Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
Today is the day! This free girls sewing pattern is now available for everyone to sew. I call it the Skirted Sweatshirt pattern and it is for sizes 18 months to 8. It is meant to be slightly oversized making it extra comfy. In fact, I knew it was good when my oldest put it on and said so, haha, and she can be hard to please now.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
Another great thing about this pattern is that you can use a larger sweatshirt you have sitting in your closet, or one you thrifted, instead of buying sweatshirt fabric. In fact, the tops on my littlest girl (miss E) and her friend (in the pink) were made using sweatshirts that have been sitting in my closet for years without being used. I used some sweatshirt fabric on miss J’s that I happened to come across in a thrift store. That fabric is what actually inspired this pattern as I wanted to figure out a way to use it.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Supplies:

  • Large sweatshirt (see tips further down if doing this) or 1 yd of sweatshirt fabric
  • 3/4 yd of Fabric for skirt part (the more movement the fabric has the better! Try not to use stiff fabrics for this as it won’t lay nicely.) *if fabric pattern is horizontal to the fabric width, then get 1 yard*
  • Free pattern (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine, coordinating thread, etc.
  • Tape
  • Iron

*Notes: Use 1/4″ seams for sewing. Back stitch at the end of sewing. Remember, this is a slightly oversized pattern, so if your child is more on the smaller side of the pattern it might be larger on them. In the pictures the oldest girl is wearing a 7/8 and wears a 7 or 8 in store clothes. The girl in the pink is in the 5/6 (and I accidentally stretched the neck out…oops!) and fits perfectly in a size 5 normally (also note I did not hem up the bottom of the skirt since it was knit fabric, making that part longer). The littlest, in the lamb hat, is in the 3/4 and wears a 4 or 5 normally.

Sizing Chart     Chest Measurement

18 mo/2                19″-20″

3/4                         21″-22″

5/6                         23″-24″

7/8                        25″-27″

Use Adobe Reader to open PDF Patterns | happy together
Let me begin with a printing tip. PDF patterns print most accurately when opened in Adobe reader. Sometimes the “preview” of a pdf pattern doesn’t print it out quite right.  Also make sure to choose “actual size” in the printing options.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
When you print out the pattern you can lay it down like this to see how the pieces fit. It starts at page 1 on the top left row and goes across (row 1: page 1-4, row 2: 5-8, row 3: 9-12).Continue Reading

Homespun Magazine and New Free Pattern Preview

Feature in Homespun Magazine | happy together
I received a copy of Homespun Magazine the other day and flipped it open to find one of my projects featured in it. It still makes my heart flutter when I see one of my projects in print, whether a feature or a whole tutorial. The magazine is quite lovely overall and full of all kinds of craft and diy goodness.

Feature in Homespun Magazine | happy together
They showcased the Fabric Tape Award Ribbons that I created a diy for last year. And speaking of diy, I am working on finishing up a new free pattern that will be on my site by Monday! I have my goal set for Friday, but I like to give myself some wiggle room for things that might come up. It will be for girls sizes 2-8 and is an easy sew! I can’t wait to share the pattern with you :)

New Free Pattern Sneak Peak | happy together

Sewing a Cardigan

Sewing a Cardigan| happy together
Do you ever find a fabric you love and buy it even though you have no plans for it? That is what happened with this piece of Aztek Jaquard fabric. We went over to Texas one day and I swung by Jo-Ann Fabric Store to see what they had. I don’t get over there much, so I knew if I saw something I liked and wanted to sew with eventually it would be smart to go ahead and buy it.

Sewing a Cardigan | happy together
Once I got the fabric home I decided that I would be sewing a cardigan. I got around to doing so the other week and used a sweater I have to create a pattern. The fabric doesn’t have much stretch like my sweater so I had to adjust and make sure there would be room enough for me to fit into it.

A Sewn Cardigan | happy together A Sewn Cardigan | happy together
I barely had just enough fabric to make this! I even had to add length to the sleeves with remnants to make it work. In lieu of the fabric shortage, I left all the edges raw so I wouldn’t need the extra material to create nice finished edges. I personally don’t mind raw edges and I plan on going over them with my serger later. Can you believe I still haven’t unpacked it since we moved in July? Hopefully this project encourages me to get it back out and running. The lack of fabric also made it not possible to add an extra strip that would go down the front sides and around the neck. It creates for an interesting neckline but still looks good to me.

A Sewn Cardigan | happy together I’m thinking I should try and find one of those super large safety pins to secure it to the side when I wear it. Any ideas where to find one?


A Little Black Blazer

A Little Black Blazer | happy together
We are still on the hunt for our next house. I thought looking for a house to rent was tiring, but looking for one to buy is a bit more because we really want to find one that fits our needs. I haven’t been in the craft room too often lately, but I did have the opportunity to receive some fabric c/o Organic Cotton Plus to sew with. I chose to try out a hemp fabric this time and make something for myself.

Simple Blazer to Sew | happy together
Before my fabric even came in the mail I had a pattern picked out. I found this Linen Blazer pattern on Burdastyle and knew the hemp fabric would be similar to the linen that the pattern called for. I also wanted a lightweight and simple/modern blazer and this pattern fit the bill.

Dyeing Hemp Fabric from Organic Cotton Plus | happy together
I ordered the plain weave barley hemp fabric because my computer screen gave it a mustardy color. When it arrived it was more of a khaki though. While it was not a bad color, it did not look good next to my skin tone so I decided to dye it. I went to the closest store that carried dye and could only find this kind in the color black. I washed the fabric first and then dyed it. It worked really well. I really liked how the hemp fabric got softer and softer after each wash and it was easy to sew with.

Inside of Black Blazer | happy together
I didn’t follow the pattern directions completely (as usual haha). I opted out of adding a complete lining and just did it around the neck and front sides. It worked out beautifully and I felt so accomplished when I was done with it. I like the simple lines, which made for a very easy sew. A few years ago I would have been intimidated to try and sew a blazer. So if you feel that way I suggest trying one like this that doesn’t have an intricate collar and pockets. It would be easy to modify for different body types as well. If I was to make it again, I might add darts in the back. This has inspired me to sew for myself some more once life gets more settled. It truly is a great feeling to be able to make exactly what you want, especially when you cannot find it in a store.



A Tulle Skirt Per Request

A Tulle Skirt | happy together
I used my sewing machine a little bit recently. One of the things I made was this tulle skirt for miss E. She’s always asking for skirts and dresses and wanted a fun skirt to go with this shirt.

Shades of Pink Tulle Skirt | happy together
I tried a new technique by sewing the fabrics directly onto a wide elastic band at the waist. It didn’t go so well, but this little girl is still happy. And I learned some new things.

Tulle Skirt | happy together
I might redo with the waist and I will definitely revisit the whole skirt sewing directly onto the elastic thing. I probably should have looked up how to do that first, but I always learn from my mistakes :) Hopefully next time I will be successful. Any tips?