Crochet Banner DIY

I always have the best ideas when inspired to create a special gift. This time it happened to be for my new niece. I had made her a quilt and wanted a little something extra to go with it.

It took me a while to think of something, but then a banner idea popped into my mind. After that the whole crocheting a banner came to be. I have been seeing people create large banners with this type of shape lately so I figured it would translate well with crocheting. (adoption printable in pic below is from here)


  • Yarn (I used the Lily Sugar n’ Cream brand)
  • Crochet hook (I used size H)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • String or Yarn to hang them on

Ch. 13 [pic 1]

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc across. (12sc) [pic 2]

Row 2: Ch. 1, turn. Sc across. (12 sc)

Row 3-10: Repeat row 2. [pic 3]

Row 11: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next 6 stitches. (6 sc) [pic 4]

Row 12: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in first two stitches. Sc in next 4 stitches. (4 sc)

[pic 5 - 8 illustrate a decrease stitch. 5- pull yarn through first stitch 6- pull yarn through second stitch 7- loop yarn over hook 8- pull top loop through the other 3 loops on the hook]

Row 13: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next 3 stitches. Decrease in next two. (3 sc) [pic 9]

Row 14: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in first two stitches. Sc in next 2 stitches. (2 sc) [pic 10]

Row 15: Ch. 1, turn. Sc in next stitch. Decrease in next two stitches. (1 sc) [pic 11]

Row 16: Ch. 1, turn. Decrease in the two stitches. [pic 12]

[pic 13] Finish tip off with a sl st and fasten off leaving a 6 inch tail for sewing.

You will now repeat rows 11- 16 for the other side. Start with it right side up and by pulling yarn through the outer loop [pic 14].

Then make the very first sc in that same stitch [pic 15]. Continue to sc across that first row. (6 sc) [pic 16]

Once at the end of the second tip [pic 17], sc around the edges by beginning towards the middle of the two points.

Tip: You will want to do 2 sc in the edges at the bottom points and 3 sc in the top corners to make for nice smooth corners.

Once the edging is done, fasten off and leave a 6 inch tail for sewing. [pic 18]

Sew in all the yarn tails with yarn needle and trim any ends. Make sure to weave the tails in the back of the banner.

The final measurements on mine were roughly 4.75″ wide and 5.5″ at the longest point.

To create a more pointed tip, simply wet the bottom ends and shapen into a point. Try to keep the outer edges straight. [pic 19]

Finish up by threading your yarn needle with some type of string or yarn. Go through the top backs of each bunting piece.

And there you have it! Enjoy.


Knit Fabric Wrap – A – Round Skirt Tutorial

Let’s break up this quiet spell with a tutorial okay? I totally have spring on the mind and am excited for the wardrobe change this season will bring. I have been loving the flowy skirts and dresses that Free People has lately and want to create some pieces based on those. With that in mind, I was super excited when I received an email from Organic Cotton Plus to try out some of their fabric and share about it with you all. I already had a project in mind! I have used fabric with them before, but it was all wovens so I was very happy to play around with some knit fabric.

I picked out three yards of this yummy banana interlock knit. It is 60″ wide so it’s a great size to use for things that need a larger piece of fabric like a maxi dress or skirt. I whipped up this wrap around skirt in no time. It’s easy to put together and since it’s a knit fabric you won’t need to worry about raw edges. Here is what I did to create this look along with some things I learned along the way. As much as I love sharing final products, I also love sharing where I messed up to help others from having to go through the same mistakes.

-Knit Fabric of choice
-Measuring Tape

This skirt is three main pieces: The waistband, the top skirt (which is a circle skirt), and the bottom skirt(which is just a rectangular piece of fabric). Let’s go over how to do measurements for these pieces first. Please note, I ere on the side of “larger” so things can be cut back if necessary. It’s always better to have it a little too big and make a quick cut than to make something too small.

PLEASE NOTE: You are just plugging in 3 measurements you take (your waist, the length you want the top of the skirt, and the length you want the bottom of the skirt)  into the following equations. Write them down and then use your calculator to get the final measurements. It might help to copy and paste this part and separate it into the three sections to focus better on each one.

-The waistband piece is going to be 7″ wide and the length should be your waist measurement x 3. I had to sew a few pieces together to get this length.

Ex: If your waist is 20″ you would just multiply this by 3. 
So your piece cut out should be 60″ x 7″.

