Michaels Makers: Crafting with the Raw Bar

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together For this months Michaels Makers challenge, Michaels sent us a box of goodies with some items from a new line called the Raw Bar that will debut in stores on August 8, 2014. It is a line of products made of or accessorized by materials inspired by nature. Surfaces and textures include: burlap, cork, chalk board, wood, metal and canvas. They created the Raw Bar because customers requested raw surfaces that are unfinished and easily craft-able. I really like all the products they sent me and see a lot of potential with them. You really have the ability to make them your own.

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together   I mulled over a few ideas like making a cake topper, wrapping gifts up real cute, creating a fun canvas, but I decided to make an herb garden and garland to go in our kitchen. Plants totally go with the whole natural feel of the products if left in their raw state.

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together   I went to the store and picked up a few more items c/o Micheals to complete this diy. I grabbed six little clay pots and bottoms that would fit in the metal bin, a slice of wood for the bin to sit on, and string for the garlands. I also hit up a garden store and got some herbs and put them in the pots.

Michaels Makers: An Herb Garden and a Garland DIY | by Happy Together For the garland, I cut circles out of the cork ribbon and then cut them in half. Then I glued them to the string. I also glued the letters to the string and tied on the raw bobbins in between all the letters. Once the whole line comes out, I’m probably going to redo the letters and spell a different word so it fits better with being in my kitchen though. Here are a few more products that will be released and some projects you can make with them and check further below for links to what all the other Michaels Makers created this month. Happy Crafting! -Jess

Michaels Makers: The Raw Bar Top 10 Raw Bar Recipes Top 10 Raw Bar Recipes

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In the Kitchen with Miss J: Banana Bread

Baking Banana Bread

It is still super hot here in Louisiana, but we still have to do some baking every now and then. It’s so much fun to do together and tastes good, so we put up with the extra heat from the oven. One thing that has become a bit of a staple for us this summer is banana bread.

Baking Banana Bread

Our family loves bananas, but sometimes we don’t eat them fast enough and they get too ripe. They are then either destined to go into a green smoothie, the freezer, or banana bread. I found this super easy recipe here while searching for something else. I loved the blog and keep reading through posts and then I stumbled upon it.

Baking Banana Bread

We keep ours as simple as the recipe is for now because I usually don’t have any other fun things to add in like chocolate chips or walnuts. Miss J loves smashing up the bananas for it the best. I would say it’s an easy enough recipe she might be almost able to put it all together by herself (I of course still do the oven part). For a spread, we usually add some cinnamon to cream cheese.

Baking Banana Bread

The bread tends to dry out some after a day or two, but is still great when toasted. I think if I stored it more properly it wouldn’t dry as much though. I can be lazy sometimes ;) Any new easy fun recipes you have tried lately?

In the Kitchen with Miss J: Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Banana Peanut Butter Icecream

This has been on our list to make for a while. The problem is that bananas go very fast in our house. So they never got to that really ripe state. I saved a few bananas for this recipe though and we made us some delicious banana peanut butter ice cream using this recipe.

Banana Peanut Butter Icecream

So simple and so easy. Just frozen bananas and peanut butter. The consistency is just like ice cream. I liked it with the pb because I can’t take things tasting too banana-ey except an actual banana. Strange I know. Next time we do this I’m going to add a few chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs on top. Yum. I let miss J participate by helping cut up the banana and putting everything in the blender.

Banana Peanut Butter Icecream

Do you have any good snack recipes that you make? I need some ideas. And of this topic, anyone else having a hard time with the time change? Usually this change doesn’t effect us but it really has this year. The girls keep sleeping in (and so do me and my hubby!). Miss E was my alarm clock, but I have to set an actual one tonight so we will get up on time. Plus miss J hasn’t really “caught up” since we did a sleep study for her on Sunday night. I’m hoping we get our schedule back down soon.

Puddin’ Pie

Puddin' Pie

While I’m here just going to and from project when I really should focus on something and finish it, here is a little dessert I made yesterday that is one of my go to’s. It’s really simple and it came to me when we were living in Jax.

Puddin' Pie

Things were a bit tighter financially at that point so I always tried to find thrifty ways to prepare meals/desserts. What can I say? We have a thing for chocolate over here! I was making chocolate pudding a lot and decided that it would taste good with a yummy graham cracker pie crust. So I put it together and topped it with whipped cream and an instant hit.

Puddin' Pie

I just buy the instant pudding, have J whisk it with the milk for two minute, pour it in the pie crust (one that is ready to go), put it in the fridge for a few minutes and that’s it.

Puddin' Pie

So simple. It goes really fast in this house. I mean really fast!

Puddin' Pie
Thank you everyone for all the kind comments about J’s elephant :) I plan on trying to do a pattern to post for next week so anyone else who wants to can join along. She’s drawn a raccoon for this month. Now I have to see if I can make it work!

Frozen Whipped Yogurt Blobs

Blobs….sounds so nice huh? ;) Well that is what these look like! Frozen blobs. But, they are yummy.


These regular yogurt frozen dots here have been pretty popular lately, but I read in the comments that they melt fast. So I figured I would grab some of the whips yogurt and try the same thing. They even encourage you to try them out frozen on the packaging and I have done that before and it worked nice.


I got a few flavors we would like and prepared it the same way as the above link did with regular yogurt (scoop some in a baggie, cut off tip, and squeeze them out in little dots on wax paper), then in the freezer they went!


They come out looking pretty much the same, but frozen.


Reminded me a bit of dip n dots.


I watched the clock to see how the melting process would work.


Ten minutes later, they were still frozen. The pic above is of the ones in my daughter’s bowl after ten minutes. They are still holding their own. She liked them. A fun way to put a different spin on eating yogurt.

