Mother’s Day Decorations

Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together I’m a bit late on sharing this, but I have finally gotten back to a point where I might be able to blog more consistently (maybe lol). School is over and we are working on our summer rhythm and preparing for some summer adventures. Another thing I have started doing is helping with decorations at my church. I had never even thought about doing something like this, but when approached about it I was really happy to be able to participate. I have helped for a few events now and need to share those others, but this was what we did for Mother’s Day.

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together

I really try to have ideas that are very low cost. So we try to use what we have in the prop room, from our own things, and other inexpensive supplies when creating. I knew I wanted to do an Anthropologie inspired creation. They always do such beautiful things with clothing displays and I wanted to create a shirt with the Bible verse Provers 31: 25, “She is clothed in strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future.” I created the wording using my Cricut Explore machine and some awesome iron on gold glitter vinyl. Then I sewed lots and lots of little papers together to create a garland for the skirt. The pieces go all the way up to the ceilings a few times for a dramatic effect. Our church used to be a grocery store, so it is a big area in the front foyer and you need larger than life things to fill in the space sometimes. The drawers were ones I had saved from the curbside trash and we found the door in the back of the church to help fill in space. The pallet helped give more depth as well (another thing from my garage along with the chalkboard my hubby made me). I bought the white tissue paper from the Dollar Store and some ladies helped me create these flowers trying to go by this tutorial, but making it work however we could.

Mother's Day Decorations by Happy Together

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together We had older children and teens write reasons why they love their mom and think she’s awesome to hang up all over. It was sweet seeing people reading them.

Mother's Day Decorations | Happy Together

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together And lastly the photo wall. A lovely lady from church took lots of time cutting up green plastic table cloths so it had a grass effect and then we made a ton of tissue paper flowers and tassels. Tip: I found a 100 piece multi-color tissue paper pack for only $4.99 at Marshalls. Best deal right there. I have always been able to find some great deals on large amounts of tissue paper when needed for projects like this.  I am really enjoying using my talents in this way. Now to help prep for Father’s Day and 4th of July :)


Rustic Arrow Theme Baby Shower

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

Last month was a very full month for me. It was full of so many amazing events, one of which was a baby shower I hosted for my friend. I have always been so blessed to meet and become friends with such incredible people in all the places the military moves us. There really are great people everywhere. It might take time to find them sometimes, but they are there.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

I found out my friend wasn’t having a baby shower and knew immediately I wanted to throw one for her. Every child is a gift, so I wanted to at least have a celebration party or something if gifts were a concern. You know, like one last big party before her little boy arrives. I was inspired by some lovely ladies I follow on instagram to do an arrow theme. Some moms reference their children to being their arrows based on Psalm127:3-4 so I was going with that.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

This will be my friends third arrow :) I had wanted to do a little bit more with the arrow theme, but I just didn’t have enough time. I’ve learned by now to just let things go and enjoy instead of stressing out until the very last minute over little details probably no one else will really notice anyways. So I cut out arrows and sewed them together through the middle and used things from all over my house to decorate with. Hooray for arrows!

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

The tablecloth is actually a piece of fabric I had in my stash. The chalkboard is one my hubby made for me to use for the mini sessions I did (and I also used it at a craft show I did last month as well). It’s come in real handy! He made it from old fence boards. Then I sanded the middle some and painted on the chalkboard area. It’s a bit bumpy but it works.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy           Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

I hung lights all over like crazy too and it got me super excited for decorating for Christmas. I love twinkle lights! I kept the food simple and added different dishes and bowls I had for some variety to the table.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

In our living room, I added a big banner on some craft paper (well, it was technically gift wrap paper) with her sons name on it and taped up pictures from their family/maternity session I photographed. I will share pics of those soon.

We had a fun night and I didn’t even make them play any games! I did try a craft, but I should have tried to make the bracelet myself first because it did not go well at all. But it gave us some good laughs and was funny watching us all trying to figure it out. 
I hope all my US readers had a good Thanksgiving! I should be having some Christmas type posts up soon. In fact, I just made our front door wreath tonight. We are keeping things simple and purposeful this year. It’s going well so far. Have a good week and be a good friend :)

Oh, and I forgot I wanted to share the invite I made. We just did a facebook invite so I didn’t need to print this out, but I made the left side with the Studio app. I love that app! It’s free and just AMAZING. Seriously. Then I put it with a pic in PSE real quick. Simple and just right.