-The top half of the skirt needs to be figured out with a little bit of math because you need a circle. Here goes….
First you need a circumference which will be:

Circumference = (Waist measurement + Waist measurement/3)
Circumference = 36″ + (36″/3)
Circumference = (36″ + 12″)
Circumference = 48″

Then you plug the circumference into this equation to get the Radius.

Radius = Circumference/(2 x pi)

Now, we know the Circumference already and we know that pi is approximately 3.14. So we plug those in to get the following:

 Radius = 48″/(2 x 3.14)
Radius = 48″/6.28
  Radius = 7.6″

Now that is needed for cutting the circle out. To get how big a piece of fabric you need to cut out this circle, you need to do a little more math.
You now need to determine Radius + Length (Length = how long you want it to go; I measured from my waist to my knees)

 Radius + Length = x
7.6″ + 15″ = 22.6″, which I round up to 23″.
Then multiply that by 2
Ex: 23″ x 2 = 46″
I will need a piece of fabric that measures 46″x46″ to cut.

-The bottom skirt piece is a rectangular piece. To determine this measurement you need the circumference of the bottom of the circle skirt. The best way to determine this is using the following equation:

Bottom Circumference = (2 x pi) x (Radius+Length)
The R + Length is the same number as you used from the above equation, 7.6″+15″= 23″ and we know pi is 3.14.
 Bottom Circumference = (2 x 3.14) x (7.6″ + 15″)
      Bottom Circumference = (6.28)x(23″)
     Bottom Circumference = 144.5″

So the piece of fabric needed to be cut is 144.5″ by the length I needed to make it go to my ankles, which was 21″. I actually didn’t have quite enough for this length, but I was able to cut out a piece that measured 120″ by 21″. It worked out because I could stretch the fabric and I had ended up cutting some of the length off from the top part of the skirt anyways (talk about that below). In hindsight, having more fabric would have made it flow better but it’s still good!

*Refer to the above diagram I drew due to the sun never being out when I sewed so I could get good pictures ;)

1. Go ahead and cut the square piece out using the measurements you determined for the top part of the skirt (ex: 46″ by 46″).
2. Fold fabric square in half.
3. Fold fabric in half again the opposite way. You will have two “folds” of fabric and two sides that do not have folds.
4. Mark for your first cut from the corner where the two fold sides meet. This will be at the waist. Mark your 1/4″ circle to cut with chalk. The line should be the same length (the radius) from the corner all the way across.
The second cut you make will be made at the radius + length point from the corner edge. Use chalk to mark this line for easy cutting.
Cut skirt piece out after marking.
5. Open your now “donut” shape fabric piece. Cut down one side to open it. Wrap the waist part (the smaller circle) around your waist and make sure it doesn’t over wrap. You want it to wrap around your waist with one side coming to one side of front waist and the other overlapping going to the other side of the waist. If it is too big, trim some fabric off to your liking. I had to trim about 4 inches off on each side for my preference. It added to much fabric to the underneath side that wrapped under.
6.  Right sides facing, sew the bottom skirt piece to the bottom of the top skirt piece.

7. Fold skirt in half, wrong sides facing. From top, cut downward at an angle similar to image above.

Now find the middle of the waistband and the middle of the skirt top. Pin together at that spot, right sides facing. Pin the rest of the skirt top to the waistband and sew together.
Fold the waistband in half towards the inside of the skirt. The waistband edge should cover the seam. Pin in place and sew. Wrap skirt around waist so that the ends of the skirt are at opposite sides of the waist. The side tie that is underneath will need to wrap around your back to the other side for tying. You might have to play with it a bit to get it not to be too bunchy. Then tie on that side. Trim the tie to your liking at this point and you are all done! This is a skirt you can wear anywhere, but would also be an easy beach coverup piece as well.
It might take a little math to determine this, but it’s worth it! If you want to make it even easier to create, I suggest just making the whole thing a circle skirt. Just change the length for the top skirt piece to go as long as you want it to twitter, google plus, and facebook

and then sew on the waistband. That would be super easy! Thanks again to Organic Cotton Plus for the fabric! You can also find them on

Happy sewing!

“You are the Bees Knees” Free Printable

"You are the bees knees" Free Printable

Valentines Day is almost here and I have been slowly getting things ready. I like to celebrate not only my love for my husband and children at this time but also my friends. I started making a special gift for my friends last year and I hope to continue to do this for years to come. They are a very important part of my life and help me in so many ways, so I want to always recognize them and let them know how much I appreciate them. I played around with the Sketchbook app on my Ipad to make these. I plan on learning Illustrator one of these days, but until then Sketchbook is a good alternative for me. For some reason I had bees on the brain.

