


Custom t-shirts | happy together Custom t-shirts | happy together Custom t-shirts | happy together

Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge

Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge | happy together "Grandma's House is Calling and I Must Go" Tshirt | happy together
I was able to participate in the Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge this month and this is my entry. There are some soon to be released images for Cricut Design Space™ that bloggers were given to create a one of a kind tshirt with. I looked at my choices and the phone stuck out to me because my oldest is hitting a stage where she is more interested in talking on the phone with her friends and family. It’s not crazy talk on the phone for hours, but she’s asking more. I thought about what to put with it and I went with this wording “Grandma’s house is calling and I must go.” This comes from that quote “the mountains are calling and I must go” but it can also refer to caller id and it’s grandma’s house number showing up so she has to go and answer it. My mom loved this shirt and got a good laugh out of it and miss J was proud to wear it.

Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge | happy together 4 Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge | happy together
I used my go to Cricut Explore One™ to do the cutting and the Iron-on Glitter in Glitter Lipstick  for the words and the Iron-on Lite in Pink for the phone. Simple and cute. And can I just say, how cute is miss j looking like a preteen and all?!?!?!?! Love this girl! -jess


I parterned with Cricut  for this post and received supplies and compensation for doing so. Affiliate links have been used. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

Cricut is Easy as 123

Easter Outfits

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
This past weekend was Easter and we had a fabulously packed weekend at that. We did the thing many Louisianan’s do and attended a crawfish boil, had Easter egg hunts, and enjoyed a wonderful Resurrection Sunday at church. I haven’t sewn Easter outfits for my girls in a while so I made it a goal this year. I went searching online for some cute sewing patterns that would suit each of their personalities and I’m very happy with the patterns I found.

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
First up is Miss E’s outfit. I used the Violette Fields Threads Clara Top and Shorts pattern to create her shirt. I really wanted to make the bloomers to go with it but ran out of time. So I just let her wear some jeans. I found her shoes at Old Navy and her hair clip is mine from Anthropologie a few years ago. It’s such a cute top and I was surprised at how fast it came together. I was expecting it to take longer than it did due to some of the more intricate sewing things like those ruffles and the back plackets/buttons and such. The fabric came from Hobby Lobby and I love the little pineapples on it! This outfit is so her. I say she’s my Southern Belle.

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
Now for Miss J’s outfit. She’s my country girl and she tells me she just wants “country girl dresses.” haha. I saw this dress and knew it would be perfect. It’s also a Violette Field Threads Pattern, the Maisie Dress and Top. I also found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to find a fabric with small printed flowers but was short on time and this ended up working out perfect. This was another very nice pattern and I can’t wait to make more. I like the length and the little details like the sleeves. I also  learned some new techniques from this pattern which is always a good thing. She paired her dress with her cowgirl boots (of course) and those we got from Kohls a few months back.

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
It made my mama heart proud to see them happy and wearing these outfits that I made them. And even happier that they were super excited to do pictures too :) -jess