Hearts in an Apple Sandwich

I love really easy and fun snacks to make for me and my family. When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to give it a try. So I grabbed an apple and a very small heart cookie cutter.

Then I sliced the apple up.

And cut out the middle with the cookie cutter.

I thought the little hearts were so cute!

Then I put all the ingredients together for my daughter to put together.

Then she got to making.

Yum. Yum. Peanut butter and apples.

With a little bit of granola and chocolate chips.

We all had one and I thought they were pretty good. My hubby thinks the chocolate added an odd mix of taste, but you could do a lot with this concept to get it how you would like it. And my daughter ate it, so it’s a winner in my book.

Pumpkin Love and Fall Baking

I can’t believe it’s technically fall already. That means that we have been here for a year already! It has gone by so fast. In lieu of fall arriving, my daughter and I decided to do some fall baking. And what better thing to begin with than with something pumpkiny.

(Oh, and don’t forget that you only have a few more days left to get your comments in for the Giveaway Day giveaways!)

So what did we start with? Pumpkin creme pies. And let me say, these are DELICIOUS.

Stacked up

The recipe makes 12 and these 12 were gone in a day and a half. They are even better (in my opinion) after they have been in the fridge for a few hours.

Bet you can't just eat one ;)

The amount of filling the recipe makes is plenty, so I would suggest making two times the amount of the creme pies to get the most of of the filling. Plus, they will go very fast anyways you might as well make more.

Ready to eat!

I really like things with pumpkin. What are your favorite “fall” foods?

{Here are a few other recipes I would like to try this fall:

Making All Kinds of Stuff

We have been up to all kinds of things here lately. Here are a few:

Peanut Butter Frosting Chocolate Cupcake

I have been loving all things cake for the past few weeks, so when I saw this recipe I knew we had to make some. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting……yummmmmmmmm.


They were a big hit! It even worked out that the day we made them, my husband’s study group was all together for dinner and we took them some. That way I wasn’t tempted to eat them all ;)

Homemade Fro Yo

I also got a new KitchenAid attachment!!!!! It allowed me to make this yummy fro yo, which no one around here carries. I do miss my yummy frozen yogurt! This recipe was creamier in consistency than the kind I have bought at a froyo shop, but it tasted the same and hit the spot for sure. Especially with my favorite topping of chocolate chips. It’s a super easy recipe and I highly recommend it.

Then, just because I haven’t shared it on the blog yet, I have a few new things posted in the shop. A few weeks ago I was having some rough Braxton Hicks and was sitting on the couch a lot. I needed something to keep my hands busy, so I created a few things.

And so much more to come……. see you all tomorrow!

Glass Dessert Stands How To

Glass Dessert Stands

I made these with the intention of putting cupcakes on them, but I didn’t see any nice premade ones at the store. So, I bought some mix and all. Of course, I didn’t have any cupcake liners when I got home! So I just cut up the cake showing you could put something besides a cupcake on them. I know the idea isn’t new, but I have never seen anyone decorate the glasses or put things underneath of it like this. I wanted to share that with you. Here is a brief how to that will help you get going if you would like to make something of the sort yourself. It’s a great way to add a lot of personalization to your dinner table or party.

What you need:

Gathering Supplies

-Glasses (I bought mine from the dollar store)

-Anything and everything to decorate with (I just used stuff I had, plus some accessories I bought from the dollar store)

-Felt (or you could use a doily, fabric, cork, etc) for the bottom

-Optional: Grip things (also from dollar store; they help keep it in place)

-Hot glue gun

How to do it:

(First are general instructions, then what I did to each further down)

1. Gather your supplies. I started with the basics and then added as my creative juices began to flow. I’m one of those who needs to see it in front of me to put it together. I cannot just picture it in my mind usually.

2. Cut out felt circles to cover the grips if using them. Glue the pieces together. Decorate the felt in any way you like.

Making the bottoms

3. Glue the middle scene onto the middle of the felt. Make sure the glass will fit over it fine.

My creative processing

4. Decorate the glass with paint, ribbons, trim, etc.

The Woodsy Dessert Holder (for my husband)

Woodsy Dessert Stand

I glued the mushrooms, moss, pine cone, and heart pick onto a lid from a jelly jar. I added a paper ribbon around it for embellishment. The string, ticket, and W were embellishments from scrapbook packages from Michael’s. I also added paint dots to the glass and the felt.

The Girly Frills Dessert Holder (for my daughter)

<span class=

I tied ribbons around the neck and glued a vintage bunny figurine with scrapbook embellishments onto it. I sewed around the edge of the felt and added some glitter as well.

The Sewing Dessert Holder (for me; could you guess?)

Sewing Dessert Stand

I glued on buttons and embroidered on the felt. The middle just has some old thread spools I have with a vintage ric rac paper cover behind them. I glued on ric rac and pom pom trim to the glass.

O, o, o, do you see some O’s???

My daughter calls oreo cookies “O’s”. I whipped these up two weekends ago, while enjoying a quiet naptime, using this tutorial.

Crocheted Oreos

Those quiet times are rare now. She’s going through a no nap stage that I hope will stop soon. I still have her take a quiet time, but she doesn’t really stay quiet and protests a lot. It’s another transition phase in many ways. We have also been completely paci free for a week and a half now! We were still letting her sleep using it, but she was becoming way too clingy to it. So, poof! The pace fairy came and took it away for another baby. She also decided it was time for her to climb out of her crib (I was kind of hoping she never would, like I did, and we could wait a little longer to switch to a toddler bed). So we converted her crib to the toddler bed. Whew. So many changes in such a short amount of time. There’s my motherhood big moments of late.