"You are the bees knees" Free Printable

I created a printable pdf for a page of six small bee prints and a pdf for a page with a card on it. Both are available for download here.

"You are the bees knees" Free Printable

I cut mine out inside the black lines and then glued them onto honeycomb scrapbook paper I found at Michael’s. Then I added some decorative tape to the top and bottom (tape from scrapbook aisle at Target). I wanted to add some candy because I also found these cute bee bags at Micheal’s to fill up. I got most of the candy from Party City which has a great color coordinated candy section now by the way. I was impressed. The last time I went there a few months ago they did not have that.

"You are the bees knees" Free Printable

I have handed a few out and have quite a few to get in the mail tomorrow. I hope that it is a sweet surprise for my friends and that they know how much I appreciate them. Are you doing anything special for your friends this week?

Knotted Bow Tutorial

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

I have two little girls so there are never enough hair bows. I have about two boxes full, but I still make and buy hair accessories all the time. The bonus is that they actually like wearing things in their hair. I wanted to try a different way to make a hair bow and was quite pleased with the result. The best part? It’s such an easy hair bow to make! And it’s a great way to use up scraps too.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY
Easy Knotted Bows DIY

I made some big ones and some little ones. The bigger ones were easier to do when it came to the knotting, but the small is doable. It just might take a bit more strength getting it pulled tight enough. Especially if you are using a thick material.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

First, let’s talk how to make bows with non fraying materials like felt, fleece, and thicker knit fabric. These just need to be cut into the correct size. Grab your scissors and cut a 1.5″ x 4.5″ piece for a small bow or a 3″ x 7.5″ piece for a big one.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Then just tie them in a knot. Make sure the knot is in the middle. Fluff out the edges and you are all done.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

If using fabric, it’s best to sew two pieces together. You also want to cut the two fabric pieces larger than what is stated above to make room for the seam allowance. I added about one inch to each measurement for this. Place the two pieces together, right sides facing. Sew around the edges, leaving an opening in the middle of one of the longer sides. Cut small notches on the corners for a prettier point when it’s turned.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Turn right side out and fold in edges at opening. Sew opening closed. If you made sure to leave your opening in the middle like I did, the sewn part will end up in the knot and not be seen. Otherwise you can hand sew using a slip stitch to shut the opening so no thread will be visible.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Then knot the fabric. I found it harder to knot the fabric as it didn’t have as much flexibility as the other materials. It is still cute though and works out in the end.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Now that you have your bows you can add whatever you want to them. I used some hair accessories I had in my stash like an elastic headband and different hair clips/bobby pin. You could also make these into bow ties if you wanted or add it to a present. They are so easy to make they are great little presents (or present toppers) when in a rush.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

The Cricut Explore Event

Cricut Explore Event

Today I want to share with you about that special trip I took last week. I still can’t believe I was asked to be a part of it. What an honor it was to attend! So, what was the trip? A few months ago I received an email from Cricut with an invitation to a special “secret” event they were hosting. I quickly checked with my hubby and was able to reply with a big YES.

Temporary Business Cards

Time slowly passed and I started to prepare for the trip. I have never been to any type of blogger event/conference/etc, so I didn’t even think about business cards until I saw a list of what to bring the weekend before I was to leave. I quickly made some up and printed them myself and stapled them to some candy to make up for my lack of preparedness. Good news though, I am planning on buying some real business cards this week!

Cricut Explore Event

I also ended up having a little scare the night before when the airlines called and said my flight had been cancelled. I about cried. But, my hubby said to check and see if another local airport was flying out earlier and to my joy they were. I was able to make a quick flight switch and all was good. I arrived in Utah that Monday afternoon and prepared for the fun events and the “secret” that was to be revealed.

Cricut Explore Event
Cricut Explore Event
Dress Up Time

That night began with checking in and then a fabulous dinner that followed. More than 100 bloggers were there and it was surreal to see so many that I follow. We were all assigned a table to sit at and I shrieked a little bit inside when Elizabeth of Dear Lizzy and Bonnie of A Golden Afternoon sat at my table. I of course went and introduced myself. I’m quite an introvert, but I made sure to step out of my comfort zone and meet people because how often does something like this happen?

Cricut Instagram Wall A Project from each blogger
Cricut Explore Event

Cricut Explore Event

We played bingo and a few ladies won some fabulous prizes. We ate good food. We admired the amazing decorations. We mingled. We danced. We instagrammed.