Random Projects and Pics

One of the biggest freedoms I gave myself a while back was to not have to blog every single thing I made. Sure, I might not have as much to blog about, but I needed things that were just for fun. Instagram came along and became a great place to share these kinds of projects though. The ones that I like and want to take a pic of, but not go get out my camera and edit them on a computer and write a blog post kind of thing. So I’m sharing some of these projects and other pics I have shared on Instagram over the past few months. Above: I made some dried apple garland for our kitchen. It’s a great fall decoration and a great way to use apples that are almost to the uneatable point, but still pretty. Know what I’m talking about? I also crocheted a camera strap cover during our road trip to VA this summer. I used this tutorial to make it. I also recently added some yarn tassels to our hallway mirror. I had seen chandeliers covered in them at Anthropologie last year and had been wanting to incorporate that in our house someway. The mirror won.

Anyone else started doing some fall baking? Even though it is still very hot here, I went ahead and made up a batch of pumpkin cookies (I used a box mix for the cookies and made my own cream cheese frosting…..yum). I also made a tiny little owl for a special little girl using this pattern. Then I decided my girls each needed one too. And I also made an adorable fox hat and bow clip for a baby present (I just adjusted a baby earflap hat crochet pattern to work for my yarn and added on ears I made freestyle). Kind of want to make a fox hat for my girls now.

Relished our time at Virginia Beach. Oh how I miss living near a beach…..a real beach anyways.

Played around with some spaghetti o’s; visited local vintage shops with my wonderful friends; and miss E has a new found love for brushed and pretend painting (Don’t worry! I removed the brush right after I discovered she had taken it to nap).

This is a shelf I repainted. It was gifted to us by the man who made it. I of course don’t have it styled so beautifully right now, as my littles would break all of that stuff, but it makes a perfect spot for our printer to live for now.

And, lastly, one of my diy necklaces made an appearance in an issue of Cloth magazine. It’s a teeny tiny appearance, but still made me happy :) I’m going to be working real hard tomorrow finishing up pictures of my humble house to share on Life Made Lovely’s blog soon! I’m a bit nervous as the people she asks have such great style and my decor is still a work in progress, but I’m sure something will inspire someone out there. Will be back sharing on that soon. Good night ya’ll!

OshKosh B’gosh Sponsored Back to School Party and Giveaway Winner Announced

Post and giveaway sponsored by OshKosh B’gosh, but all opinions are My own. I share it like it is. Please see below for additional disclosure.
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
Along with the giveaway c/o OshKosh B’gosh, we also had a back to school party with a bunch of stuff they sent us. The girls and I were so excited about this. Especially miss J. She got to have a bunch of her friends all in one place at once! But before we get into the party details I wanted to say congratulations to Carolsue who won the giveaway!!! Yay!!! Enjoy :)

 OshKosh B’gosh sent me a big ole box full of party goodies to get the planning started. There were canvas lunch bags, canvas totes, crayons, fabric markers, coloring pages, rulers, chalkboard, chalk, and even some giftcards to share with MY friends. I wanted the party to have a school theme (of course), so I got some black posterboard to write on with chalk for a chalkboard look. I made some paper airplanes to hang above the food table too. I prepared the inside for the food part and the outside for the crafting area.

OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party

Thankfully, we have a few folding tables that we were able to add outside for all the kids. They each had a spot with their tote and lunch bag to color on. Mason jars with greenery from the yard and flowers from the store lined the middle of the tables. Vintage linens were hung up around the edges to help keep the hot Louisiana sun out. It was still crazy hot though. So if you see a kid not looking too thrilled in a pic, it’s not that they weren’t having fun. The heat was, well, hot. They all loved their projects and their mommas have told me they are still using them :)

OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party          OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party          OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party          OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party

Miss J wore her “Art Class is My Favorite” shirt c/o OshKosh for the party. We love their tees for sure. So original and one of a kind. The graphic tees are made with 100% cotton and are really great for layering and transitioning from warm to cold weather. And the layered look is super cute I think ;)
You can dress little ones for success in OshKosh original tees for only $7 and $8 online and in-stores (find a location here). Each original tee design is hand-drawn and created by OshKosh designers. They come in a variety of colors and fun styles. 
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
And, while on the subject of clothing, don’t forget the $10/$12 doorbuster jeans that you can get online and in stores!!!! Check out their denim shop here.

OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party

After they were done crafting, we went inside to eat yummy food and let them play. The table in the pics just had the non refrigerated food on it, but it was attacked by hungry youngens when everything was set out and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a picture of it then :)

OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party

A big thank you to OshKosh B’gosh for sponsoring this party and giveaway. My friends (Amy of Butterfly Angels Quilting, Dorothy, and Ashley) say thank you as well for their special gift! 
OshKosh B'gosh Back to School party 

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Paper Tape DIY

Paper Tape DIY

Silhouette has this product called double-sided adhesive paper and they sent me some to create with. The product is geared more towards using with glitter, flock, and things like that, but it can be used for so much more! I decided to make some paper tape with it, but I bet you could use fabric too.

Paper Tape DIY

You can see a little bit of how it works from the back. I think it’s a great thing to have if you want to add small special touches to projects. This is way easier than trying to use glue to get glitter on! And I can say that this stuff is really sticky and holds strong. Once it’s on paper, it’s on. And so is whatever you put on it.

Paper Tape DIY

I made this sign with my final product to go with some family pictures. I have been in a home decorating mood as of late which is very welcomed because I have a lot I want to do.
Paper Tape DIY

To make paper tape all you need is some paper (I used scrapbook paper), some double-sided adhesive sheets, and scissors. *Ignore the glitter. I was going to use it, but then didn’t :)

Paper Tape DIY

Since I didn’t want to make a ton of each, I cut up the paper into smaller strips.

Paper Tape DIY

Then I took a sheet and peeled off the yellow paper

Paper Tape DIY

and placed the strips on the sticky side, right sides facing up.

Paper Tape DIY

Then I cut out each block of different paper and grabbed my ruler to measure for small even cuts. You can make it as thick or thin as you like. Then cut out the strips.

Paper Tape DIY

Now you have paper tape ready to adorn envelopes, packages, art, and more. You just peel the back paper off and it will be ready to stick on. Let me know if you make some :)

Carved Birds by My Granddaddy

My shelf for the bird carvings

I was blessed to receive these bird carvings of my granddaddy’s by my grandma before she passed away. They are so precious to me and I’ve been wanting to display them for some time now but didn’t quite know how. I finally decided to look for a shelf when I happened upon this basket. I knew it would work for what I wanted :)

My shelf for the bird carvings

I added some wood pieces from my dad’s firewood pile he cut off in December when we were visiting Virginia. Then I added some sticks from our backyard and moss, which came from the craft store. I’m very happy with it!

Grandpa 1943

Here is a pic of my granddaddy. He’s putting a little rocking chair together. He could make anything. He even taught me how to carve when I was little. When he was older, he even won a ton of wood carving competitions. He went to heaven when I was younger, but I still miss him and ask God to tell him things for me.

Grandparents and Uncle
{My grandma, granddaddy, and uncle….and I’m pretty sure she probably sewed that dress herself}

Him and my grandma gave me such good memories. They lived on the Chesapeake Bay, so they also taught me about crabbing and fishing and they had a wonderful garden. I have so many memories of picking the ripe tomatoes, pulling up radishes, and picking the beans and peas. My grandma would sew clothing for me and let me pick out the fabric and crochet endless things. These are things I am working on to be able to share with my children.

