My Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

What is it about fall that makes me want to make wreaths? I don’t know, but I do enjoy it. I got to finish this one up today finally. Miss E has had a tough week with teething (again…..) so her naps were not really giving me much time to do extra stuff. But she blessed me today!

Fall Wreath

Momma needs some quiet time every now and then to get her craft on ;) I bought the pumpkins/gourd at Walmart, had the fabric/twine/burlap in my stash, and picked up a grapevine wreath from a craft store to put this together. I really had no idea of what to do until I sat down and just started glueing things on.

Fall Wreath
I really LOVE texture, so this wreath makes me happy with the texture is provides. Now I’m thinking maybe I’ll even make a winer wreath this year? Have you made something for your doorway recently? Share links if you can :)

She *loves* Candy!


I think that my daughter’s favorite part of this time is the candy. It’s ridiculous. But, I let her indulge in the stuff a few times a year (now, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter). Last night I quickly made the above dress using this pattern. My daughter had gone garage saling with my mom in the neighborhood when my mom had come at baby’s birth. She found this “cotton candy corn” (that’s what she calls it for some reason) shirt and wanted it made into a dress for fall. I’m glad I remembered last night so she could wear it to school today for their Harvest party :)


This weekend we also went to a Trunk or Treat at a local church. I like those because they do so much for the kids! My big girl went as Rapunzel, after her hair got chopped off.


My mom found this pumpkin outfit at her house that my oldest wore when she was little. So I put it on baby girl. They look so much alike in it! Oh my sweet chubby cheek babies that we make.


We went with some friends and had a really great time! And of course, got lots of candy!


Fall Decor

Last week was such a lovely week temperature wise here in Florida. It was nice and cool. I was able to whip out some cardigans and boots, one of my favorite things about cooler weather. That weather also made the fall decor feel so much more in place! I took a few pictures of it to share. It’s not fancy, but just a little decoration change here and there throughout the year helps keep things from getting boring, don’t you think?

The Lovely Fireplace for fall

One of my favorite places right now is our fireplace. I had so much fun decorating it! It’s our first time with one, so I took advantage of it. I made the banner last year and it was perfect for this place on the mantle.

Fall Table Decor

The table is full of fall colors but I still made it work with my bright yellow and blue seat cushions. The yellow stand is a rock/candle decorative thing that I spray painted. I found the beautiful place mats at World Market (my new favorite store here!!!! It reminds me of Anthropologie’s home department :). The purple glass that the leaves are in is from there as well.

The bird salt and pepper shakers were right at home here too. They have also become my daughter’s new favorite thing to play with when she’s eating.

My favorite new dish towel

Another fun find at World Market was this dish towel. If you like Anthropologie dish towels, you will love theirs!!!! And theirs are a lottttttt cheaper. This one was only $3.99!!! Unfortunately, they don’t have very many online, but they have a ton in the store. I even made a dress for my daughter with one. I’ll get around to pictures one of these days…..

Even the lights got a little fall on them

The light fixture has a little fall love on it as well as
Bookshelf Decor

as book shelf. It was so much fun decorating with my daughter. I am really looking forward to decorating for Christmas with her too. I love making wonderful memories with my family.

Playful Pumpkins

In my falling for fall mood, I just had to create some pumpkins!


I’ve seen them made all kinds of way in my short life and figured I would just throw some together.


One of my goals was to use up fabric I have because our move made me realize I have way more than I need and I need to utilize what I have whenever I can instead of buying more. I was very happy that I had some fall like fabrics to make this work (or they might not have come out the way I wanted them to).


My daughter immediately took to them (as she does anything I make). She has already taken them to several stores and to our friends house who so graciously watched her last night so the hubby and I could go on a date.



I began with them on the fireplace and soon after the picture was done, she began to move them around.


Next, they went to the floor…..


then the coffee table……

then…well, they just went everywhere. That is when I decided these would be playful pumpkins. So, for those of you who want to make some real quick fabric pumpkins yourself, here is how I made them:

Grab some fabric and cut them into rectangles. The long side will make it more scrunched up looking the longer you make it, and the short sides will be the approximate height.


Fold them in half long ways, right side facing, and sew the short sides together. You could hand sew it or even glue gun it if you wanted.


Now baste and gather the end that will be the bottom. I used a needle and thread, but you could baste it with a sewing machine too.


Then knot it really well and turn right side out.

IMG_6904 IMG_6905

Fill it up now. I just used t-shirt scraps because they are heavy and would keep the pumpkin weighted well. You could also put some beans or rice in the bottom to help give some weight then finish off the top with stuffing.


Now baste and gather the top, making sure to leave a long end. Knot it really well too.


Now with the long end, put it in the needle and thread right through the pumpkin coming out at the center bottom. Pull it tight, causing the top of the pumpkin to come down some, and knot the thread good on the bottom. I just felt like this helped give it a more indented look for the stem of the pumpkin.
IMG_6908 IMG_6909

I then cut some fleece pieces for the stems. I played around with the size.


Fold down and hot glue together. I just did a row of glue on the bottom and the sides.


Then roll it up and glue in place. I usually had to cut some off the bottom for the look I wanted too.

Then hot glue them on top of the pumpkin (or hand sew it on).


Happy Sewing & Crafting!