Cricut Explore Event
Also met these fabulous ladies in real life! Katie of the Crafty Blog Stalker and Becki of Whippy Cake.
New Cricut Explore Reveal

Then the big announcement of the night came and was the reveal of Cricut’s newest cutting machine: The Explore. The machine in and of itself is a pretty great thing. I have another cutting machine and this one beats it hands down. But, I was also super impressed with the business aspect of this product. They did a lot of research, even thinking about little things I know I wouldn’t have thought of. During the dinner and the whole event, Cricut employees were always among us. The lawyer was sitting at our table and was sharing his experience with the ceo while he was working on this project. It was just really neat and made me think more about all that really does go into this type of thing.

Cricut Explore Event

The next day we had a few meetings about the machine and heard from Anna Griffin (above top right) and Jeanne Lewis (below bottom left) who is the ceo/founder of Creative Bug. They are teaming up with Cricut for the new release.

Cricut Explore Event

After the morning meetings and breakfast, we started crafting. I started in the New York room where we could make some accessories. I also had a chance to use the new Explore at this point. It was really easy to use (especially since it was already set up and ready to go ;).

Cricut Explore Event New York Room
Cricut Explore Event New York Room
Cricut Explore Event New York Room
Cricut Explore Event New York Room

Aren’t these dresses amazing? Somehow I didn’t get a picture of the other dress they had, but they used the Explore to cut out the butterflies for the one dress and leather triangles for the black one. Gorgeous!

Cricut Explore Event New York Room

Then I went over to the Utah room. This was my most favorite. I loved the craft projects there (vinyl on water bottle, paper deer head on wood) and the decor. I so wanted to just take all the furniture and decor home with me!

Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room
Cricut Explore Event Utah Room

The last room I went to was the California room. It was bright and cheery in there! We added iron on vinyl to a tote bag and made some paper umbrellas.

Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room
Cricut Explore Event California Room

Each room was so inspiring and filled with a ton of ideas that you could create using the Cricut Explore. Everything went so well and I had so much fun meeting so many fabulous people.

Cricut Explore Reveal Event

I ended my last night there with a dinner at a local restaurant with others who were still there or were staying for Alt Summit. I also took some pictures of the snow to show my girls. One day they will get to see snow in real life! Now, for those of you wondering about the Cricut Explore, here is some more info:

Cricut Explore™
  • Cricut Explore™ – The world’s easiest design-and-cut system for making polished creative DIY projects. DIY crafters can go from inspiration to creation in just a few clicks. The Cricut Explore™ system blends:
    • An electronic cutting machine
    • Easy-to-use online design software
    • A 50,000+ image library with hundreds of ready-to-make projects
  • Cricut Design Space™ – Free online software for the Cricut Explore™ that lets users design and create their own projects as well as browse and make Cricut®-designed projects in minutes.
    • Make It Now™ Projects – DIYers can select from hundreds of pre-designed projects (home decor, paper crafts, parties, holiday decor, etc.) that they can start making in just the click of a button
    • Canvas Templates – DIYers can personalize and make their own creations for popular items (t-shirts, iPad cases, pillows, invitations, cards, etc.)
    • Cut What You Want® – DIYers also have the freedom to upload images and fonts from the Web or their computers *
  • Cut Smart™ Patent-pending technology that cuts, writes or scores a variety of materials with incredible precision. It features dual carriage heads:
    • One carriage head with a premium German carbide blade for cutting
    • A secondary carriage head for drawing or writing with a pen or marker
  • Smart Set™ – A material selection dial that works with Cut Smart™ technology to eliminate the need to make pressure, depth and speed adjustments.
    • With a turn of the dial, DIYers can easily alternate between cutting multiple materials: paper, vinyl, iron on, cardstock, fabric and poster board and more
    • Also includes a custom option that can be preset to a desired material of choice, like chipboard, craft foil or magnetic materials
  • Out of the Box Each Cricut Explore™ machine comes with a simple guide and a selection of materials—including cardstock, iron-on, vinyl and two Duck Tape® Sheets—so DIYers can immediately make any of the 50 free projects.
  • Pricing & Availability
    • Cricut Explore™ – $299 MSRP
      • Debuts on the Home Shopping Network February
      • Available at retail March 15th
      • Other retail partners include Amazon, Jo-Ann, Michaels, and more
  • Cricut Design Space™
    • Individual images – Starting from $0.99
    • No-commitment monthly subscriptions, access to 25,000 images and over 200 fonts – $9.99
    • Annual subscriptions, access to 25,000 images and over 200 fonts – $99.99

