Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge

Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge | happy together "Grandma's House is Calling and I Must Go" Tshirt | happy together
I was able to participate in the Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge this month and this is my entry. There are some soon to be released images for Cricut Design Space™ that bloggers were given to create a one of a kind tshirt with. I looked at my choices and the phone stuck out to me because my oldest is hitting a stage where she is more interested in talking on the phone with her friends and family. It’s not crazy talk on the phone for hours, but she’s asking more. I thought about what to put with it and I went with this wording “Grandma’s house is calling and I must go.” This comes from that quote “the mountains are calling and I must go” but it can also refer to caller id and it’s grandma’s house number showing up so she has to go and answer it. My mom loved this shirt and got a good laugh out of it and miss J was proud to wear it.

Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge | happy together 4 Cricut Trendy Tshirt DIY Challenge | happy together
I used my go to Cricut Explore One™ to do the cutting and the Iron-on Glitter in Glitter Lipstick  for the words and the Iron-on Lite in Pink for the phone. Simple and cute. And can I just say, how cute is miss j looking like a preteen and all?!?!?!?! Love this girl! -jess


I parterned with Cricut  for this post and received supplies and compensation for doing so. Affiliate links have been used. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

Cricut is Easy as 123

Easter Outfits

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
This past weekend was Easter and we had a fabulously packed weekend at that. We did the thing many Louisianan’s do and attended a crawfish boil, had Easter egg hunts, and enjoyed a wonderful Resurrection Sunday at church. I haven’t sewn Easter outfits for my girls in a while so I made it a goal this year. I went searching online for some cute sewing patterns that would suit each of their personalities and I’m very happy with the patterns I found.

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
First up is Miss E’s outfit. I used the Violette Fields Threads Clara Top and Shorts pattern to create her shirt. I really wanted to make the bloomers to go with it but ran out of time. So I just let her wear some jeans. I found her shoes at Old Navy and her hair clip is mine from Anthropologie a few years ago. It’s such a cute top and I was surprised at how fast it came together. I was expecting it to take longer than it did due to some of the more intricate sewing things like those ruffles and the back plackets/buttons and such. The fabric came from Hobby Lobby and I love the little pineapples on it! This outfit is so her. I say she’s my Southern Belle.

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
Now for Miss J’s outfit. She’s my country girl and she tells me she just wants “country girl dresses.” haha. I saw this dress and knew it would be perfect. It’s also a Violette Field Threads Pattern, the Maisie Dress and Top. I also found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to find a fabric with small printed flowers but was short on time and this ended up working out perfect. This was another very nice pattern and I can’t wait to make more. I like the length and the little details like the sleeves. I also  learned some new techniques from this pattern which is always a good thing. She paired her dress with her cowgirl boots (of course) and those we got from Kohls a few months back.

Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together Sewn: Easter Outfits | happy together
It made my mama heart proud to see them happy and wearing these outfits that I made them. And even happier that they were super excited to do pictures too :) -jess

Sewn: Tropical Shorts and a White Top

Sewn: Tropical Shorts and a White Top
Spring has been here for a bit so I’m already sewing up some summer clothes. The past two weeks I have really been pushing myself to do a million and one things, so this past weekend I decided that I would do something that I wanted to do for fun. Something that wasn’t needed to be done. Miss E made out with an outfit because of that. Tropical shorts and a white top.

Sewn: Tropical Shorts and a White Top
I had seen this tropical plant fabric at Hobby Lobby the past few times I have visited there and finally decided to buy some. I had no plans for it, but the print just spoke to me and I knew I needed to sew with it. It reminds me of our lovely years of living in Florida. Oh how wonderful it was there! I will always look back fondly on getting to experience it. The beachy towns we lived in filled this beach loving girls heart with joy. The pattern I used is the Tulip Shorts pattern by Cali Faye. I love this pattern. It’s very easy and there are no raw edges anywhere at the end due to the way you sew it up. So if you don’t have a serger and like your edges hidden you will like this pattern.

