Handmade Raggedy Ann’s


Both of my girls received a handmade Raggedy Ann doll when they were born.


This adorable one was made for Miss E. I was so excited when I opened this up!


Jen did such a great job on this precious little doll. My oldest kept trying to sneak it for herself!


Miss J was gifted this one when she was born. It was a gift from one of my then bosses.


The special thing about this doll was that it was one that his mom had made (she had since passed). I felt so honored that he gave this to my baby girl. He probably had no idea how much handmade gifts meant to me and how much it would mean to me.

Isn’t it interesting how much this little doll has changed over the years? 

For Baby Jet’aime

I was so blessed to see one of my friend’s who are expecting a little girl during our trip. She’s due in four weeks and I’ll get to meet her over the summer! What is super special is that my friend is naming her after another friend of mine, who was my maid of honor and life long friend (literally. Friends since I was born; she was the oldest). So, here is a little bit of what I made for baby Jet’aime.

Baby Presents

(Insert Snazzy Title Here)

This is just one of those posts with different things in it and no title came to me, so I’ll let you make one up yourself ;).

Life is busy. The hubby is gone for a while. The Coast Guard has him away for a bit. But, my mom is coming to visit soon. So that is going to be super fun! Girl time is a good thing. My darling little one was patient with me and let me get a few things done this weekend. I made this little doll for one of my nieces.

Clothespin Doll

She has a birthday coming up this week. I also made her a few hair clips. I love how the first one looks like I sprayed whipped cream on it! lol. Mmmm….maybe I should go to the store and get some…..

Fun Hair Clips

***I also want to share with you a wonderful challenge that Sarah is doing over at Come and See the Seitz. It is a Pattern Challenge. Here is what she says about it:

“I’d love to have anyone who is interested in stretching their skills with apparel construction to join me in these efforts! It’s simple:

1. Choose your goals (ex. To sew 4 garments before your next vacation, or to sew 1 swimsuit before summer, etc.)

-Make your goal(s) attainable and realistic for your personal life.

-Not interested in sewing clothes for yourself? That’s OK! Make your goal to sew clothes for your children, or your husband, anything goes!

2. Put it in writing!

-Blog about your goals, or if you don’t have a blog, get it in writing. You’re more likely to challenge yourself if you have someone to keep you accountable.

3. Grab the “Pattern Challenge” button and Join our Flickr group.

-Post on your blog’s sidebar to get the word out! Post about this on Facebook! Tell your friends!

-Send me an email if you are participating, and I will add a link to your blog to my sidebar of participants.

-Copy the HTML button to your sidebar:

4. Blog about your finished garments and categorize/tag them as “Pattern Challenge” . In addition to this, you can post them to our Flickr group. Be sure to add a note to your picture with a link to the blog post that describes the garment, if there is one.

-Title your blog post according to the sewing pattern name, and include “Pattern Challenge.” For example, my first pattern was Burda 7550, so I’ve titled my first post, “Pattern Challenge: Burda 7550.” This will help when others are searching for pattern reviews.

-How awesome would it be if someday we had a whole pattern library from these posts? My mind is spinning! Please, feel free to offer suggestions!

My vision for this project is that in just a short amount of time we will have a virtual pattern library full of our reviews and photos of finished garments. We will also stretch ourselves to learn more about garment construction and we will have a way to share in the joys (and sometimes terrors!) of sewing clothes!

Please consider joining with me if you have any inkling of a desire to sew more clothes”

She’s kicking it off with a $50 giveaway to AllModern.com!!! Head on over and enter the giveaway and think about your goals.

***Also, for those of you who don’t know (which is probably not many people at all since these ladies are so popular), Dana and Rae are hosting a whole month of Celebrate the Boy on their blogs.

It’s chock full of amazing tutorials/ideas/pattern reviews/etc. of things just for the boys! I highly recommend you follow along. I know I’ve bookmarked some things for gifts to make for the little men in my life.

***And for those of you who want to learn how to sew, Disney at Ruffles and Stuff, has started writing up tutorials just for you! Check out the first few here.

“An Angel Left Her Wings”

A poem by Tina Marascia

I have this little angel. For me she left her wings.
She has no idea how much happiness she truly brings.
She brightens up my days with her smiles and her laughs.
She helps me to remember all the blessings that I have.