My shelf for the bird carvings

I know not everyone has a chance to know their grandparents or have good ones, so I know I was very blessed to have had them in my life. {I miss you two and I can’t wait to see you again!}

Tied Up Flowers DIY

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

This is a little something I made for miss E’s nursery last summer, I just never got around to taking pictures of it until now :)

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

I was inspired by a lot of the store windows that sported similar concepts.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

It was really easy and quick to put together. Start by getting a wooden dowel (I just bought one from Hobby Lobby), faux flowers to hang, hemp cord or something like it, and a hot glue gun. You also might need a wire cutter if you need to cut any of the flowers up. For instance, the yellow flowers were a big bunch and I cut off the short branches to spread out more.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

Lay down the wooden dowel down and arrange the flowers how you would like them to look. I tried to spread mine out evenly.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

Then tie the flowers in place with the hemp. I just did a double knot.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

For extra hold, I highly recommend hot gluing around the hemp and stem of the flowers in the front

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

and then the back as well. I used extra long nails to hang it on. That made sure there was enough room to hold the dowel.


Cute as a Button Wall Art {Tutorial & Printable}

The baby nursery is starting to all come together now. Just a few things left to do, YAY! I am so excited to get it done. One piece I made for the wall is this Cute as a Button art. It is really simple and at the bottom of this post is the art in different colors so you can print it yourself.

To make one, you will need:
-Cute as a Button printable printed on cardstock (see bottom of post for these to save)
-Picture Frame
-Optional: Coordinating paper for the back ground

1. Save your choice of the print and open it in a Word document (or Powerpoint, etc.).
Format the picture by right clicking and then clicking on Format picture. Change the size and layout for your preferred size. Below is a picture of it formatted to be size 8.5″ in width x 11″ in height. I made mine smaller because I used a smaller frame. Or you could just make your own. It’s just the words with a dashed line around the text box.

2. Cut it to how you would like it.

3. Glue on various buttons. After I did this, I thought it would have looked even cooler if I had sewn them on with embroidery thread. Just a thought ;)

4. Glue it on top of some pretty scrapbook paper if you like and add it to your frame. You will have to leave the glass off unless the frame has some depth to it like a shadow box.

5. Now hang it up or place it on a shelf . A simple cute piece of artwork is all done.

{Did you make one? Add your pic to the Flickr group to share}


Nesting: My Own Chalkboard Decor

A little while ago, nesting hit me really hard. I was determined to get as many projects as I had in my head for the past few months finished. I hadn’t decided on what I wanted for baby’s nursery, so I went for other home projects.

Thus the wall in our eating area is now decorated!

I had this large canvas for a while. I was going to use it for something else, but I saw the picture below and knew I would use the canvas for a similar look instead. I used this wonderful chalkboard paint from DecoArt. (Thanks again Mallie :) It only two two little small bottles to cover the whole thing twice like the instructions state.

I had also been collecting plates from Anthropologie while we were living in Jax. They had been sitting in the closet waiting to be put up as well.

I added a few vintage doilies to take up some space until I have more pictures to add once baby #2 arrives.

This is just our lovely little salt water fish tank. It’s so nice. I guess you could say we are just fish people :)

This is a stand I had spray painted yellow a while back. The lovely measuring cups are from Anthropologie and are from a friend of mine back in Jax. The bird salt and pepper shakers were from Target.

It’s so nice to look over from our kitchen now. Much better than a plain wall for sure.

I also made these place mats last summer. I don’t think I ever blogged them. I made them from Anthropologie napkins. A quick little thing to spruce up the table.

Want to have your own chalkboard picture thing? Here are some more chalkboard/picture inspiration that I have found:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Napkin Pillow Covers

Napkin Pillows

As you all know, I love Anthropologie. Last summer, when we actually lived near one, I scooped up some nautical napkins in their clearance section. I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with them at first, but then I knew they need to become pillows.

All Done!

The real big ones were the first ones I made, a few months ago actually. They already had that rope trim on them and happened to be the exact size I needed to cover the pillow. How cool is that? So I just sewed them together and added a zipper on one of the ends. Easy peasy.

Pillow Cover made from 2 Antrhopologie napkins sewn together

I just did the map ones yesterday. I had only bought one napkin, so I had to just use a part of it in the middle. I surrounded it with some fabric I had in my stash and then surrounded that with more white linen I had.

The map is from an Anthropologie napkin

I made the back so I could just slip the pillow in. Again, super easy. Now I feel like our pillow section is pretty complete and it’s another thing checked off of my super duper long things I want/need to make list :) Have you made anything this week that has been on your list for a long time?