 Other info you might be curious about:
-Comes with a special bag with handles to store it in so you don’t have to store it in the box.
-The software is completely free, but images cost money (see above). You get fifty free with your purchase to make the projects they share. But, you can upload your own images for free to use. Here is more info on that from the ceo:

“Cricut Design Space is free to use for all file types, no subscription required.
Upload and design with your .svg, .dxf, .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .gif files absolutely free. Design with your system fonts absolutely free. Use Cricut Design Space for free, and try out any image in your design for free.
Our month-to-month subscription is still available as the most affordable way to access content in the market. For $9.99 a month, you get unlimited use of over 25,000 images in the Cricut library! (Unfortunately, our licensing agreements don’t allow us to make Disney images or other branded content available in a subscription.)”
-They also said that if you have uploaded images from your cartridges onto Craft Room, those will be available for you to use in Cricut Design Space (no fee).

-This machine can also cut things like burlap, leather, magnets, and even thin material like copy paper. If there is a type of material they don’t have listed in the program, you can add it and create a setting for it. The dial on top that is for easy cutting settings can also be reprogrammed to different types of materials if you use those more regularly.
-There will also be a blue tooth accessory available so you can even use Cricut Design Space on your Ipad to operate it if you want.
-They created this machine to be very quiet as they found in their research that a large percentage of usage is done at night while others are sleeping.
-You can use blades from other Cricut machines in this one, but the Explore comes with the newer and more improved blade that last longer.
-They are looking into making it compatible with previous machines, but want to keep this machine as easy to use as possible.
-You can put a pen in to have it draw (think metallics people!) or put in a scoring tool (so you can create that pre-folded look).

Hope that helps for those looking for more info. They really listen to the consumers, so if you have anything you want to ask about, etc. you can get in touch with them. I met some of the customer service team members in the California room and they were really nice :)I will of course be sharing more of my experiences with the machine when I get it, so be on the look out for that.

DIY Trinket Dish

DIY Trinket Dish

This is yet another diy that was created out of necessity. I like to keep my daughters hair ties in her bathroom, but she would always take them out of the bowl so she could use the bowl for her toys. So, there was no home for the hair ties any more. It kept disappearing!

DIY Trinket Dish

I saw some cute trinket dishes or ring dishes or jewelry holders or whatever you want to call them on Anthropologie’s site. I was really close to buying one when it hit me I can just make one of course. So off I went to the thrift store and found the supplies I needed. I only spent $1.12 to make this and now we have a trinket dish!

DIY Trinket Dish

Here is what you need to make one:
-A teacup plate
-A small figurine that fits on the middle of the plate. Also make sure it has a place that rings/etc could fit on. For example: a rabbit has ears that would work, a giraffe, a dinosaur with a long neck, a dear, etc. The unicorn I chose was perfect because of it’s horn.
-A strong glue (I used E6000; available at craft stores)
-Paint (if you want to paint your figurine. I used regular acrylic, but spray paint would be the best)
-Clear Sealant (if you do use acrylic paint)

DIY Trinket Dish

Paint your figurine if desired. I had to apply several coats. This is when I was wishing I had some spray paint. If using acrylic paint, use a clear sealer once its dry to prevent it from chipping. Wash your dish off and dry it real good too. Once everything is dry, glue the figurine on the plate.

DIY Trinket Dish

Very simple and these would make a cute gift too! I think this would also be great to make using plastic plates and figurines if breakage is a concern.

DIY Trinket Dish

This trinket dish now looks more like the above. It’s covered in hair ties and sitting in my daughter’s bathroom and solves our issue. For now anyways haha. Share if you make one :)

12 Skirts of Christmas: The Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

This little skirt has been an idea in my head for a while. I was browsing fabric at Hancock Fabrics and spotted this little peg doll print fabric (designer is Heather Ross). I was super excited that they were carrying some of her fabric and I just thought it was so fun and whimsical. I bought some with no project idea, but then it came to me. To make a little skirt with a house on it for peg dolls. I couldn’t find the clothespin looking like peg dolls like on the skirt, but I found some that work for my miss E. Then, I received an email from the so very talented Kelly of Sewing in No Man’s Land inviting me to join in a 12 Skirts of Christmas series. I knew this skirt would be the perfect thing to do for it!

