10 on 10

10 on 10| by happy together
Time for 10 photos on the 10th (although late as usual…haha). Remember how I said my garden was mostly lost during our month long adventure? Well, my zinnias are at least still going strong! I’m loving all the pretty colors they are making. I used to not care for these flowers as much, but I have so much more appreciation for them now that I have seen how strong and hearty they are. And of course, they are pretty too.

10 on 10| by happy together
This past month was full, as always it seems to be these days. But I had one photo session that I had promised last year. It was for a lovely couple who’s to be wed in October. I will have to share some of those pics soon because they are just so pretty! And I just love “love” photos. You know? It’s fun to capture peoples “love” for them to keep forever.

10 on 10| by happy together
We have been working on some slow coming projects. I am working on finishing up a crocheted blanket. All that is left is making a bunch of big pom poms to put on the edges and then weave in all the ends. I can’t wait to have it finished. It’s the softest blanket ever! My hubby finished up our new kitchen table. Above is a sneak peak. I have always wanted something with lighter wood, so he made a new top to go on our old one and I helped by painting the table legs white and finishing the top. It’s so good to have a kitchen table back in place. The folding tables were okay, but nothing like a good solid table. Isn’t is lovely?

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We have also been busy ranking our top places we want to go next transfer season (if you are a new reader, my hubby is in the Coast Guard). We have been looking into all kinds of places. Even if we never make it to some spots, I feel a lot more educated about America to say the least.

10 on 10| by happy together
I helped put together this display at church for going back to school time. For that back banner, I taped two pieces of kraft paper together, glued on wide ruled paper, then taped on cardstock letters and painted over them. Super easy and makes a big impact! We highlighted the edges of the books and covered them with white papers so the colored edges stand out. Then we hung them with fishing wire to give the illusion that the books are floating in the air.

10 on 10| by happy together
We had another mini adventure to Grand Isle, LA too. Our friends offered for us to come on a mini trip with them, so we did! It was a lot of fun, even if it rained a ton. My girls had so much fun playing with their friends and catching frogs and crabs.

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Both my girls had their birthdays recently as well. Seriously, I really feel like time is flying fast with them now. 7 and 3. Crazy! I will have to share pics of our simple parties soon.

10 on 10| by happy together
And of course, I get in a thrifting trip every now and then! I was so excited to find this pretty vintage sheet (that I split with my friend) and this pretty gold frame. I’m slowly working on gathering what I want to create an art wall in our living room and I think this will fit in nicely. So there are some going ons with us recently. Miss J started school this week so we are having fun getting into a new routine. So far so good!


My Very First Yarn Bomb Sighting

Yarn Bombing in Lake Charles, LA | www.happytogetherbyjess.com

I had a friend over a few weeks back and asked her if she wanted to go do some photography location scouting in the downtown of Lake Charles, LA. She obliged and we hopped in the car. Much to my surprise I discovered that the area had been yarn bombed! I was so excited! We had our little ones with us, so she sat in the car with them while I hopped out and snapped a few pics on my iphone. I meant to make it back with my big camera, but that never happened, so I’m sharing these today. I was most impressed by this tank that was decorated. Lovely isn’t it?

Yarn Bombing in Lake Charles, LA | www.happytogetherbyjess.com Light posts and poles were also covered along the streets. It looked so pretty.

Yarn Bombing in Lake Charles, LA | www.happytogetherbyjess.com I’m hoping they do it again next year. We have one more year here before it’s time to move again (three years goes by fast!), so it would be neat to see before then. Have you even seen yarn bombing in your local area?


Crochet Banner DIY

I always have the best ideas when inspired to create a special gift. This time it happened to be for my new niece. I had made her a quilt and wanted a little something extra to go with it.