My Precious One

Her face, it is so perfect, she’s sweet and soft and pure.
Sometimes she can be willful and sometimes she is demure.
She tries her very hardest to please and do what’s right.
She gives the greatest hugs from morning until night.

Fake Snow

Every person that has known her sees this light within her soul
I know that in this whole great world, she has a special role.
She’s helpful and considerate to everyone she knows
This light in her shines brighter as my angel grows.

Putting Snow on the Tree

When she sees someone is sad, it opens up her heart.
She wants to do all that she can; she wants to do her part.
She’ll squeeze away the sorrow and make me forget about my pain.
She shows me where the sun is when we’re hiding from the rain.

Playing with her new doll

I know that God must love me, He showed me with His Grace
I knew just how completely when I saw my angel’s face.
And in that very moment when she came into my world,
I knew that she was so much more than just my baby girl.

An Angel in Disquise

She would be my sunshine, with a sweetness that won’t end.
And when she grows up one day she would be my closest friend.
She would be the reason I would always try my best.
For my little angel baby girl would be my greatest test.

Her Christmas Doll

When God entrusts to you an angel, who has left her wings for you.
Encircle her with love with everything you do.
Let her know God made her, and that He trusts you with her care.
Be sure to make time for special moments with her to share.

And when at night she finally says her prayers and goes to sleep
I Thank Him for my angel, and ask for him to always keep
A watchful eye and hand to protect her from this world.
Protect my little angel; protect my baby girl.

Dress Pattern Used Here
Angel Wings and Doll Pattern from this book

Bright and Shiny Just Like New Doll Chair

First off, let me say I will have the boot tutorial up tomorrow :) I haven’t been feeling so great lately and with other deadlines I’ve had, I just haven’t been able to sit down and get the pictures and directions straight. But, after tonight’s dinner event we must attend, I will have a bit more time on my hands.

Before After
Before and After
This is a little chair I had found at a thrift store. I wanted to make it better, so I painted it and added a cute cushion. For the paint, I just added some regular acrylic paint to water in a little spray bottle and had at it. Then I did a coat of Mod Podge on top to make it shiny. The pillow is just two circles with a long rectangular strip connecting them. I sewed a button on to pull it down in the middle.

Doll's New Dress

Now, once my daughter actually gets into dolls (if she ever does), they will have a super cute chair! I also made the American Girl doll’s dress. It’s actually my doll from when I was little. I figured I will pass it down to my girl when she wants it.

An Itty Bitty

Well, I decided I won’t have time to do the tutorial until tomorrow, so here is a little bitty baby that I made. We have some old friends stopping by on their way home from Orlando, and they have a little girl. This is going to be for her.

Front of Itty Bitty Baby
Back of Itty Bitty Baby

Love – Doll for my Daughter

This is a little doll I made with the extras from her Valentine’s outfit. I absolutely love how it came out. It’s the first time I did fabric painting on a doll and I really like the outcome. Love, A doll for my little girl

Back in Business

It has been a while, blog world. We are finally mostly settled in our new home in Florida. It’s an adjustment for sure. I lived my whole life in Virginia, so now I am in a complete strange place and know no one. I have a found a play group that I want to try out and we have church hunting on high priority. So, hopefully I will find some friends here soon. I haven’t been able to work on anything new yet, although that will be changing soon. Until then, I still have plenty of things I made for Christmas presents to share. Here are some cute bows I made:
I thought I used a pattern from here, but I can’t find it there any more. There are still a lot of other hair bow tutorials though if you want to check it out. I cannot wait until my daughter has hair and I can make some bows for her. (Well, I could stick them on a headband, but she usually pulls it off anyways *sigh*).

These are some dolls I made for my neices. They wanted ballerina dolls.

Brown hair doll

Here She Is!

Miss Little Red Riding Hood
This came out so cute. I’m going to give this one to my daughter for Christmas. I have some kinks I need to work out before making any to sell. It want be difficult to fix though. Like I said in a previous post, I was inspired by the blog Sugar City Journal. They do quite a bit of fairy tale crafting. I’m brainstorming on some other fairy tale characters I could make. Any ideas?

Be Careful Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Doll