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

It was so much fun to see my little girl discover the little dolls in the skirt. She was just excited about getting a new skirt at first. She has hit a stage where she likes to spin with a skirt on and say she’s a “barina” aka ballerina. It’s so cute. It will be interesting if she takes to it. Miss J had no interest in that kind of stuff at all.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

You can use any fabric you want to make the skirt and for the house, you just need some type of non-fraying material. I used felt, but originally had wanted to use some type of leather. I just didn’t have time to go around looking until I found some I liked. I had tried wool felt, but the kind I had was just too thick for what I wanted. If you want to embroider some on the house, you will need thread and an embroidery needle for that. And of course, 1″ elastic for the waist. So get your sewing machine, scissors, ruler, pins, a safety pin, and iron ready to go too.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

Here is how I came up with the measurements to use for a size 3. If you are making one for a gift, the Children’s Place sizing guide is great for measurements. Just use the waist measurement they give and the skirt length as your guide. They only offer the waist measurements for ages 3 and up, but for smaller sizes I would just go one inch down for each size down until at the size you need.

Size 3 from sizing chart: 
Waist measurement= 21″
Skirt length (at the knee)= 9.5″

Cut two pieces for waistband:
No matter what size, the width should be 4″. This makes it big enough to create the casing for the elastic.
For the length, simply add 10″ to waist measurement and divide by 2. This will be the length needed. Ex: (21″ + 10″)/2= 15.5″.
So I cut two pieces of fabric measuring 4″ x 15.5″

Cut two pieces for main skirt piece:
For the width, just use the skirt length measurement giving on the chart.
For the length, you want it to be a few inches less than double the length of the waistband piece. I say less than a few inches, because many times when I do double it exactly I find it too thick when gathered up.
Ex: 15.5″ x 2 = 31″ and then 31″ – 5″ = 28″
So I cut two pieces of fabric measuring 28″ x 9.5″

Optional: Cut two pieces for bottom of skirt:
This would be the same length as the previous skirt piece, just not as wide.
I cut two pieces of 28″ x 3″

Cut one piece of 1″ elastic:
Waist measurement – 2″ = total needed
Ex: 21″ – 2″ = 19″ of one inch elastic

*Remember to pay attention to any pattern that is on the fabric. You want it facing the correct way.
*Use the measurements you create to determine the yardage you need to make a skirt.
*I use a 1/4″ seam allowance when sewing.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

1. Take one bottom skirt piece and pin it to the bottom of a main skirt piece, right sides facing. Sew together. Repeat with other bottom and main skirt piece.
2. Finish the raw edges with a serger or a v-stitch/zig zag stitch. Push the seam up and sew right above seam on the main skirt fabric piece to hold in place.
3. Baste the top of each skirt piece across the top. Gather each side by pulling the bottom (bobbin) thread. Gather it until it is the same length as the waistband piece. Knot loose threads on each end and even out the gathers.
4. Place a waistband piece on top of gathered skirt, right sides facing, and pin in place.
5. Sew together and trim off extra fabric. Repeat for other side of skirt.
6. Place the now two skirt pieces together , right sides facing, matching up the seams. Pin and sew down each side. Finish raw edges with serger or v-stitch/zig zag stitch.
6b. (Not shown) With skirt still wrong side out, turn bottom up around 1/4″ and iron.  Turn up about 1/4″ again and iron. Sew around to create the hem.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

7. With skirt wrong side still facing out, fold down waistband 1/2″ and iron.
8. Then fold down waistband so that it goes past the top seam a little bit. The waistband needs to be able to fit the 1″ elastic in it, so don’t put the waistband fold too far down. Sew very close to the bottom edge of the waistband, leaving a 4″ opening when sewing for the elastic to go in.
9. Top stitch very close to the edge of the top of the waistband all the way around. This will help keep elastic from twisting and moving as much.
10. Place a safety pin on end of elastic. Push it in opening and pull all the way through.
11. Once through, sew two ends of elastic together. It’s best to overlap them no more than an inch and use a zig zag stitch.
12. Push elastic into casing and sew opening shut.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

To help keep elastic in place even more, turn skirt right side out and sew elastic in place at one of the side seams. You can do both, but make sure to even out the elastic before sewing on the other side. You don’t want the skirt to look lopsided.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

Use wooden dolls of your choice to create sizing for a house. I just made sure it was wide enough for them to fit and tall enough so it could have windows. I sewed the roof on the skirt first. Then I top stitched across the top of the house piece and around the windows for extra stability. I also added a some embroidery. And lastly sewed the house part so it went overlapped the roof a little bit.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

Paint dolls if you like. We kept it simple. One was painted after miss E and one after miss J.