Sewn: Tropical Shorts and a White Top
I made the top from a white gauze that also came from Hobby Lobby. I love gauze fabric. So soft and breezy. But since it’s quite thin I layered the top with two layers so it wouldn’t be see through. I altered the Summer Romper by Purl Soho (which is free by the way) to create this top. The top portion reminds me of a pillow top dress. This is also a very quick sew and, as I did, you can alter it to create many different looks.

Sewn: Tropical Shorts and a White Top
With the lovely warm weather sewing, I’m also excited for all the warm weather gardening we have going on. I’m going to share our new garden boxes my husband made this week and keep a diary of our garden here on the blog. Being out in the sunshine and digging in the dirt is quite relaxing to me and we love the vegetable and flower benefits. And hopefully soon I will get to share with you the biggest project I have ever worked on in diy ways. I have never done so much painting in my life! haha -jess

Sewn: Tropical Shorts and a White Top

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
Today is the day! This free girls sewing pattern is now available for everyone to sew. I call it the Skirted Sweatshirt pattern and it is for sizes 18 months to 8. It is meant to be slightly oversized making it extra comfy. In fact, I knew it was good when my oldest put it on and said so, haha, and she can be hard to please now.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
Another great thing about this pattern is that you can use a larger sweatshirt you have sitting in your closet, or one you thrifted, instead of buying sweatshirt fabric. In fact, the tops on my littlest girl (miss E) and her friend (in the pink) were made using sweatshirts that have been sitting in my closet for years without being used. I used some sweatshirt fabric on miss J’s that I happened to come across in a thrift store. That fabric is what actually inspired this pattern as I wanted to figure out a way to use it.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Supplies:

  • Large sweatshirt (see tips further down if doing this) or 1 yd of sweatshirt fabric
  • 3/4 yd of Fabric for skirt part (the more movement the fabric has the better! Try not to use stiff fabrics for this as it won’t lay nicely.) *if fabric pattern is horizontal to the fabric width, then get 1 yard*
  • Free pattern (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine, coordinating thread, etc.
  • Tape
  • Iron

*Notes: Use 1/4″ seams for sewing. Back stitch at the end of sewing. Remember, this is a slightly oversized pattern, so if your child is more on the smaller side of the pattern it might be larger on them. In the pictures the oldest girl is wearing a 7/8 and wears a 7 or 8 in store clothes. The girl in the pink is in the 5/6 (and I accidentally stretched the neck out…oops!) and fits perfectly in a size 5 normally (also note I did not hem up the bottom of the skirt since it was knit fabric, making that part longer). The littlest, in the lamb hat, is in the 3/4 and wears a 4 or 5 normally.

Sizing Chart     Chest Measurement

18 mo/2                19″-20″

3/4                         21″-22″

5/6                         23″-24″

7/8                        25″-27″

Use Adobe Reader to open PDF Patterns | happy together
Let me begin with a printing tip. PDF patterns print most accurately when opened in Adobe reader. Sometimes the “preview” of a pdf pattern doesn’t print it out quite right.  Also make sure to choose “actual size” in the printing options.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
When you print out the pattern you can lay it down like this to see how the pieces fit. It starts at page 1 on the top left row and goes across (row 1: page 1-4, row 2: 5-8, row 3: 9-12).Continue Reading

Homespun Magazine and New Free Pattern Preview

Feature in Homespun Magazine | happy together
I received a copy of Homespun Magazine the other day and flipped it open to find one of my projects featured in it. It still makes my heart flutter when I see one of my projects in print, whether a feature or a whole tutorial. The magazine is quite lovely overall and full of all kinds of craft and diy goodness.

Feature in Homespun Magazine | happy together
They showcased the Fabric Tape Award Ribbons that I created a diy for last year. And speaking of diy, I am working on finishing up a new free pattern that will be on my site by Monday! I have my goal set for Friday, but I like to give myself some wiggle room for things that might come up. It will be for girls sizes 2-8 and is an easy sew! I can’t wait to share the pattern with you :)

New Free Pattern Sneak Peak | happy together