It took me a while to think of something, but then a banner idea popped into my mind. After that the whole crocheting a banner came to be. I have been seeing people create large banners with this type of shape lately so I figured it would translate well with crocheting. (adoption printable in pic below is from here)


  • Yarn (I used the Lily Sugar n’ Cream brand)
  • Crochet hook (I used size H)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • String or Yarn to hang them on

Ch. 13 [pic 1]

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc across. (12sc) [pic 2]

Row 2: Ch. 1, turn. Sc across. (12 sc)

Row 3-10: Repeat row 2. [pic 3]

Row 11: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next 6 stitches. (6 sc) [pic 4]

Row 12: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in first two stitches. Sc in next 4 stitches. (4 sc)

[pic 5 - 8 illustrate a decrease stitch. 5- pull yarn through first stitch 6- pull yarn through second stitch 7- loop yarn over hook 8- pull top loop through the other 3 loops on the hook]

Row 13: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next 3 stitches. Decrease in next two. (3 sc) [pic 9]

Row 14: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in first two stitches. Sc in next 2 stitches. (2 sc) [pic 10]

Row 15: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next stitch. Decrease in next two stitches. (1 sc) [pic 11]

Row 16: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in the two stitches. [pic 12]

[pic 13] Finish tip off with a sl st and fasten off leaving a 6 inch tail for sewing.

You will now repeat rows 11- 16 for the other side. Start with it right side up and by pulling yarn through the outer loop [pic 14].

Then make the very first sc in that same stitch [pic 15]. Continue to sc across that first row. (6 sc) [pic 16]

Once at the end of the second tip [pic 17], sc around the edges by beginning towards the middle of the two points.

Tip: You will want to do 2 sc in the edges at the bottom points and 3 sc in the top corners to make for nice smooth corners.

Once the edging is done, fasten off and leave a 6 inch tail for sewing. [pic 18]

Sew in all the yarn tails with yarn needle and trim any ends. Make sure to weave the tails in the back of the banner.

The final measurements on mine were roughly 4.75″ wide and 5.5″ at the longest point.

To create a more pointed tip, simply wet the bottom ends and shapen into a point. Try to keep the outer edges straight. [pic 19]

Finish up by threading your yarn needle with some type of string or yarn. Go through the top backs of each bunting piece.

And there you have it! Enjoy.


10 on 10

I decided this year that one thing I wanted to start doing was a number of pictures on that number day of the month post. I am going to go with “10 on 10″ because I feel like that is a good number for me. So today I begin that! This will be a post where I share pics that I might have already shared on instagram or just photos I have on my phone/camera. These happen to all come off of my phone for this post.

1. Yes. That is miss E covered in toothpaste. This girl is my sneaky one! I have multiple stories about things like this her. I did find out that at least this type of toothpaste cleans easily and it’s better than the “peanut butter”, which was not really peanut butter if you get my drift, that she brought me the other day.

2. So proud of my hubby! He’s going on his first ever out of country missions trip. And if you are in need of coffee, any that you purchase from here will give a certain percentage for his missions trip through our church.

3. Last month I was able to do the Valentine’s Day craft for miss J’s class. These are her finished projects. We let them make a candy jar (tutorial here) and then I took a picture of them to put inside a frame they glued fun shredded paper on.

4. Miss J is improving so much with her reading. We have been working hard on that along with math and other subjects. She even started choosing to read books on her very own recently which is huge! I usually have to gently persuade her.

5. I was so excited to find this book at Books-a-Million on our date night last Friday! I have two projects in this one. I will be sharing a whole blog post about it this week with a giveaway for a copy as well. So stay tuned for that.

6. What can I say? I have lots of pics of this girl. She’s always with me too, so that is probably a big factor along with her being adorable. She was wearing daddy’s hat pretending to be a farmer. Her favorite animal at the moment is a cow so she says.

7. With the cold still lingering a bit, I finished up this hat for myself. I used this awesome crochet pattern. And you know me. I made it in my fave color, mustard yellow.

8. For some reason I have been drawn to vintage kids books while out thrifting. These are some of my recent finds along with that superb paint by number horse piece! I found that at one of those stores where they rent out booths. You know, the ones just full of everything and the kitchen sink? This lady had a bunch of these in her booth and had added the cool frames. It’s perfect in miss J’s room now :)

9. I am helping out with some projects for an upcoming conference at our church. I made these fabulous letters with this tutorial. They are made from foam board and cardboard. A lady walking by our house asked my husband about them because the garage door was open and she could see them. She said they looked like vintage metal letters from a few feet away and wanted to know if I make and sell them. I take that as a job well done!