Peg Doll Skirt Tutorial

Thank you so much Kelly for hosting this fun series! Don’t forget to follow along and see what all the other creative bloggers share. There are many great sewers on the list ;) Happy sewing everyone!

Woodland Creature Photobooth DIY and Free Animal Mask Template

Post and giveaway sponsored by OshKosh B’gosh, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.
Woodland Creature Photobooth

You guys, I seriously had so much fun prepping for this post. OshKosh challenged us bloggers to create a photobooth idea to share. I immediately thought of a winter forest and all the fun creatures in it. It could easily fit into a holiday party theme or even just a family get together. Most people love taking fun photos! My six year old really got a kick out of picking out her look and seeing her pictures when we did this.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

Let’s start with what you will need. For the background, I used kraft paper, white paint, paint brush, pencil, tape, and black sharpie. Cut out a piece of kraft paper to the size you want. Tape it down to a hard surface. Draw on simple birch tree like shapes with your pencil. Then paint in the trees with white paint.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

Once dry, mark black lines on the trees to look like bark. This took me hardly any time at all to create.

Woodland Creature Photobooth
(Note: Forgot the fox’s whiskers in this picture)

For the masks, you will need the templates, which can be downloaded here. You will need the cardstock (size 8 x 11.5) colors listed below, scissors, a glue stick, and elastic thread (you can find it with the notions in the sewing section).
Rabbit: 1 white, 1 light pink
Bear: 1 black
Deer: 1 brown, 1 tan
Fox: 1 orange, 1 white

Cut out your templates and trace on back of cardstock paper. Cut out traced pieces.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

Glue inner ear pieces on top of outer ear pieces. Then glue ears/antlers underneath of mask. Glue on fox whiskers on top as shown. Using a glue stick is easy and makes for quick drying.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

Then cut out a 8.5″ piece of elastic thread for each mask. Make a small hole on both sides of masks. I used a nail to do this, but you could use all kinds of things.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

Tie on elastic and they are ready.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

When putting together your photobooth, consider who is coming when picking out props. You want things people will have fun using. I added some props that were taped on sticks, some hair accessories, bow tie, scarf, and silly glasses to name a few. It’s worth going through your own stuff to see what you can add in.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

Place props in a basket near where the photobooth will be. Add some lights to look like they are hanging in the trees in the back if you want as well.

Woodland Creature Photobooth

If it will be happening during the day, try to find a well lit area near a window for beautiful natural light. If at night, just make sure there are enough lights on for cameras to get good shots. We took ours as the sun was setting, so we had some natural light and tungsten lighting to get enough light because I really didn’t want to use my flash unless necessary. But most people would probably be using cell phones for taking pics. Tape the backdrop at a height where you think most guests will be. If only adults, you could put it higher so they can just stand. I put ours lower and added a bench for us grown ups to sit on. Not that miss E really got in any of the photos anyways :) She was having none of that haha. Here are some pictures we took:

Woodland Creature Photobooth
Woodland Creature Photobooth
Woodland Creature Photobooth
Woodland Creature Photobooth
Woodland Creature Photobooth
Woodland Creature Photobooth

It was funny to watch and participate in the photobooth. Laughter is such a good thing! Thank you OshKosh for the challenge this month!!! I also want to congratulate Alisia for winning the $50 gift card. Have fun shopping! Don’t forget to check out all the awesome clothing that OshKosh B’gosh has out right now for the holidays. In fact both the girls are rocking OshKosh clothes in these pics. You can check OshKosh out in stores (find a location near you) or online in their holiday shop to see baby winter clothes  and kids winter clothes.

For Girls:
Embellished tees are perfect for playtime and all-day wear. Sequins, bling and bows make these tees super stylish!
OshKosh B’gosh has darling dresses that are soft and easy-to wear. Pair them with a cardigan to keep her cozy and complete her spot on look.
Dress up her outfits with sparkly ballet flats with comfortable tights.
Let her make a statement with OshKosh B’gosh bangles, ribbon necklaces and headbands galore.  

For Boys:
Button-front plaid shirts are perfect for all occasions! Pair them with corduroys, khakis or jeans for an easy outfit.
He’ll have fans all over the neighborhood after he carols in the handsome combo of fleece-lined jeans and a denim shirt.
A cable knit sweater vest is perfect for dressing up his holiday outfits. He’ll look picture perfect.

“Like” OshKosh B’gosh on Facebook, mention  @OshKoshBgosh on Twitter and follow them on Pinterest for outfitting ideas, vintage ads, deals and special events!

