New Recipes Tried This Month

New Recipes Tried This Month | happy together
I’m always on the lookout for good, easy, and on the healthy side (or not lol) kind of recipes. In September, I tried 5 different recipes I found while browsing Pinterest. The first was this black bean soup recipe. This has become one of my husband’s favorite meals lately. It was really easy to make and very inexpensive as well. To save even more time, I used pre-cut frozen onions. I don’t have an immersion blender, so I just used a mashed potato masher to smoosh some of the beans. Not as “creamy”, but still made for good soup. We also added some chicken one time which really took it up a level.

The Stuffed Honey-Ham Biscuits were a really good “need to make something quick for dinner” kind of recipe. So simple to through together and the honey made them extra yum. Yes, the honey was the show stopper for these.

This Lazyman’s Stuffed Cabbage Casserole is another quick recipe with a few ingredients. Again, I used the frozen pre-cut onions to save time (and my eyes!). The suggestion I have is if you use brown rice to make it before putting everything together. I tried this recipe a few times with brown rice and can never get it fully cooked in the oven. I have gone over the time, but then the edges start to overcook. So next time I plan on just cooking the rice before hand and seeing how that works. It might not take as long to cook then as well. I will let you know how that goes when I do that.

I tried out these Toasted Coconut Onion Rings. I love onion rings and was interested in how the coconut might do paired with the onion. We loved them! I did the baked version and would say they are more on the dry end this way but are still really good. Having a nice dip takes care of that though. I liked mine dipped in plain old ketchup.

New Recipes Tried This Month | happy together
And since it’s fall I had to try a new pumpkin recipe! I LOVE the pumpkin muffies and muffins from Panera’s and went hunting for a copycat recipe. I found Copycat Recipe: Panera Bread’s Pumpkin Muffie Tops and could tell they were a winner just by those beautiful pictures in the post.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as perfectly beautiful as those, but they were delish! And tasted pretty much the same as the Panera’s ones. I did substitute Olive Oil for Vegetable Oil since that was all I had and I didn’t have any parchment paper to use, but again, they still came out fantastic. I want to look into getting a cookie scooper thing now so I can make them perfectly round next time.

Anyone else tried some new fantastic recipes lately? -Jess

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Soup of the Day: Leftover Hamburger Soup Recipe

   Leftover Hamburger Soup Recipe

Guess where I am today? Delia’s!!!!!! I’m sharing a soup recipe here that I put together after having a million hamburgers leftover after a cookout. Okay, well a million is a little exaggerated, but it was a lot none the less. She has 14 guest bloggers sharing during this series, so head on over and find some great soup recipes to try :)
Ps…the girls are on the mend from a stomach bug that they couldn’t seem to shake. You will probably see me a lot this week catching up. I have some project growth spurt stuff that needs some sharing!
Have a fabulous day!

In the Kitchen with Miss J: Granola Bars


We love food in this house. My J also loves to make food. So we are going to start sharing some of the recipes we try out together. Today’s recipe is from here and it’s for healthy granola bars.

Granola Bars

I have a goal this year to send her off with very healthy lunches, so we have started making foods that will be good for her to carry in a lunch box. Granola bars are one of the first things we made. She got to help in many ways.


She helped smash up the peanuts as well as pour and mix all of the ingredients. We made ours super simple and just added some chocolate chips in addition to the base ingredients. Miss J and I aren’t big into dried fruit and all.


It was a really easy recipe and would recommend it. My husband and I really liked it, but she wasn’t too keen on all the peanuts so I plan on trying this recipe again with some adjustments to that.


Please share any recipes you use to make for school lunch :) I would love to check them out.


Week 3 in the Kitchen

 {beef and potato salad}

It was another successful week in the kitchen. Thank you to all who shared leftover turkey recipes last week. I actually didn’t have to use them this time as we ate all the turkey up! But, I did have some left over ham which I used to make this ham and potato soup. It was yum! You make it in a crock pot and it comes out delicious. I do love that it is starting to get chilly making it the perfect time for soup. Then, my sister in law turned me on to this site, Eating Well. I tried out this beef and potato salad recipe and it was pretty good. Very light and filling.

{Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes}

Then the last new recipe I tried was this Philly Cheesesteak sloppy joes. Um, yum. Totally hit the spot!  What new recipe have you tried this week?

Continuing On in the Kitchen

I am pleased to say that I totally surpassed my goal of a new recipe a week last week! I tried out 5 new ones :) And……..they were all good! Whoo hoo! They were also super easy to make. 
My own version of Chimichangas  (mixture of a few different recipes)
Now I need to find some good recipes for leftover Turkey/Ham with Thanksgiving coming up. Anyone have any?