10. Lastly, I finished up a quilt for my newest niece. She was just adopted by my brother and his wife. I’m so happy for them! It’s been a long wait but so neat to see their dream come true. This was a beginning of the quilt pic. I just kind of made it up. I had these fabulous pre-cut hexagons and knew they would be perfect to use. I bought them while on super sale on Craftsy. They are from the Moda Honeycomb pack of Sunnyside by Kate Spain.

That’s it for this time. I’m hoping to start a few more consistent type posts soon as well, like a monthly link up post so we can see what you are making. I know those type of things helped me get out there when I first started blogging and I would like to offer the same opportunity for you all.

A “Joy”ful Wreath

I found some lovely crocheted mustard yellow squares while thrifting the other week. I love finding things like this because it means I don’t have to make it myself. I was trying to think of some ways to use them. I decided to make a Christmas wreath with three of the squares first. I embroidered the letters on with yarn, using a plastic yarn needle. Then thread them together with yarn. I added some pom poms for a finishing touch. 

It looks so perfect on our front door right now. Any other ideas for the squares? Some shared some good ideas on instagram already, but would love to hear more! Have you made a wreath for this winter season?

Random Projects and Pics

One of the biggest freedoms I gave myself a while back was to not have to blog every single thing I made. Sure, I might not have as much to blog about, but I needed things that were just for fun. Instagram came along and became a great place to share these kinds of projects though. The ones that I like and want to take a pic of, but not go get out my camera and edit them on a computer and write a blog post kind of thing. So I’m sharing some of these projects and other pics I have shared on Instagram over the past few months. Above: I made some dried apple garland for our kitchen. It’s a great fall decoration and a great way to use apples that are almost to the uneatable point, but still pretty. Know what I’m talking about? I also crocheted a camera strap cover during our road trip to VA this summer. I used this tutorial to make it. I also recently added some yarn tassels to our hallway mirror. I had seen chandeliers covered in them at Anthropologie last year and had been wanting to incorporate that in our house someway. The mirror won.

Anyone else started doing some fall baking? Even though it is still very hot here, I went ahead and made up a batch of pumpkin cookies (I used a box mix for the cookies and made my own cream cheese frosting…..yum). I also made a tiny little owl for a special little girl using this pattern. Then I decided my girls each needed one too. And I also made an adorable fox hat and bow clip for a baby present (I just adjusted a baby earflap hat crochet pattern to work for my yarn and added on ears I made freestyle). Kind of want to make a fox hat for my girls now.

Relished our time at Virginia Beach. Oh how I miss living near a beach…..a real beach anyways.

Played around with some spaghetti o’s; visited local vintage shops with my wonderful friends; and miss E has a new found love for brushed and pretend painting (Don’t worry! I removed the brush right after I discovered she had taken it to nap).

This is a shelf I repainted. It was gifted to us by the man who made it. I of course don’t have it styled so beautifully right now, as my littles would break all of that stuff, but it makes a perfect spot for our printer to live for now.

And, lastly, one of my diy necklaces made an appearance in an issue of Cloth magazine. It’s a teeny tiny appearance, but still made me happy :) I’m going to be working real hard tomorrow finishing up pictures of my humble house to share on Life Made Lovely’s blog soon! I’m a bit nervous as the people she asks have such great style and my decor is still a work in progress, but I’m sure something will inspire someone out there. Will be back sharing on that soon. Good night ya’ll!

My First Ever Granny Squares Blanket WIP

Crochet Granny Squares Blanket WIP

A little while ago I started my very first granny squares blanket. It was during the time when I wasn’t feeling so well. I felt the need to do something, so this was nice to do after the girls were in bed and I could just sit and crochet.

Crochet Granny Squares Blanket WIP

I started it by using some yarn I had in my stash (all are Lily Sugar n’ Cream brand). Although turns out the gold color is discontinued!!!! I found this out when I ran out of what I had and couldn’t find it any where. I felt so blessed to find a lady that carries discontinued yarns in her online shop! I bought a bunch of them so I wouldn’t run out again. That was a close one. I had already done quite a few squares and would have been a little sad to not be able to finish it.

Crochet Granny Squares Blanket WIP
Crochet Granny Squares Blanket WIP
Crochet Granny Squares Blanket WIP
I used a pattern from the above book. It’s a fairly easy block and I’m just using that same one and changing the colors those four times. I can’t wait until it is finished! And since this one is for miss E, J has told me she gets one next.