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Fort in a Bag DIY with OshKosh B’gosh

Disclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by OshKosh B’gosh, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

This month OshKosh B’gosh challenged us to create a fort in a bag. How fun is that? I have to say, it’s very easy to do and would make a great gift for a child. It can be used outside and inside and can be created on a budget. But before we get into all of that, I want to announce the winner from the $50 Gift Certificate giveaway! Congratulations Kelly!!!! I will be in contact with you. Now, back to this fort thing.

I started by purchasing a few supplies and using a few we had already: a bag, a bed sheet, flashlights, clothespins, snacks, coloring supplies, and chalkboard/chalk. Of course, you could really add so many things. I thought about books that they could read in their fort or toys. You could even use different things to send them to hold the sheet in place. I had ordered these small clamps, but alas, they haven’t made it here yet. I think they will be easier for the girls to use though once we have them. And what about lanterns instead of flashlights? How cool would that be? Or glow sticks? Possibilities = Endless

I made it a little cutesy by adding the crayons in a small mason jar and by wrapping up the sheet nice and tying it together with some scrap fabric. Little touches can really make a gift more personal.

For the bag, I took a bowl and traced it right on the middle of the bag. Then I placed stickers in the middle that spelled fort. I grabbed some fabric paint and painted in the circle and over the stickers. Once dry, I removed the stickers.

My girls love making forts, so they had a lot of fun going outside and playing in it. It was funny watching miss E trying to color with her mittens on. She refused to take them off. She’s very much an accessories kind of girl.

A lot of what they are wearing is c/o OskKosh. Here is a run down of where you can find those pieces. Miss J (the oldest): coat, hat/mittens. Miss E (the littlest): coat, hat/mittens, jeggings, shirt.

We LOVE all of the pieces they received. The girls had fun picking out what they wanted. I am most thrilled about the coats personally, but they would say the hats were their favorite ;). The coats are going to keep my girls warm this winter! Here is a little more information on what OshKosh has in their Winter Shop right now.
o        A great option for
girls winter clothes on cold days is a puffy bubble jacket. With a fleece-lined hood and plenty of weather protection, it’s great for layered looks and will keep her warm.
o        Find lots of fun, girly details like polka dots, colors and floral prints that are fashionable and provide warmth on wintry days.
o        With a bubble jacket, bib and reversible hat, your little outdoor adventurer can keep warm on cold expeditions!
o        Sporty and colorful for a cold day,
boys winter clothes like, the heavyweight parka is one of OshKosh B’gosh’s warmest options!

OshKosh B’gosh also has everything you need for a “B’gosh Believes” holiday! Fun tees, cute socks and adorable dress-up outfits are perfect for holiday photos and family occasions. I can’t wait to share the next posts coming up. More giveaways, outfit ideas, crafts, and other tips coming your way soon!
You can find OshKosh online or find the store nearest you.

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Disclosure Statement
OshKosh B’gosh partnered with bloggers such as me to help promote the OshKosh B’gosh Holiday Network.  As part of the program, I received product or gift cards.  OshKosh B’gosh believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words, and therefore did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products I used. OshKosh B’gosh policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. The winner of any giveaway in this program will be randomly chosen and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.

Arrow Lariat Necklace DIY

Two diy’s in one week? Crazy! I’m on a roll. I was inspired to create this necklace after spotting this gorgeous one from Anthropologie in an ad. I was just going to buy that one and then I looked it up and it’s made using legit materials, making it a bit (okay a lot) out of my price range. I thought it would be a fun diy and I could use scrap leather pieces I had already.

To make one yourself, you will need some scrap leather (or other stiff non fraying material if you aren’t down with using leather, like felt even), 42″ of something for the cord (I used a leather cord), 2 beads of choice, glue, scissors, and the triangle template which can be downloaded here.

1. Cut out three whole triangles from the leather.
2. Cut out the middle triangle of those three pieces. I traced the shape on the back to make it easy to cut out.
3. Dab a little bit of glue on the very edge of the point of the triangle sides.
4. (just a picture of the materials I used! did this out of order and it’s a bit late to retake the pics and change this template….)

5. Place a triangle on top of the other one, points going in the same direction. Repeat number 3 on the second triangle and add on the last piece. Allow glue to dry.
6. Thread cording of choice through the triangles. There should be just enough room to get it through and tight enough to keep it in place. Tie on the beads at the bottom.

Then if you want, you can chop off the tips of the triangles like I did in the very top picture.
All done! Cute and easy accessory for the win.