Crocheted Gifts

I can’t believe it’s the middle of the week already! Weeks do that to me sometimes. I have been caught up in finishing a pattern. It’s been a while, so I procrastinated a bit with it and took a lot of time on it. I’m excited to hopefully start getting back into some sewing here. I haven’t done much lately and I really miss it. Until some sewing gets done, I do seem to get some crocheting done. It’s a bit easier for me to do with the little ones running around. These are a few things I made for Christmas gifts. The above is a wrap I made for my mother in law.

Crocheted Gifts

I used this pattern to make it. It was one of those car projects. I started it in August and would work on it while waiting to pick miss J up from school, when the girls fell asleep in the car and I just parked somewhere to enjoy the quiet, or when hubby was driving. I felt it was an easy pattern, even with the slit. I had never done something like that so I just had to use more brain power in making sure I did it right.

Crocheted Gifts
(posted on instagram)

I also just had to make some infinity scarves. They are so in right now! I made the above with two skeins of chunky yarn.

Crocheted Gifts
(posted on instagram)

And this one I made for my mom with some thinner yarn because I know she doesn’t like a lot of bulk around her neck. I sooooo need to make one for myself. I love them and yet do not have one yet! I’m keeping my eye open for a yarn sale somewhere…..Have you crocheted anything recently?

Fun Making for a Boy

scrappy baby quilt

Today both my girls are sick with a cold. This year has been the worst so far for them being sick. Fortunately it isn’t too bad this time, but it sure does make them cranky :) So, onto more Christmas gifts. And don’t worry, I’m almost done with these.

scrappy baby quilt

Along with a new niece on the way, another one of my sister in law’s is having a boy! So I’m getting another nephew as well. I always have fun making things for boys since I don’t get the opportunity too that much since I only have girls. I made another scrappy baby quilt using the half triangle quilt method.

crochet baby beanie

And I had to make some little bitty hats for him too. I found a baby beanie crochet hat pattern and just alternated the yarn to make the stripes. Don’t remember which pattern I used, sorry :(. I added some buttons with some embroidery thread for extra durability.

crochet baby bear hat

And I used this pattern for the bear hat. I can’t wait to see pictures of him wearing these :) Have a wonderful day everyone! I’ll be tending to my girls and hopefully cooking this. But I will be using chicken legs because I couldn’t find turkey legs. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

A Quilt and Some Hats

Baby Quilt

It’s all quiet over in the Fediw house right now. My husband is back from training in New Orleans and it’s so nice. Although, he is still gone quite a bit right now due to flooding in a nearby town (he’s in the Coast Guard and he gets to help with stuff like that), it’s still good to see him at night. After the girls were to bed we spent some chill time together eating m&m’s and catching up. I love the times we get to share together. But now he’s asleep so I needed to come over here and say hi and continue sharing gifts I made for Christmas.

Baby Quilt

We are blessed with a lot of extended family and this year it’s growing even more. My sister in law is having a little girl and she’s due any day now. It’s so exciting! Yay for girls! Well, you know I just had to make the princess something. I made this tringle quilt using this type of half square triangles. I just grabbed fabric from my stash and made it as big as I could. I didn’t want to make a big blanket, just a smaller one this time. I have gotten so much use out of miss E’s little quilt and love that size for when they are little.

Baby Quilt

Speaking of miss E, she caught me taking pictures and was so ecstatic about a quilt hanging on the wall!

Baby Quilt

She promptly yanked it off then ran away with her spoils and laid down on it in the living room. I’m so blessed to have two girls who love things I make. haha

Crocheted Hat

I also made this little hat using this pattern. I liked it. It was an easy project with great results.

Zebra hat

Lastly, I made my niece this zebra hat. Yes it’s a zebra. I know. It kind of looks like a pig, but I promise it looks more like a zebra when it’s on a babies head than like this. Just check out the the one the creator of this pattern made here. I tried it on miss E to make sure it did ;)  Now we anxiously wait this little ones arrival. We are so excited! Have I said that enough? I won’t get to see her in person for a while which makes me sad. But thankful for email so I can see pictures!